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01 January 2014

New Year's Shuffle [More:] Ten songs, all random, no substitutions. I'll go first:

1. Gorgeous George - Biggest Fool in Town (1965 Stax single) Not to be confused with pro wrestler George Wagner, Theodophilus Odell George ran a vaunted Atlanta tailoring business, designed stage costumes for soul acts (and Muhammed Ali), and tore it up as an MC and warm-up singer and dancer.
2. Los Mozambiques - Llegamos Ya (197? Taboga single) Monster guaguancó from Panama.
3. Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle (1963 Marc single) Barry White had a hand in the arrangement. You might recognize the opening horn blasts from House of Pain's "Jump Around."
4. Ellen Allien & Apparat - Under (from Orchestra of Bubbles, 2006) I'm a big fan of Ellen's earlier stuff. Collaborating with Sascha brings it back to the dance floor, at the same time adding lush melodies and slick vocals to Apparat's dope sound engineering.
5. The American Analog Set - Using the Hope Diamond as a Doorstop (from From Our Living Room to Yours, 1997) Beautiful Texas psych-rock. Dig that Farfisa organ.
6. The Marvelettes - Forever (1963 Motown single, b-side to "Locking Up My Heart") That's Wanda Young singing lead vocal.
7. Saigon - The Invitation (from The Greatest Story Never Told, 2011) That's Q-tip guesting, reprising "Jazz (We've Got)" by A Tribe Called Quest.
8. 60 Ft. Dolls - Stay (from The Big 3, 1996) One of the best acts to ever emerge from South Wales. Get The Big 3 and 1998's Joya Magica, if you can find it.
9. Aretha Franklin - Day Dreaming (from Young, Gifted and Black, 1972) Great. So great. Just... great.
10. Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie (1968 Monument Records single) Technically it should be "sallet" -- old English for boiled greens -- not "salad," as raw pokeweed is toxic. Muscle Shoals represent!
Doggone it, it's Theophilus Odell George, not Theodophilus. Sorry!

That's what I get for trusting the internet.
posted by Hugh Janus 01 January | 19:35
1. Solomon Burke - Got To Get You Off My Mind
2. Leona Lewis - Stone Heart - Actually, I used iTunes to clip the song halfway through; the first half is marvelous, the second half too much obnoxious vocal posturing).
3. June Carter Cash (with Johnny Cash) - Far Side Banks of Jordan
4. Kirsty MacColl - Darling, Let's Have Another Baby
5. Ray Charles - You Don't Know Me
6. Maura O'Connell - Burning My Rowboat
7. Cassandra Wilson - Hell Hound On My Trail
8. Memphis Minnie - My Strange Man
9. Kate Rusby - I Am Stretched on Your Grave
10. Woody Guthrie - Danville Girl
posted by julen 01 January | 22:09
Hank Jones - Ruby My Dear
Manfred Mann - Captain Bobby Stout
Reel to Real and The Mad Stuntman - Go ON Move
Black Sabbath - Lonely Is The Word
Gleaming Spires:Are You Ready For The Sex Girls
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - King's Highway
E.L.O. - Honest Man
Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun
Emerson,Lake & Palmer - Knife Edge (I cut this one off)
Richard Cheese - Like A Virgin
posted by arse_hat 02 January | 02:11
Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine
Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Crowded House - Better Be Home Soon
Beach Boys - I Can Hear Music
Foreigner - Head Games
Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers
Don McLean - Fools Paradise
Simple Minds - This Is Your Land
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
Fine Young Cannibals - It's OK (It's Alright).

One of these days, I'll do one of these from my PC instead of iPad - a much wider variety to choose from.
posted by dg 02 January | 04:17
I listened to a shuffle today that only pulled from my R&B/soul collection. Thought it was worth tacking on here.

1. R. B. Greaves - Take A Letter, Maria (1969 Atco single) Greaves was a nephew of Sam Cooke. It shows, eh? Not quite as gorgeous but similar voice and delivery. He grew up on a Seminole reservation and moved to England in 1963. Love the video's punchline.
2. The Drifters - There Goes My Baby (1959 Atlantic single) These are the replacement Drifters, not the guys who sang with Clyde McPhatter. Led by no-slouch Ben E. King, they were previously known as the Five Crowns. When manager George Treadwell, who owned the Drifters name, hired them, he fired the fifth crown for liking his liquor, which Treadwell saw as a problem for the original group.
3. Janet & The Jays - Without A Reason (1966 Hi single) A Memphis soul singer I don't know much about. The backing band is probably the seeds of the Hi Rhythm Section, Royal Studios session musicians later famous for their work with Al Green, Ann Peebles, O.V. Wright, Syl Johnson, and Otis Clay, to name a few.
4. Jan Bradley - Your Kind of Lovin' (1967 Chess single) Jan Bradley started out working with Curtis Mayfield in the early 60's, but Mayfield and Chess got into a legal battle over the rights to his material and Bradley started releasing her own songs in 1965.
5. King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew (1965 Atlantic single) I'm a sucker for live videos where the band leader introduces the band members one by one. King Curtis is probably most famous for the influential sax solo on The Coasters 1958 single "Yakety Yak."
6. Don Covay - Mercy, Mercy (1964 Rosemart single) Apparently that's Jimi Hendrix on guitar. At least that's what Hendrix told Steve Cropper.
7. The Velvelettes - A Bird in the Hand (is Worth Two in the Bush) (1965 VIP single) The Velvelettes were in the thick of the Motown crowd, releasing records with a young Stevie Wonder on harmonica and losing members to Martha & The Vandellas before the label turned its attention away from them and toward The Supremes.
8. Ollie & The Nightingales - You're Leaving Me (1968 Stax single) The guitar on this song just kills me. Listen to how clean it sounds under that wide, flat tremolo. Oh yeah.
9. Clara Lewis - Needing You (1973 Wand single) I don't know anything about this. I think I have it on a Tom Moulton mix, which makes sense. It's a top class dancefloor-friendly soul record.
10. The Falcons - I Found a Love (1962 Lu Pine single) The Falcons had a fair amount of personnel turnover. "I Found A Love" features Wilson Picket on lead vocals and Eddie Floyd (among others) singing backup. How great is that?
posted by Hugh Janus 06 January | 17:17
Well, if we're having a second turn, here's a selection from my entire collection instead of just what's on my iPad:

1. Van Morrison - Across the Bridge Where Angels Dwell
2. John Butler Trio - Pickapart
3. The Police - Walking in Your Footsteps
4. The Replacements - Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?
5. Neil Young - Albuquerque
6. David Bowie - All The Madmen
7. Moody Blues - Are You Sitting Comfortably?
8. Spoon- The Beast and Dragon, Adored
9. Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails, Red Wine
10. Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild.
Bonus track - Ted Mulry Gang - The Darktown Strutters Ball.

Heh, just seems to be more of the same...
posted by dg 06 January | 20:00
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