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05 February 2016

It's that time of year in the U.S. What are your plans for this Sunday?[More:]In honor of the Carolina Kittykats, I'm cooking myself Carolina style hotdogs (mustard, chili, onion, melted cheese.) Not watching game. Would love to watch kittenbowl or puppybowl. Anyone have plans?
Given that it's all happening here, I plan to stay close to home, keep off 101, and try not to get blown up by a drone or some such.
posted by tangerine 05 February | 18:30
A couple of friends are coming over to watch the game, and as it's in the middle of the night here it's probably going to be a slightly boozy affair. Tomorrow I'll be stocking up on some American beers and snacks, but no Carolina or Denver specific themes, and I might see if I can find a stream of the puppybowl on a second screen.
posted by ARobotNinja 05 February | 18:42
Probably check it all out, especially the commercials. But if it is a blow out I might get bored and drift away. My husband will likely be in and out while I'm watching. i'll also have to get some packing done, and I have a float that day at 4 pm.

This would be WAY more of a priority for me if my beloved Seattle Seahawks were competing.
posted by bearwife 05 February | 19:21
Sunday? Why, is something happening? ;)
posted by Miko 05 February | 22:32
I wish we were having people over. Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday where people should be together! Eating terrible food! Alas, the few people we know around here have other plans. Oh well. We will have a little party of our own. Go Broncos!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 February | 22:40
ThePinkSuperhero: Terrible food? We'll be ordering middle-of-the-night Domino's, which sadly is pretty much the closest we get to American-style pizza over here, and the only pizza place here which'll deliver at silly o'clock in the morning.

Now, what to inflict on my guests - Bud or Coors?
posted by ARobotNinja 06 February | 04:33
Nothing's happening here on Sunday. But I'm having brunch with a friend and then sorting out my Iceland photos to upload to Flickr.
posted by Senyar 06 February | 11:03
It'll be a heartbreaker either way here - the two favorite teams of the household are playing, so it's tough this year (but very, very interesting...)! Go Broncthers!
posted by Foxhat 06 February | 11:15
Sleeping off my Saturday
posted by Eideteker 06 February | 13:35
It was a question of just my husband going to a Super Bowl party, or both of us going and getting a sitter for the kids, and seeing as I don't care about the Super Bowl in the slightest, I opted to stay home with the kids tonight. However, my husband is making loaded potato skins for the party and he will leave one here for me, woohoo!
posted by amro 07 February | 06:05
It was nice of the NFL to schedule the Super Bowl on my birthday, immediately making it impossible to go bloody anywhere to have a pint or two to celebrate. So...We might get a pizza and rent a movie or something, I guess. I'll avoid the football as best as I can.
posted by Thorzdad 07 February | 09:01
I worked. Pitched the product to three dozen tots as part of the annual drum-up for the new school year. A little boy taught me to fold a paper piano. A girl showed me how to make a flower. I learned them their ABC's and 123's. Later my wife and I picked up curry. I'm about to eat my baingan bharta, as soon as it's hot. Then I'll watch something cerebral like Ride Along 2. Who am I kidding, I'll probably fall asleep.

Eggplant curry here we come!
posted by Hugh Janus 07 February | 09:01
We are going to a mini-comic convention, my niece is working on schoolwork, and I have a couple of craft projects I would like to start. :)

We may turn on the Puppy Bowl or watch some of the commercials, but that's about it for us.
posted by needlegrrl 07 February | 09:41
Well, it turns out we are going to see Brooklyn, which has a screen time just an hour after the game starts. So I'll only catch it if the score ends up as a close one, on DVR. One way or another, though, I'll check out the commercials.
posted by bearwife 07 February | 15:29
I watched the stupid game and felt dumb for wasting an evening on it but a friend came over and watch it with us so that made it a little better.

One of these years, I'll have the fortitude to ignore the whole thing.
posted by octothorpe 07 February | 22:39
I ended up watching the game after all, at scrump's place. His dad was visiting. I brought a huge salad; we also had pizza and key lime pie.

I was a little late getting out the door, which was a good thing because as I was loading my dog into the car there were FIGHTER JETS OVERHEAD!

posted by tangerine 07 February | 23:25
Just saw it on DVR. Great game for someone who loves strong football defense like me, and wonderful half time show. Pretty meh commercials.
posted by bearwife 08 February | 01:36
I didn't watch any of it; I read a book and stayed up late to finish. Read the score this morning. No free/half price goodies in this area since the local team didn't win. The hotdogs I made were good, though.
posted by mightshould 08 February | 07:49
Jon and I watched. Jon was rooting for the Broncos and I was rooting for the Panthers (I saw a story about a coach on their team with terminal cancer, and I was hoping for him; Newton seemed cool, too, though I like Peyton also). Jon picked up some yummies (shumai and wings and poppers) and it was fun hanging out. He was kind enough to stay home with his sickie wife (I have a bad cold -- typical for me this time of year, I'm afraid). I'm more a college fan (go Blue!), but I always look forward to the Superbowl (we're both Giants fans). Only sport I really know anything about, though, is tennis.
posted by Pips 08 February | 13:03
I ended up going to a little gathering of some of my running friends. It was fun, even though I'm not super into football. I'd run the gridiron race in Central Park on Sunday morning, and half way through the race they divide the road in two and you run through the lane of your predicted winner. I've done this race a number of times and always predicted wrong. Not this year! The runners as a group picked the Broncos as well, so yay us.
posted by gaspode 11 February | 13:34
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 February | 17:46
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