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05 May 2016

I'll just link to it this time.
posted by pjern 05 May | 10:50
Wow- so glad you made it through and also escaped that recovery facility. They are really scary- this is why we stay with my grandmother every time that she goes into the hospital or somewhere like that.
posted by needlegrrl 05 May | 12:08
Terrific account, pjern-- thank you for sharing this, and I'm so glad you're on the mend. Happy healing!
posted by Pips 05 May | 17:19
Thank you for this update! Heal quickly!
posted by redvixen 05 May | 19:24
Wow. Glad that you're feeling better but what a thing to have to go through.
posted by octothorpe 05 May | 20:40
I am so glad you made it through safe and sound. What a terrible experience!
posted by msali 06 May | 06:07
Congratulations on your survival and recovery. I kinda wish you'd been to my local hospitals where I recovered from a "mild stroke" last December. Nothing more invasive than a 30 minute "DON'T MOVE" MRI and a CatScan with a multiple injections of dye (but no Cats in the Scanner); my nearest facility, French Hospital (named after the butler on Family Affair, I think) is rated the best for Cardiac Care between L.A. and Silicon Valley. And after the tests and 2 days in ICU to make sure I wasn't going to re-stroke, I was sent to a local Acute Rehab Center (as I told everyone, it was NOT THAT KIND OF REHAB) where I had 10 days to relearn how to use my right hand (fortunately I'm left handed) and make sure I could walk up the three steps to the front door of my apartment (and remember, I live very alone). The treatment I got at the NotThatKindOfRehab Center was compassionate, appropriate and seriously hard work. The "Occupational Therapist" was constantly trying to psych me out... which she assured me was just to insure I hadn't suffered any cognitive damage, but everyone else there was nicer and cooler than I actually expected.

Right now, I've been advised by my cardiologist and neurologist (tag team doctors) that I should have a heart monitor at home that can call out via a landline phone (which I didn't have) so I just had Charter Cable add "voice" to my home service (I actually LIKE my cable company). And then today on the blue I noticed that this guy has the same last name as one of my doctors. Is that a bad sign? But enough about me. (Too much, in fact.)

I still recommend to any of my Internet Imaginary Friends to come here to San Luis Obispo if you have any heart problems; it's kept me alive and snarky for 10 years. I'd offer to compare scars but I don't have any. Way back in 2003 when I was first diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, the cardiologist in L.A. did some extensive angiogramming but was baffled (and a bit disappointed) that he found nothing requiring serious surgery ... but that's too much about me again.

Let me just tell you, PJ, what I always used to tell my favorite dog.. HEAL.
posted by oneswellfoop 06 May | 07:04
Oh, yeah...Golden Living is a pretty mediocre chain. We looked at them when we were looking for a memory care home for my mom and quickly crossed them off our list. Understaffed and overcrowded. I can't imagine doing rehab in one of them.

You could have done worse, though. There's a place on the north side called The Forum. Avoid it at all costs. My wife had to put her father in there for rehab when their preferred rehab center didn't have a bed available, and it was so bad she discharged him before his rehab was completed.

Glad to hear you're doing good!
posted by Thorzdad 06 May | 09:58
Wow! Just, wow!
posted by mightshould 06 May | 13:39
So glad you are doing well! And thanks so much for this update.
posted by bearwife 06 May | 15:19
Wow, you've been to hell and back! I'm really glad to see you come out the other side with your humour intact and I hope the rest of your healing is under more pleasant circumstances.
posted by dg 06 May | 17:10
Hey pjern, I'm really glad you've come through this OK and came back to tell us. Continue healing.
posted by Miko 09 May | 22:51
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