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Archives for: September 2013

30 September 2013

Breaking Bad finale thread (spoilers)
The Home Place "The home, which we call The Home Place, has remained vacant and largely untouched for over 26 years. This week I entered the home for the first time in many, many years to photograph it. The images in this post are deeply personal and full of memories of, and for, my family." Amazingly lovely, melancholy photos.

29 September 2013

Cheer me on to get my laundry done! I miss stewriffic's weekend chores posts. I know that it's late, but I've got load three of four in the washer, and I'd like to get through all four loads, and it'll help if y'all cheer me on! Or shame me! Or distract me! Or whatever!
BUNDAY ROUNDUP! To avoid a string of "OMG BUNNY!" posts, I'll put all my OMG discoveries here. Feel free to join in.

28 September 2013

So Is It Me? It's Me, Right?
Leaving the UK Tomorrow to sail to France on an overnight ferry.Read more...
Super late Friday night question Where would you go in a time travel machine? Would you stay?

27 September 2013

WOOOOOOOOOT !! Its official. The lawyer just called and I am now the owner of a place with a kick ass view. Moving day is Tuesday

I am so happy.
Ask Mecha: dumb question about houseplants...
Waiting for the Giant Rubber Duck No one in my office is paying attention to work because the giant rubber duck is about to pass our building. Live video feed as it sails up river.
It's a lyrics challenge for Friday! Looking for better than 3/10 this week, so I put some super easy ones in.
Photo Friday: Visitors

26 September 2013

Your Muppetationally Cute Fix for the Week: Can you tell me how to get to the 11:35 timeslot Sesame Street?
Rick Owens, slayer of catwalks for all of us who've never quite understood why ramp models have such a narrow range of images and styles, designer Rick Owens went ahead and brought these college step dancers on at Paris Fashion Week
What are we reading these days?

25 September 2013

But do I go back to class? And am I overthinking this. Hi, Jessamyn sent me over. I had a newish friend reprimand me during a class, then later (maybe a day later) I got an e-mail from him saying "I'm trying to cut down my net time, help me by not writing much here." So I sense (I think) that he is pushing me away.

This is a platonic setup, and I get it that anyone can say goodbye at any time without even a reason, that's life.

I'm taking a course from him, and now wonder if I belong there. It's hard to approach someone who reprimands you. At least it is for me.

I know this is sparse. I could write a novelette but do not have time. And I am new to metachat. OK, I can back off. I would back up to Washington State if I thought that would help.
Moon can haz bunny There's a wabbit . It's in the moon.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is visitors.

24 September 2013

coconut milk So how long would you keep some in the fridge before using? After using about half a can and putting the rest in an air tight container?

23 September 2013

AskMefi crosspost: Looking for video editing software to add titles to screencasts (NOT Camtasia, I can pay $)
My cartoon is in this week's issue of the New Yorker! Woooooo
Did anyone watch the Emmys last night? Opinions on any and all aspects of it?Read more...

22 September 2013

I seem perpetually interested... the idea of Superheroes having to deal with an interact inside a modern celebrity culture. No idea why.

21 September 2013

Is there anyone else in MeChaLand who has Stop Making Sense burned into your DNA? Read more...
On the occasion of Mumford & Sons hiatus ... How to Start a Mumford Band. The video cracked me up quite a bit.
A gorgeous song about data collection. "Somebody hears you. You know that."

20 September 2013

Friday Night Question, Very Early Edition If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for?
It's a lyrics challenge for Friday! Song lyrics within. I will be posting this then unavailable until 4pm or so... will they all be guessed by then?Read more...
Project Runway spoilers spoilery spoilt spoiling
Photo Friday: Lamp

19 September 2013

Posting lyrics on the internet is illegal Qua? Well, see you all in hell jail.

18 September 2013

Emotional eating update. I just ate some Totinos Cheese Pizza Rolls. They killed. I've got more in the oven as I write this.
OMG! The illegitimate son of our iconic 'Big Pink Bunny' is "Sunbathing Hare" by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman on Hare Island (of course) near St. Petersburg, Russia. Covered with strips of painted plywood, the Hare measures 15 meters from ear to toe with a tail sticking up 2.5 meters.

Insert your Yakov Smirnoff "In Rabbit Russia..." jokes here.
in the future, when they ask about Tom Friedman all you'll have to do is point to his column about Pink Hair. They will nod, solemn with understanding, and never dare ask again.
Humpday 3-point update
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Lamp. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.
this close call is your vicarious adrenaline rush of the day

17 September 2013

Bunny! OMG! Eyeliner! Mascara! Fabulous!
Molly Crabapple - No One At Gitmo Reads Kafka So, if you're held indefinitely by the U.S government, how do you spend the time?

16 September 2013

What do you guys do to relax after an especially hard day? Read more...
Love it when the person who is dictating what I am transcribing says things like "I spoke to Tsefpsnevwal Smith. That would be S-m-i-t-h."
Happens all the time...

15 September 2013

Mid-month Goals Check In! It's the 15th, so it's time for a mid-month check in on your goals! How is everyone doing so far?Read more...

14 September 2013

Why won't my task bar hide? Anyone have any tips for making the task bar on my Windows laptop hide? It does this every now and then and I can't figure out what's causing it. Read more...
Fugglers! OMG!
These are awesome!

13 September 2013

Project Runway SPOILERS
Belated Friday Night Question What do you think about when you're alone?
Hey bearwife - I can't remember if it was you that culled a buncha potential Friday Night Questions. & not to saddle you with the task but I was wondering if we have one for tonight?
y'all heard this Janalle Monae and Prince track? Man, if this song were a place, I'd go there right now and never leave.
Photo Friday : Maritime, Ships, Boats

12 September 2013

Come on now. Let up on the Jersey Shore Seaside pier is on fire, word is it has just collapsed. This is one of the last few amusement piers that made it through Sandy, and another childhood icon of a place. So sad.
Pants Me! (For Europe) I need to start packing for London, Brittany and Paris. My pants inventory is as follows:Read more...
all you Citibikers, here's something to aspire to :) this guy makes me feel like I have the bike handling skills of a drunken snail.

11 September 2013

So The Tennesse Hussy Cocktail... Is made with a very dry sparkling wine and JD Tennessee Honey Whiskey - it's totally fine but I fele like it needs a garnish or a splash of something to really make it great. What do you think? Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Maritime, Ships, Boats. Suggested by jason's_planet. Thank you.

10 September 2013

Had to fix some issues, so the suit is now back form the tailor I think I settled on a name. I think its the "Giles" (despite not actually being tweed)

09 September 2013

Freaks are people too.
Let me tell you about my friend, Jeffrey.
It occurred to me today that I couldn't tell you when the last time I heard a dial tone was. Can you?
Roku channel recs I posted some resources to find public and private Roku channels on my blog today.
Do any of you have Roku? What channels did you install?
My Latest MeFiMusic Effort. . . I had this old song that I had forgotten about. Read more...
Happy Birthday to LoriFla and Goshling!

08 September 2013

Dora's Pet Poodle and other knitting fables I thought some of you might enjoy today's post. As long as you don't read it right before bed.
Evils of American consumerism and corporate dominance. A rant. Read more...

07 September 2013

She Said Yes....
Saturday Night Shuffle Let's give it a whirl. Rules as usual: put your player on shuffle, listen to the next ten songs, write them here. No omissions, no substitutions, no programs.Read more...

06 September 2013

I'm inspired by this AskMeFi to revive our BP Friday questions tradition Shall we wait for it to get responses and then try asking one each Friday of each other here on MeCha?
OMG fast kitties and a puppy such a sweet puppy face
Happy Birthday Gaspode!
Is this payment option sketchy or sensible?
Photo Friday : Toys

05 September 2013

This is a beauty thread. Have you discovered any new toiletries, cosmetics or fragrances? Tell us about them!Read more...

04 September 2013

Trypophobia news, everyone! "A recent study in the peer-review journal Psychological Science takes a first crack at explaining why some people may suffer from a fear of holes."
Musing about gendered toys OK guys, so here is something I am overthinking. Read more...
Ask MeCha: Tie terminology edition Is there a term for the standard tie shape? You know the kind of tie I mean: bias cut and pointy at the bottom. I know the terms "skinny tie" and "straight tie", but what is the most common tie shape called, or is it just an assumed default?
Shana tova to any other Jewish bunnies! Hope you have a sweet new year.
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Toys. Suggested by JanetLand. Thank you.

03 September 2013

OMG saaaaaaaad bunny Bunny on the edge. Trigger warning for anthropomorphic projections of despair. Also, hello Mecha, long time!
How to use the dial telephone. Just in case everyone's forgotten. Don't release the dial before your finger reaches the finger stop!!
Signing off emails with your initials--confusing? other thoughts?

02 September 2013

so they gave Anthony Weiner a mic at the West Indian Day parade, and well, watch for yourself.
Forty Days of Dating A new thread for the last 4 dates that are supposedly going to be posted this week. I'm skeptical!

01 September 2013

It's September! Time for your September goals! Alrighty everyone, it's September! The year is so close to being over! Ahhhhhhhh!

It's time to come up with some goals for this month. :)Read more...
MeCha Fantasy Football - Draft Day! And we still need a couple more managers...right now we're only at 6 teams. You should be able to get in from the link...if not, search for league 248290.