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Archives for: October 2013

31 October 2013

AskMeCha: Where to find a calendar of theme days? Read more...
frightful lack of bunny love and I had planned for frights, so for lack of them, I give you The Bees being eaten by a pig.
Are you dressing up for Halloween? I would love to see pictures of your costumes.
Rob Zombie and I share a love for silent movies. I'll probably never see one of his own movies but I'm impressed with his knowledge and passion for early films.Read more...
BUNNIEWEEN!!! A super-scary non-Bunday Roundup, starring "BUNNICULA, the Vampire Rabbit"Read more...

30 October 2013

Emergency Emily Dickinson Some of us find respite in emergency cute animal pics. For the rest of us, I made this.
Hump Day Hypothetical Step right in for this week's question!Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Something Orange. 'Tis the season, etc.
If you have the Sundance Channel you really should check out this series which starts tomorrow and runs for eight weeks.Read more...

29 October 2013

This is the thread where we post pictures of animals dressed up for Halloween

28 October 2013

A true epiphany. A couple months ago I reported my latest realization in my adventures in self management: knowing when you're not "thinking right" and thus skipping thinking. Turns out, this has probably been the single most positive contributor to my internal state ever. The ability to let a negative emotion dissipate rather than invite yourself to mulling it. It works ✓

27 October 2013

Halloween outfit prep Before After
Lou Reed's tour diary I'm not taking this well.
Sunday 3-(long) points update
BUNNY OMGROUNDUP (or something)

26 October 2013

Oops. Late Saturday AM question. If your home were on fire and you did not have to worry about saving any of the five P's (people, pets, photos, papers, prescriptions), what one item would you choose to save?
Project Runway Reunion Discussion (spoilers?)
twiggy can haz kitteh? His name is pukey. Miss ya, puke & cry! Read more...
When did you realize you were in over your head?

25 October 2013

Your Favorite Writing (Unlimited) What's the best [phrase, sentence, paragraph, passage, ...] you've read in the past [day, month, year, lifetime, ...]?
Photo Friday: Something Yellow

24 October 2013

Maymo and Penny go trick or treating.
The only thing better than a lemon beagle is two lemon beagles, and they're siblings, and dressed up in costumes.

23 October 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Something Yellow. Suggested by sperose. Thank you.
Wednesday Three Point Status Update!

22 October 2013

21 October 2013

Weird gifs with medieval art figures. I am not sure why these are so intriguing to me, but maybe they will be to you too.
I like Godspell. I do not like Jesus Christ Superstar. That is all.Read more...
My daughter just called to tell me...
Indoor voices, please! Hi. Recently we've had a few new people move into cubicle land, and they have a habit of shouting through the cubicle walls (rather than getting up and walking ten feet to have a conversation). This is not only annoying, but distracting. My various dx plus my not-quite-dx'ed ADD doesn't help matters any. Let's assume that moving my desk is most likely not an option. How would you handle it? I don't want to alienate anyone, but it's really hard to concentrate and get work done. Every time I put on headphones they shout even louder. I am also at the bottom of the food chain in this room, not by senority, but by rank/caste. Their supervisor has a fearsome reputation and requires an appointment to talk to.

20 October 2013

YIKES! You are under a Zombie attack..
Today happiness is shaped like a little leather bag ... Read more...
Facebook is making me cross Last night I posted a picture of these knitted elephant shorts to my knitting blog's page on Facebook.


19 October 2013

He'll do it but it doesn't mean he'll like it It's a dutiful love or that next line on the checklist of resentment. You decide.
How to ask a question. Between one minute and the next, my Windows Vista machine stopped talking to the internet. All other internet devices in the house, including this other computer I'm using, work fine. I was using Chrome, but other browswers don't work either. My question is, what do I need to try first/find out in order to properly ask for help over on AskMe? I've restarted the computer and reset the modem and router, but I'm stuck after that.
This Is Not Porn is the perfectly named (ABSOLUTELY Safe For Work) site showcasing vintage photos of celebrities, often in interesting juxtaposition with each other. This is one their best:Read more...

18 October 2013

Late late late Friday night question. What is your favorite body part? Least favorite?
Project Runway Finale SPOILERS
Great live set from Jason Isbell of songs from his recent album. I've been listening to his latest album, Southeastern,pretty constantly for the last few weeks. I loved his work with The Drive-By Truckers but this his new stuff is really a revelation.
Come guess some song lyrics
Photo Friday : Hats and Headgear

17 October 2013

Half-Chewed Cole Haan Wingtip by Emerging Canine Artist, Left Shoe, Size 11.5D "The work has been interpreted by contemporary art critics as a statement on class in the wake of the American recession, a painful and complex subject for the modern American dog. Due to the nature of the artist's process, the collector who places the winning bid will no doubt hear gasps of "How in the hell?," "Oh my God," and "Was he using a chainsaw?" upon displaying the piece."
!WARNING! This thread is closed for fumigation. Please stay out for 4872 hours. No comments, please, for your own safety.

16 October 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Hats and Headgear.
Hump Day Hypothetical
I have not had decent bangs for years because (wait for it) Apparently, some (most?) hair spray nozzles are angled up! To make sure you do a good job on the top of your head, or something.

I mean, you close your eyes before you use hair spray, or at least before you spray your bangs, which is bad enough because if you didn't start with your bangs, by the time you get to them you might have the hairspray at the wrong angle and not know it. So then you make extra sure it's the right angle (after first blaming the hair spray, getting a new kind or whatever)but you STILL can't spray your bangs because you didn't think to check the nozzle angle.
All the frustration that could have been saved if I had simply noticed that one stupid thing.
Go check your hair spray nozzle right now.
They need to put special bang instructions on the bottle. I should put this on reddit. I am MAD.

15 October 2013

Hell hath no fury like a nude nun with a big gun Read more...
Mid-month Goals Check In! How is everyone doing on their goals so far this month?Read more...
Blogstop Revisited "Where the last word of an entry must be used as an acronym for the next entry."Read more...

14 October 2013

13 October 2013

is this going to be another BUNDAY ROUNDUP? Well, yes it is, with bonus Animated Muscle Bunny (more hypnotic than hypno-toad... maybe)

11 October 2013

Webcast now until Sunday
Never was a big qotsa fan but that last song was-- may be an unreliable narrator of sorts.
Project Runway Finale Part 1 thread. Spoilers inside.
Another early Friday night question! What long-lost childhood possession of yours would you like to see again?
All Is Fair in Love and Twitter Great read about the genesis and politics of Twitter's creation. Gives me slight deja vu in some spots (although nothing in my startup life has been as large or consequential).
Photo Friday: Ascending/Descending

10 October 2013

What can I do with 1 quince? I got one from the CSA and it is almost ripe. I can't make jelly or membrillo since I only have 1. What should I do with it? Maybe this tarte tatin recipe and use apples for the rest?
Name That Tune!
Last chance for a bunny-themed t-shirt: SWAT BUNNIES! Let's all buy one for the next meetup, right?

09 October 2013

HAPPY Birthday elizard and Doohickie!!!!!
Boehner sings. Ugh. My cheeseball reserve drill weekend is canceled this month, thanks to both sides and all for the lost pay. /not

08 October 2013

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck My huge graphic novel that I spent three years writing and thumbnailing might get shelved due to outside forces. This is the second time this has happened to me ...and of course I told everyone about it because I was so proud of it Read more...
Oh gosh oh golly I wish I'd thought of this. I could have financed my retirement, I'm sure.
Tuesday 3-point update. What's everyone up to?
A Creepy-Looking Crab Sushi Roll Arranged Like a Centipede
Does what it says on the—BLECCCCCHHHH!!

06 October 2013

BUNDAY ROUNDUP! (again) because I always end up with a few cute, LOL or WTF bunny-based images by the end of the week, don't you?
My first youtube I made a video!! How to make a Paleo Breakfast Desi (Indian) Style. (disclosure: contains lots of vocal fry for some reason. also, I can't cook worth a damn, but it turned out edible!)
Ask The Whelk Anything: With a head cold!

05 October 2013

Weekend ramblings about that obsolete 'dead tree' medium, the newspaper I still like the concept of a newspaper, even though I once blogged that the local newspaper, with the big banner "THE TRIBUNE", when left around the apartment, seemed to multiply, prompting me to rename it "THE TRIBBLE". Cut my subscription down to Sunday only, but they give me Saturday free for some reason. So, still Tribbling.Read more...

04 October 2013

Image search. Catnap. Stat.
Friday Night Question, Morning edition What motivates you to improve yourself?
Another Friday lyrics challenge! go to it, party people:
Photo Friday: Parallels and Perpendiculars

03 October 2013

Songs you had a thing for back in the day. Read more...

02 October 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Parallels and Perpendiculars. Suggested by occhiblu. Thank you.
MeCha Used Book Swap? The idea came up in the latest book thread. Would anyone else be interested in doing a sort of monthly not-secret santa type thing, with books?Read more...

01 October 2013

Streaming preview The new Sleigh Bells is out on the 8th. I always miss streaming previews while they are active. Get it while it works.
Happy Birthday DMelanogaster.
October is here! Time for some new goals! Alrighty everyone, it's the 1st of the month and you all know what that means....TIME FOR NEW GOALS!Read more...
Contacting someone I was invited to contact someone here at their private address, but I see no address on their profile. Where is it and how do I find it?