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Archives for: December 2013

31 December 2013

Stoopid viral marketing made me cry I'm getting to be such a softie in my old age.

End of December goals! I realize that I forgot to post a mid-month update, so I hope y'all are ready to check in with your goals for the very end of 2013! Read more...
Click to #bunnies [here if that doesn't work]
Google "Atari Breakout". Hit Images. You're welcome.

30 December 2013

Working from home today... You know what that means... Read more...

29 December 2013

28 December 2013

27 December 2013

Friday Question Are you making any resolutions for 2014?
Photo Friday: Away from Home

26 December 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Away from Home Suggested by Occhiblu. Thank you.

25 December 2013

24 December 2013

DRUNK CHATTIN' [NOTE: You don't have to be drunk. But some of us might be.]Read more...
Sending love and hugs today ...

23 December 2013

22 December 2013

My holiday cards are late. But they are DONE! Lovely card exchange bunnies, I didn't forget about you!

(And I have to say it's great to get actual mail other than bills for a change!)

21 December 2013

20 December 2013

Friday Question What are your plans for next week?

Seasons greetings, bunnies!
Photo Friday: Scrumptious

19 December 2013

Happy Birthday Amro!

18 December 2013

Just survived a five hour job interview. My brain is now mush. Gahh. I need a job and I'd really like this job and I thought that I did really well but five hours of sitting in one conference room and talking about software process just melts your brain.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Scrumptious.
Books you read in 2013! It's time to tell me what books you read in 2013! Which did you love? Which sucked? Do you have a list? Did you read more or less than in 2012?Read more...

17 December 2013

16 December 2013

Anyone see Nebraska yet? What did you think?
I love L.A. On a cold wintry day, let us contemplate photos of 1979 Los Angeles.

15 December 2013

water+laptop=ARGH
How's your weekend been?

14 December 2013

Snowed in? *raises hand*
Five books that have stayed with you.
December Musical Giftstravaganza! 2013 Edition for the 14th A non traditional Christmas or Life is Complicated edition. Joseph, Who Understood - The New Pornographers. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis A cover of the great Tom Waits by the also great Neko Case.
Any opinions on the rediscovered 'Stoner' by John Wiliams? It has been huge here in NL and it's slowly coming to the UK and perhaps US in the end.
Why are so many places offering cash back to debit card users? Read more...

13 December 2013

Carolyn Hax's Hootenanny of Holiday Horrors 2013 A great time of year, when the weekly Hax livechat is dominated by frightening and/or hysterical holiday stories.
Friday Question Have you ever had an epiphany? Do tell!
Milestones in blogging A U.K.-based website called has hired me to blog for them once a week. My first-ever post for them may be seen here and treats of Hobbit-style knitting.
Photo Friday : Winter Wonderland.

12 December 2013

What's shaking, bunnies?
Pizza Underground is Macaulay Culkin's Velvet Underground pizza-based cover band.
Dearly departed metachat post It seems that occhiblu's recent comment pushed the 5 1/2 yr old metachat post over the edge of allowed bytes...

11 December 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Winter Wonderland.

10 December 2013

09 December 2013

Ask MeCha cooking edition, challenge level: wizard
Bango Night at the Elks! Neat video about the Wednesday night institution in my neighborhood. Sadly the singer highlighted in it passed away two months ago. (Warning: the video couldn't be more Pittsburgh unless it had fries and cole slaw on it.)

08 December 2013

December Musical Giftstravaganza, 12/8 When I was little, we had a Christmas compilation on 8-track that was on continuous play. One day a few years ago around Christmastime, I was in the shower and one of the tracks popped into my head. Read more...

07 December 2013

The Age of Self-Publishing Really loving that I live in a time when anyone who wants to be a writer (or do most other kinds of creative work) doesn't have to wait to be given "a chance", but can just do some work and put it out there on the internet. You need to have access to a computer and the spare time, but still the playing field is as level as it's ever going to be. If you've got something to offer, and put in the effort, you'll find an audience eventually. Of course the trick is to know whether you've actually got an appreciable level of talent, because otherwise your efforts will just be sad and embarrassing.:-P
How are you? I feel like it's a while since we've had a check in. How is everyone?

06 December 2013

Dogs terrified of walking past cats. Probably the best video ever.
Friday Question If you had to pick a new first name, what would it be?
Photo Friday: Math

05 December 2013

From Professor to Fashion Model. I generally think it's disgusting when companies use an unrelated photo of a long-dead person to push their products, but the guy's son doesn't seem to really mind, and writes some great stuff about his literary parents.
How To Make An Aviation In honor of Repeal Day, the Toast published a comic I made about the history of the mysterious purple cocktail...
Give yourself something What are you getting yourself?

04 December 2013

We are into the third year of the Derpy Reindeer meme, (which is too seldom credited to its creator, Mel Roach, although he seems okay with that). Anyway, here's a New Reindeer Meme for 2013, from webcomicker Jonathan Griffiths (but where's Rude Hoff?)
Mecha Holiday Card Exchange- The list has been sent! Happy carding!
Swedish Naked Dancing! Pretty much what it says on the tin. :D
This week's Photo Friday Theme will be: Math, suggested by crush-onastick and ufez.

03 December 2013

Healthcare,gov does not work on Firefox. It appears that you have to use Internet Explorer. Mrs. pjern was trying to get set up, and kept getting referred to options that didn't appear top exist. She was using an up-to-date, unaltered version of Firefox.

Switch to IE, and all of a sudden, things started working and all the options were there.

Argh. Spread the word.
Had phone interview for a job yesterday but haven't heard anything back yet. Even if they do call me back, then I'd have to go through with at least a full day of in-person interviews. I do need a job but I hate this process.
Chili Time. It's getting cold and nasty out, so I'm just linking back to an old post about chili. Nom.
BunEx It's that time of year when I need to buy a new monthly planner insert for my ARC notebook. Problem: monthly planner inserts aren't available from Staples Canada. Would any American bunny be willing to buy a 2014 insert for me and mail it to me? All costs incurred in process will be reimbursed, of course.

02 December 2013


01 December 2013

HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE Signups extended through Monday 12/2 at 11:59 pm!
December Goals! Yes, it's likely to be a busy month for everyone, but that doesn't mean that you can't pick out some personal goals!

Pointer Pointer put your cursor in the box... and wait.
End of November Goal Check In Time! (Sorry this didn't get posted yesterday, my internet at home wasn't working.)Read more...
Two of the best music lists of the year. One. Two.