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07 February 2014

Project Runway : Under The Gunn - spoilers inside [More:]
I'm really starting to enjoy this show. The dynamic between the mentors and designers is really interesting. I've never seen Mondo lost for words like that before.

I loved Oscar's outfit and even though he didn't win, I'm glad his kindness was recognised with the bonus prize.

I think Nicholas was very, very lucky to stay. All he makes is bad sack dresses.

Michelle's dress was gorgeous, although you have to be a 6ft tall size 2 to look good in stripes like that.

And even though she's likely to crash and burn very soon, I really like Isabelle and her nuttiness. I think she was right to be mad at Nick this week, he could have steered her a little more towards being herself in a more pleasing design. Instead his control issues caused her to self-doubt and ruined her confidence.

I get the impression Tim is finding it more difficult than he thought it would be to deal with the mentors. I can definitely see drama ahead in Nick's and Anya's teams.
I hadn't heard of this until your post. I'd gotten tired of the regular show, but this sounds like it might be worth a look.
posted by JanetLand 07 February | 15:37
The episodes are available on the website.
posted by Senyar 07 February | 15:39
We're behind two episodes! They didn't post episode 3 last Friday night so we missed our window, and tonight Stynx is out at a meeting. We'll catch up soon!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 February | 19:30
I have it on Hulu and caught up today. Lifetime has been horrible to try to use. ( Still haven't watched Flowers in the Attic.)

It's better than i thought it would be, but still predictable except for the designers.

I was listening to Tim Gunn on Fresh Air. I was thinking we could have a lovely companionate marriage but I wonder.

I think the designer Anya let go would have done really interesting things and hopefully will on his own. I'm hoping she let him go because he was promising enough to go it on his own. It's not something I pay full attention to until the runway show. More than, say, Face Off, but that's just because i want to know the proper names for machines and materials. I think fabricators are quicker and easier than doing a decent jacket sleeve. They don't give out samples like they use to.
posted by ethylene 07 February | 20:06
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