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08 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions/Intentions Does anyone set goals / do resolutions for the new year? Any fun ones for this year?
I started the reddit 90 days goal on Monday (3 sprints with 2 breaks), and while I thought I made reasonable, light goals for the first sprint, I may have been optimistic. January is my busiest month at work all year, and it's crazy adding a teenager and school into the mix.

For the first month, mine goals are -
Meditation 3x/week (currently doing a trial of headspace)
Track calories and eat within 1490/day (MFP recommendation)
Walk 6000 steps/day

I've realized I don't walk nearly enough, have a chocolate problem (but i just ate the last piece at work, so maybe that is solved!), and I've meditated once this week so far!

I also want to buy a planner and immerse myself in it and goal-making. Naturally, since I can't spend any time on that this month! :) That's always when I want to plan and set goals.
posted by needlegrrl 08 January | 15:17
Doing the 30-day "waist cincher" abs challenge with my sister
Reading through the Bible in a year with church
Bought the Steal Like An Artist journal but haven't done much so far
Now that I'm no longer a grad student, I have much more time for fun!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 January | 21:27
I've never been much for goals at new years. Mainly, I try to survive, look after everyone and maybe put a little away for the future
posted by mightshould 09 January | 05:48
I don't set out any new goals for the new year, just continue my personal goal of not dying, staying employed and not going totally insane.

The new year has gifted me with a potentially herniated lumbar disk so I have an additional goal of not being handicapped and not being in intense pain and avoiding further surgery. Drugs are helping so far but the bummer is that I can't drink anything while I'm taking the drugs.
posted by octothorpe 09 January | 10:00
I would like to read and write more and watch TV (in all its modern forms) less.
posted by JanetLand 09 January | 10:22
This year I resolved to make more art. I am not an artist, but I love to color, so I work on my pretty coloring books every day, and it makes me happy to see the finished product. I call that art.
I also endeavor to complete more cross stitch projects. I had to give up knitting and crocheting because my MS has rendered my left hand useless after any appreciable period of time. I could rig an adaptation, but it frustrates me to no end, so I have set aside those crafts for the time being. Cross stitch is where it is at.
Other than that, I don't really have any resolutions that I don't have every year - to be healthy and peaceful and prosperous in 2016. Those are standards. I hope each one of you has a good 2016. May it be a good year for mechazens everywhere.
posted by msali 09 January | 11:03
No resolutions really, just the same ongoing goals-- try to walk and write some each week. Alas, I come home from work with my poor swollen feet and legs too tired to do much more than fall in my recliner, watch TV, and sleep. Needing to save some more money, too. So hard to give up travel for now, but I'm hoping we can retire in eight years instead of twelve. Might be wishful thinking.

Happy, healthy new year, folks. More and more I appreciate the blessing of an ordinary day.
posted by Pips 09 January | 12:10
Never have. Never will.
posted by Thorzdad 10 January | 09:48
Same here as others - never really set any new goals or resolutions at the New Year. I just try to maintain a balance with the bad stuff and exercising year-round. Good thing I actually enjoy running and swimming!

Happy, healthy new year to everyone!
posted by Foxhat 10 January | 09:52
I never have and each year resolve I won't that year.
posted by Obscure Reference 10 January | 14:13
No resolutions but I do find I am full of energy at this time of year, this year more than most as we had lots of time off over Christmas. That doesn't lead to resolutions necessarily, but it does mean I get shit done in January.
posted by altolinguistic 11 January | 15:56
1. Record an album, EP, or mixtape.
2. Bring at least one new show/project to the stage.
3. Do at least one (1) stand-up set.
posted by Eideteker 13 January | 10:14
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISMEAR!!!!!!!! || Who eats breakfast?