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Archives for: December 2014

31 December 2014

OK, so we are a bit past the gift-giving period, for those who do that... but for those who do: spill! Did you get any wacky gifts this year? Did you find the perfect gift for someone and they loved it? Did you get any awesome gifts that you loved? I want to hear!
Bunny! OMG! Taken from this great set of photos.
What yinz doin' for New Years Eve tonight? We're heading all the way around to corner to a neighborhood party that friends are throwing. They live in a partially converted early 20th century flashlight factory so it's a pretty cool space to party in and the short walk home is a good thing.

What are you-all up to tonight?
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : New

30 December 2014

27 December 2014

Kangaroo! OMG! Tip: Do not mess with him.

26 December 2014

Photo Friday : Celebrations
OMG! BUNNY DRESSED UP AS TV CHARACTERS! (of course it's for a 2015 calendar... only 6 months available without purchase, but they are 6 good months - "I am the one who hops")
Neil DeGrasse Tyson wins Twitter for Christmas day

25 December 2014

What are you having for lunch today?
Merry Christmas, all! I'm going to make a Dutch Baby for the first time in forever.

Oh, and I haven't posted here in forever, either, so HI!!!

24 December 2014

Just when you think... it's safe to have that third glass of wine, your Mom calls.Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Celebrations
A time of joy, a time of sadness

22 December 2014

MeCha Mansion - a new candidate Apart from the decor, which may be to the taste of some but certainly not me, this looks like a pretty good candidate. I've put aside all I can for my share - now we just need another $6,999,950. Who's with me?
post by: dg at: 18:51 | 13 comments

21 December 2014

Based on this clip, I am convinced that Carlos Santana can do anything. That is all.

19 December 2014

Friday question from The Book of Questions Do you prefer being around men or women? Do your closest friends tend to be men or women?
People say the most bizzarre things.
"That's why they're called clowns." I love the tone of his voice here and of course the lyrics.
You just can't trust clowns.
Photo Friday: Well Fancy That!

18 December 2014

For Christmas -- Five Pound Box of Money. By the wonderful Pearl Bailey. She made many many tv appearances while I was growing up and so was a fixture of my childhood.

17 December 2014

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Well Fancy That!

15 December 2014

Unfinished Business for 2014. What's on your list?

14 December 2014

13 December 2014

Neighborliness + Intarwebz = WIN!

12 December 2014

(Non grim) Friday Question from the Book of Questions What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?
Photo Friday: Trees

11 December 2014

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Trees Sorry it's late. I'm jetlagged and lost track of the days.

10 December 2014

Ideas for a Yankee Swap* this is for my job and is always a little chaotic. The only rules are "spend between 0 and $10" and "be creative." Anyone got a fun, off the wall idea?

*Also known as Pollyanna, Dirty Santa, White Elephant, etc.

08 December 2014

I'm pregnant with twins!

07 December 2014

YOU MUST CHOOSE: Partner who never laughs or has a horrible laugh you find disturbing/disgusting?Read more...

06 December 2014

Christmas Cooking. I am sure the Brits on here know all about the divine loopiness of Fanny Cradock, but I have only just discovered her. Read more...

05 December 2014

A (Grim) Friday Question from the Book of Questions Have you ever considered suicide? What, if anything, is so important to you that without it life might not be worth living?
It's Friday and December. And I'm freezing to death. Here's a song.
Photo Friday: Directions

03 December 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONMC I don't think you're still around these parts, but maybe you'll see this somehow anyway :)

02 December 2014

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Directions Posting the theme early as I'm off on holiday tomorrow and won't be online.