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Archives for: November 2015

30 November 2015

GYOFBFW update. So things seem quite a bit better (said with fingers crossed). New update.Read more...

29 November 2015

Mecha 8th Annual Holiday Card Exchange Signups open through Tuesday 12/1 at 11:59 pm ET!Read more...
Thanks folks. It was great to see your responses to my post below. They mean a lot. I just needed to not feel adrift and alone.
Hi fellow bunnies. I REALLY need to get some attention right now. Good thoughts from you or prayers if that is something you do. I won't give you much because I am a middle-aged male raised Irish Catholic and as such you can load me up with booze and I can get maudlin but mostly I am easy going but stoic about what comes at me.Read more...

27 November 2015

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions Because it seems appropriate this week -- if you could have a lifetime supply of one food, what would it be?
Photo Friday: What's for dinner?

26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a normal working day here, but I hope everyone who's celebrating has a wonderful day.

Let us know how your day has been? Who did you celebrate with? What did you eat? What are you thankful for?

25 November 2015

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : What's for dinner?
Month before Christmas bonus Musical Gifstravaganza gift. Badly Drawn Boy's Donna And Blitzen. A weird Christmas song made weirder by how I learned about it.Read more...

23 November 2015

Speaking of holidays . . . . I kind of miss the Music Giftstravaganza thing we used to do in December, where people signed up to upload songs every day, but I don't think there are really enough people here to revive it at the moment. However, Read more...

22 November 2015

World Record Slackline Run. Amazing and nausea inducing.
It's time for the 8th Annual Mecha Holiday Card Exchange! Signups open now through December 1st, 11:59 p.m. ET!Read more...

20 November 2015

Friday Question NOT from the Book of Questions Do you have a morning routine? What is it?
Photo Friday : Peace

19 November 2015

Jeopardy ToC final starts tonight Anyone else watching the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions this week? The finals start tonight, and the match-up is really interesting.Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Peace
Achile Chatouilleu, 103 year old embalmed clown on display. More here. Because clowns aren't creepy enough.

18 November 2015

13 November 2015

Friday Question NOT from the Book of Questions A two parter: For the U.S. folks, what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? For the non-U.S. folks, your favorite thing about this time of year?
Photo Friday: Remembrance

12 November 2015

Homemade Jet Ski being the tale of a young man, his cat and a flock of deeply obnoxious geese.
What are some things or people that you have a "thing" for? When my National Park Service magazine arrived the other day, I said, "I have a thing for the National Park Service!" It's true, I love following what they're doing on a national level. I also have a thing for Rose Wilder Lane/Laura Ingalls Wilder, Shirley Temple, Handel's Messiah, and Full House Reviewed. You? What are your things?

11 November 2015

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Remembrance

09 November 2015

Can we talk organization and life skills? With the addition of the niece everything has changed, and I am finding myself overwhelmed. What do you do to stay centered and on top of things?

08 November 2015

Don't rake leaves. Okay, happy to oblige, but it's gonna look pretty nasty next spring . . . .

06 November 2015

Friday 3-point update. I've been out of town. What y'all been doin'?Read more...
Photo Friday: Commute

05 November 2015

04 November 2015

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Commute

02 November 2015

Monday Music un-Shuffle Challenge!