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Archives for: August 2013

31 August 2013

To continue the Confused Cats theme: two kittens shut down subway service for tens of thousands of Brooklynites.
Time to review your August goals! And here's the mid-month update: more...
Whodawhutty Tebow. Is Tim Tebow a hot potato the NFL doesn't want to deal with b/c of

A) his flagrant incessant bible thumping
B) he actually sucks (how can a Heisman winner suck?)
C) the rest of the teams hate him (because of either A or B or both)
D) other (please explain)

(Long for many of us) Weekend Plans? Since we usians celebrate May Day in September we have a long weekend. What are yinz up to?
Trilling Hand gestures from the show "Three's Company" translated into music.

30 August 2013

On 'thinking right' your humble correspondent has been noting down on Mecha his epiphanies about self management while going through an uncertain year. An addition to the series: my newest epiphany involves realizing when you're not "thinking right" and thus skipping thinkingRead more...
I promise this will be my last because I will NEVER be able to top... OMG! JOHN WAYNE BUNNY!
Photo Friday: Confused Cats.

29 August 2013

28 August 2013

The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Confused Cats. Suggested by jbickers. Thank you.
Depressed at Costco. If you live in the U.S., do you ever go to a store and just get depressed as hell by the spectacle?Read more...

27 August 2013

Bunnies! OMG! Meet Rambo and Eddy, surely two of the cutest bunnies ever.
Why doesn't tech ever work in dreams?? Or is it just me? Lately I have been having dreams in which I am trying to flag down someone I've become separated from, and I pull out my cellphone....and it morphs into something alien, or behaves strangely. In the last two days, I have actually been aware of this phenomenon WITHIN THE both cases, I found myself thinking "well, here we go....this never works..." And sure enough, it didn't.

Do I need a better provider? Perhaps it's just Verizon which has this issue? :)

26 August 2013

Scritchy's To Do List and other knitting fables I think you might enjoy this post about things that have been knitted or crocheted for pets.
Let's have your Photo Friday Themes

25 August 2013

Facebook notifications gone wild? Has anyone else started getting tons of Facebook notifications out of the blue?Read more...

24 August 2013

23 August 2013

Project Runway SPOILERS Let's talk about this week's Project Runway episode SPOILERS! Read more...
Researchers find mother beetles eat young that beg too much I feel like there's some deep meaning hidden in this, but perhaps it's more a deep meaning about researchers than about beetles.
Just got some unexpected great news It doesn't sound that fantastic, but I feel buoyant. Inspired. I must have really needed something like this to happen.

It's a third part-time job. I'll be working as a pizza driver/waitress...but it's different and better than my current second job, which I should be able to eventually phase out! Wheeeeeee!!!

And it's just easier to tell you guys than to put it on Facebook, for various reasons. Yay Metachat!

Photo Friday: What Does This Mean?

22 August 2013

So last week the fire, tonight we have this I get home tonight from playing bridge and there's a police helicopter literally hovering above my building. My street is cordoned off. This is a quiet neighborhood, I swear!
Beaker Update: Or How I Know That My Bird Watches Television I hope you don't mind another oneRead more...
Thanks to all for your help. Another question... How to say "Thanks a lot" or "Thank you very much" at the end of a friendly email without sounding sarcastic or dismissive or rude (is "Thanks a bunch" rude?) or overly formal? When just "Thanks" or "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough?
The Knitter's Curse I keep hitting play on "The Knitter's Curse" by The Savoy Ballroom, the catchy little song that I posted on my blog today.

21 August 2013

Transforming anise There nothing I can think of I'd completely eschew as there must be some use or combination that works for something I'd rather not have on its own, but I really don't like anise flavors. There has got to be something or things that change it and surely it must be known of somewhere.
Cocktail onions? Somebody out there knows.
It's Aliiiiiiive !! And by that I mean that I made it thru my stomach surgery and am back at home resting. There's quite a lot of residual pain, but it is manageable and apparently will only last a couple of weeks. This is good, cuz after I get better its time to start packing up to move out of this place and move into my new one.

Thanks for all your kind wishes. They were appreciated
In Keeping With Miranda July's New Project, I propose that we share ONE email that we recently wroteRead more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is: What Does This Mean?

20 August 2013

I fell in love with Pharrell in the "Blurred Lines" video and now I see this (from 3 years ago) and I'm really in love.

19 August 2013

Help! Quick Excel answer, anyone? how do I email an excel spreadsheet so that it doesn't look like a spreadsheet? It prints out looking fine, so why, when I email it as an attachment, does it come out like it's still a huge Excel spreadsheet?
Bunny surgery! OMG! Thinking of you, rollick, and sending good wishes.
Words for your bits Oh, how I do love colorful use of language, but, seriously, we can do better, surely.

Be creative.
Tell us about your plans for the week. What's going on, mecha?

17 August 2013

"It was on BBC 2 on Friday at 9ish in the evening. Itís big brother bunny style. And the baby bunnies are far too cute for their own good." The words of the creator of the "Bunsen Bunnies" webcomic (which has plenty of its own cute bunnies). So I had go find it. Here's a two-minute BBCNews report/promo about the show (which also features badgers and voles). Here's the full hour on BBC iPlayer (only available to the UK, sorry) and an unauthorized upload to YouTube (don't know how long it'll stay up). Still, a whole lotta OMG BUNNIES here.

16 August 2013

The Good: The Bad:
Project Runway thread. Oh, the draaah-maaaah!
Photo Friday: Differences.

15 August 2013

Mid-month goal update! So how are y'all doing on your goals so far?Read more...
Beaker Update For those who are interested:

Beaker came home with us yesterday. Of course he was very nervous and shivering after the car ride in a small animal carrier. At first he didn't eat or drink for a while. But later that day he had a few sunflower seeds and some of his pellet food. He also hat tons of love, cuddling and scritches which I hope made things better.Read more...
40 Days of Dating A continuation of the Mefi thread that is about to close.
Revised theme for this week's Photo Friday - Differences. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.

Kronos to Earth reminded me that I'd had a senior-moment and we recently had the theme I picked yesterday. So I've chosen another from eth's suggestions. My apologies.
This song, from the early days of my MTV watching (which means the early days of MTV), popped into my head for no particular reason today. Read more...

14 August 2013

Happy (belated, I think?) birthday, gomichild!
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is This Thing Does Not Belong Here. Suggested by ethylene. Thank you.
Bookshelf Porn StumbleUpon sent me to this photo blog. I love it.
Humpday 3-point update

13 August 2013

Teddy Bear Ensemble Can't resist showing off this little ensemble I made for my grandniece Cauliflower Swan's fourth birthday: the dress; the dress and jacket; and of course, the all-important matching purse. Little Cauliflower is going to look like quite the little lady.

12 August 2013

This music video for Capital Cities' "Safe & Sound" is incredibly happy-making. 100 years of dancing awesomeness.

11 August 2013

What made you smile today? I saw a man in a Thomas Dolby tour t-shirt. That made me smile.

10 August 2013

09 August 2013

Big doin's in town this weekend The Shrimp Festival is happening this weekend.Read more...
I am having a horrible day ...
Photo Friday: Tattoos.

08 August 2013

For my final contribution to the Post-A-Thon, I give you the cartoon tumblr of Sebastien Millon, a cavalcade of edgy cuteness, including bunnies that are bad, bi-polar or broccoli-fied, a great depiction of "beating yourself up", and my personal philosophy: "If you can be kind to people, then just be weird to people."
Paul Mutimear's "Solid Air" series A bunch of these prints are hanging in the new conference/recruiting/dining building at work. They look like fairies. I love them.
Remember My Name. One of the plethora of articles about the final few episodes of Breaking Bad. (no spoilers in the article, but it's up to date). So those of you who watch it, what do you think is going to happen?
Data Point Thea Gilmore is not scheduled to appear in or around London at any time when we are there. Read more...
post by: danf at: 18:58 | 1 comment
Linotype: The Film This looks good. Vintage technology obsessions never disappoint.
Shuffle! In the last week I pulled a few thousand songs off of my external HD and put them on my new(ish) laptop and connected a bluetooth receiver to my stereo so I can stream songs from my comp through my good speakers. Let's shuffle!
Sniffed smoke, dismissed it. Then heard fire engines. Looked out (home) office window at the building next door and flames coming out their kitchen. Many fire engines on our street right now.
Suit I rescused from storage ( a steal), back from tailor. I name all my suits, Bob Benson, Rupert Giles, Det. Ed Exley - Don't have a name for this one yet. Care to give it a shot?
Warners Bras (not to be confused with Warner Bros.) has a new commercial that they're trying to make go viral. But it's nothing compared to this (NSFW but not really) Japanese spot for the 'ultimate push-up bra'
Robert E. Howard was one of the great chroniclers of the Harlem Renaissance (AKA things people say in IRC)Read more...
Alternate Universe Prints Buy wonderful posters of The Statue Of Tyranny, the Death Of General Frankenstein, or a panorama of Baltimore, "City Of Monsters".
TRON dance performed by Wrecking Orchestra [LED/lightdancing amazingness]
Cat Videos!
Gif postathon!
Shorter Prettier Version of This is Water speech by David Foster Wallace Listening to the full version, which I put up on the blue, has affected me profoundly.
I saw this caterpillar yesterday. Googled big, fat, green caterpillar and found it right away. It will be a pretty moth someday. Mostly I dislike moths. They have creepy faces. If they would just go stay near the light, fine, but they fly at my hair. ick. sometimes I keep a light on in the next room, just to keep the moths out of the room I'm in.
My New View I decided to go with Tumblr. When i take possession of my new place in October, I'll post pics of the renovation as it goes along. Until then, here are some small pics of what i will be looking at from now on, that I managed to d/l before the listing was taken down
I could sure go for some Battolli. Handy chart of all the pasta shapes.
Five Good Covers what it says it is. Every week, links to five good cover songs of classic hits. Hear some jazzy AC/DC, A bluegrass take on "Milkshake", synth-opera Rolling Stones, or an all-organ version of New Order!
I jonesing pretty hard for one of these, "the closest thing yet to Fred Flintstone's footmobile."
Shirokuma -- a type of kakigōri -- is a Japanese dessert made from shaved ice flavored with condensed milk, small colorful mochi, fruits, and sweet bean [usually Azuki bean] paste. Shirokuma, which originated in Kagoshima, means "polar bear."
What's your song of the summer? I'm a lemming, so mine is "Blurred Lines".
Stephen Colbert daftpunks with Matt Damon, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Bridges, Hugh Laurie, Jimmy Fallon, the Rockettes, Jon Stewart, and Henry Kissinger
BABY BUNNY MOTIVATIONALS! from the only slightly creepy side of Tumblr

07 August 2013

Tomorrow (8/8) Post-A-Thon. Get your posts ready. Let's fill the front page!Read more...
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Tattoos. Suggested by bearwife. Thank you.

06 August 2013

Tuesday 3-point update

05 August 2013

I Need Blogging/Photo App Info I am a little late to the game, but I am looking for the best way to post pics and share info and am looking for the best one-stop way to accomplish this. I want a site where it's easy to post to from home or mobile, so that I can share pics and design ideas for when I get into my new place. I guess in a way it will be kind of a blog where I also store pics or video online

I used to do this on a blog I had on my own site, but this time I would prefer to have it on a more social site, but I dont want to use Facebook

I would appreciate any advice
Talk to me about your hair

04 August 2013

02 August 2013

So, what are you weekend plans?
Photo Friday: Roofs.

01 August 2013

Your August Goals...Show them to me. New month = new goals! Read more...
Does anyone here use Nature's Variety "Instinct" or "Prairie" dry pet food? I have a $4 email coupon for cat or dog kibble that I can "forward to a friend." Let me know if you want it!