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04 November 2014

US bunnies, did you vote? I haven't yet but am planning to after work!
Yes, I voted on my way to work. It took much longer than I thought it would -- the polling place was pretty busy. Busier, in fact, than I've seen it in 10 years. Hope that means a good turnout.
posted by JanetLand 04 November | 11:53
I did.

Here in DC it's a bit of a mystery if Congress will let us actually govern ourselves, so voting's always a little anticlimactic. Plus, we have a pretty-much-only-symbolic representation in Congress, so there's a sting in casting those votes, too.

Taxation without representation sux.
posted by mrmoonpie 04 November | 12:05
I am voting tonight, which means I actually have to leave work on time. Woo!
posted by needlegrrl 04 November | 12:17
Oh hell yes I voted. I went last week during early voting, because I actually traveled out of state this morning (HELLO, CHICAGO!). My voting place was packed last week. People turned out in record numbers for a midterm, according to local news sources.
posted by msali 04 November | 12:54
Been voting by mail for years. This time I returned the ballot fully filled-out the day after I got it because it's kinda dull here in California this year. Also, living in an "unincorporated area" of the county makes me miss out on some interesting politics in local cities, as well as voting on sales taxes in the cities where I shop. That's kinda like 'taxation without representation', right?
posted by oneswellfoop 04 November | 13:02
We vote in the church right across the street. I like walking over and doing it. There are only a couple of tight races here but it's important to take part. No vote? No whining! I was going to go before work this morning but it looked really busy. So I'll probably go soon, before it jams up with the after-work crowd. I left work early today, because .. I can.
posted by Kangaroo 04 November | 14:46
I did indeed. As it turned out, the local reps (democratic) in my district, for the most part, ran unopposed, so it wasn't so urgent, but I'm still glad I voted. I even managed a parking spot right across from my polling place -- a real coup in Queens.
posted by Pips 04 November | 17:14
Voted this morning. I wanted to do early voting but completely forgot. There was someone electioneering near the entrance but they were by far the friendliest electioneer I have ever encountered. (They told me where the entrance was and about how long the wait was and were so pleasant!) I had no wait (but I was also there at 930am) and didn't have to provide ID and they had candy AND stickers.

NGL, I kinda love voting.

And then I put some cards in the mail and got McDonalds for breakfast, so I felt suitably American.
posted by sperose 04 November | 17:43
Voted just before lunch. Pretty uneventful. Was momentarily surprised at how many Republicans were running unopposed for county offices. Then, I remembered I was in Indiana. *Doh*
posted by Thorzdad 04 November | 18:07
Two weeks ago by mail. (I checked online today and confirmed my vote is in, my signature is verified, and it will count.) Not much suspense here as I live in Congressman Jim McDermott's district -- except how big his margin of victory will be.
posted by bearwife 04 November | 18:21
Yup! First vote in NJ. THERE WERE NO STICKERS! I am appalled.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 November | 19:13
i voted and wrote in my own damn self
posted by mullacc 04 November | 19:46
For what, mullacc? Stynxno wrote himself in for school board.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 November | 19:47
Voted before breakfast this morning. The polling place is in the senior tower that's only half a block away.
posted by octothorpe 04 November | 20:14
Yep. No line at 6:45a but it was picking up when we left for daycare/work at 7:15a.
posted by bluesapphires 04 November | 20:14
Voted 2 weeks ago. Vote by mail is wonderful. . .
posted by danf 04 November | 20:50
I wanted to absentee before I left, but end of September is too soon. A pipe broke under my kitchen floor( my place is ok, but the place under me wasn't; the 83 year old woman who lived there died a few days before it happened) and I had to cut short my trip so they could rip up my tile to get to it. That's been my first priority these last few days. It looks like the poodle of the real estate moguls will be gov for another 4 years. >:-(
posted by brujita 04 November | 21:59
Of course. Though only mailed my ballot yesterday, so won't be counted tonight.
posted by kodama 04 November | 22:23

Lots of important ballot questions in MA this time around.

People get so into those stickers. Ours always run out after the first few hours of the morning. Today I voted after work and the stickers were long gone. There's gotta be a way to get more stickers.
posted by Miko 04 November | 22:37
Dropped off mail in ballot in lieu of 70! cents postage; usually I vote 3rd party to support the process, or I write in fun stuff. CO had enough close races this year that I had to do my reading before voting. Suk part about that is then it becomes a ~person A is where I want to be on issue #1 but sux on issues # 2 and # 3 , but person B is good on issue #2 but sux on issues #1 and #3. Messy horrible election, multiple 8.5 x 11 full color glossies in the mail everyday for the last month+; messy all around.

The 'R' and 'D' thing here varies also ... some are very polar; others seem to have used a letter to get on a ballot. I.E. Hickenlooper (D) was plain stoopid to diss legal marijuana (which was legalized by a majority); i mean, huh? Stuff is a big issue here, and the guy says what a week before the election? ? So instead, Beauprez (total R) gets elected. Ok, /WTF.
posted by buzzman 05 November | 00:35
So everyone I voted for won! That sounds better than it is considering that 3/4 of the candidates were running unopposed. No Republican has been elected in the City of Pittsburgh in 80 years so they've sort of given up on even trying.
posted by octothorpe 05 November | 07:14
We were the only voters in the place. Ballot was confusing and I had to have one voided.
posted by Obscure Reference 05 November | 07:39
I got looked at very oddly because I didn't want a stupid sticker.
posted by JanetLand 05 November | 08:19
I saved my sticker and put it in my 10 year diary for the day. It was my first time voting as a US citizen.

And our gubernatorial vote was definitely a lesser of two evils situation.
posted by gaspode 05 November | 08:35
I've never gotten a sticker in thirty-two years of voting. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
posted by octothorpe 05 November | 15:49
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posted by Doohickie 09 November | 01:57
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