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Archives for: January 2014

31 January 2014

Worst pickup lines?
Friday Question Is beauty purely subjective or can someone be wrong about whether something is beautiful?
End of January goal post update! So, how have y'all done on your goals this month?Read more...
Photo Friday: Seen (or Scene) Through A Window

30 January 2014

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is 'Seen (or Scene) Through A Window'.

29 January 2014

Why can't Twitter just give this guy his account back? This is getting a lot of press. Everything I've read makes it sound like the guy's @N Twitter handle is gone for good. Why can't Twitter just give it back to him?
A Beaker Update
party food! I'm having a bit of a party on Sunday. Its theme is something along the lines of USA! USA! USA! I'm trying to brainstorm stuff that screams "America" to put out. The less prep the better. Ideas? thanks, bunnies! obvs the beer and bourbon are a given
white stuff report I live on the coast in southeastern NC and have cold white stuff outside. What the heck? Read more...

28 January 2014

Post-aenethesia mind clutter
So...Just had my first chest x-ray...

27 January 2014

Is it just me? Or is this new season of Sherlock pretty lightweight so far? Read more...

26 January 2014

One good thing I'm having a totally shit time of it lately, but one thing did go my way tonight.Read more...

25 January 2014

boring postcards, mike9322 and i Are hanging out in a bar in queens. Best. Saturday. Ever.
I just want this on record.

24 January 2014

Friday Question What is the most commonly held belief that you personally find deeply offensive?
anyone in Phoenix, AZ, US? There's a meetup, and I'm going.
Had a really good job interview yesterday evening. Felt like I knocked it out of the park but we'll see.

What good stuff has been happening to you all?
Photo Friday: Gestures

23 January 2014

Bird alert Splunge alert?

22 January 2014

OMG BUNNY! In Mandela’s ear?
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Gestures. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.

21 January 2014

20 January 2014

This is what "health care" costs. Let's say, you were in an accident and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. What would the bill for this be? Read more...
Monday Shuffle Up! Give me ten randoms, MeCha.

18 January 2014

My most... expensive piece of furniture is a cat tree.

17 January 2014

Friday Night Question. On Friday night! What motivates you to improve yourself?
Photo Friday : Places you could not find again.

16 January 2014

So, I'm now an American! Had my naturalization ceremony in Brooklyn this morning. It took a long time. But yay! Now I can vote!
"Stylish and lovely piggy appearance." I need these for my chilly office.
Photos to make your day. Truly stunning photos taken by a Russian woman of her children on their farm with their pets.

15 January 2014

Goal Check-in! So, how is everyone doing so far this month? I know that this month I didn't set up *true* goals, but rather, just wanted to get things into place to further my new years resolutions. So, how are y'all doing with those? (For those who made them, of course.)Read more...

14 January 2014

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Places you could not find again Suggested by fleacircus. Thank you.
Time for an update What's been going on in your personal bunnyland?Read more...

12 January 2014

10 January 2014

Photo Friday: Fragile
Are you a child soldier/child prostitute?

09 January 2014

100 Years of Fashion in 100 seconds Does what it says on the tin, and cutely at that.
My life is a soap opera. Has your life ever been a soap opera?Read more...

08 January 2014

Humpday 3-point update
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Fragile. Suggested by Obscure Reference. Thank you.

07 January 2014

Free ticket to epic photo show at Pier 24 in SF on Thursday! Hi guys! I have an extra ticket to see the massive new photo gallery at Pier 24. Tickets are being snapped up a month in advance so this is an easy way to see what should be a great show. Ticket entry is for 10 AM. If interested contact me through my MeMail account.

06 January 2014

Bummed Just found out that one of the ladies in my knitting group has died.

05 January 2014

41°F today and -9°F tomorrow here Scary deep freeze about to happen out here in the interior states. Stay warm, bunnies.

04 January 2014

What eery quirks do you have? When I hear I have to fight the urge to pronounce it in a golem way 'tswitser'.
(actually my frame of reference is not golem but the annoying speech impediment of the singer of the Zeeland band Blǿf. But that doesn't mean anything to you)
Also when I hear either Jeanny (german song by Falco) or Ich will (by Rammstein) I feel the urge to tune in with either Teutonic creepiness ('...alle wissen daß wir zusammen sind ab heute...') (Falco) or - imperativeness (Rammstein) ('...-in- Bei!-fall! un!-ter!-gehn!')
What creepy/compulsive quirks do you have?

03 January 2014

Friday Question If you became a farmer, what would you farm/raise?
Photo Friday : New

02 January 2014

Snow Day? Are you in the line of fire for this OMG BIG STORM coming? Check in!Read more...
December Musical Giftstravaganza a bit late editiion. Three songs I learned of this year that made me weep for the gods of music and one more.Read more...

01 January 2014

Your Resolutions--Show them to me. (January Goals Post!) I'm just curious as to what people have resolved to do for 2014. What kind of progress can you make on them in this month that will set you up for success in the rest of the year?Read more...
New Year's Shuffle
The most domestic arts thing I've ever done....
12 Months, 12 Projects For my New Year's Day post on my knitting blog, I wrote about the twelve knitting projects I completed in 2013.
Happy 2014 everyone. Here are Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions.