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12 December 2012

So...If you had $250 to blow at the Apple Store... [More:]Quite unexpectedly, a client gave me a $250 gift card for the Apple Store. Yay them, yay me, and happy holidays!!!

But, now I'm faced with a problem...What to buy?
Unlike many of you, I'm not a huge tech consumer. I have what I need, and don't really go-in for accumulating the latest gadgets. I have no iPhone or iPad. I have an oldish iPod Shuffle that serves me very well.

Among the things I kind-of need right now that I can get at the Apple Store...New ear buds? Maybe finally upgrade to Mountain Lion? So, there's, maybe, $90 gone, if I really splurge on the earbuds.

Apple TV sort-of interests me. But, I don't have a modern TV to hook it up to, so that's out. And, anyway, I don't have a Netflix subscription.

I suppose I could buy a ton of music.

The one piece of gear I really, really want/need, Apple doesn't sell. If only this had been an Amazon gift card...

So...suggestions? How would you spend my $?
How old is the iPod? Those things don't last forever. I might save part of the giftcard for the next iPod.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 December | 10:02
The iPod is, maybe, three or four years old. It's one of the original little square aluminum Shuffles (in aqua green). It may not last forever, but it sure has held-up. I thought about a new iPod. At most, maybe move up to a Nano. Though, I mostly just use the Shuffle when I'm working in the yard/mowing the lawn. The Shuffle is perfect for that, with its little clip.
posted by Thorzdad 12 December | 10:08
I'd use it toward the newest IPad, the most amazingly wonderful device ever, she typed on her trusty Ipad2.
posted by bearwife 12 December | 11:10
Re: iPad. I've no use for it, honestly. Anything I get has to be covered completely by the $250. I won't be spending any of my own cash, I'm afraid.
posted by Thorzdad 12 December | 11:20
You could always liquidate it at PlasticJungle...
posted by schmod 12 December | 12:39
Thanks for that link, schmod. I received a Red Lobster card, but Washington state has so few of those that I don't trust the quality of their food.
posted by Ardiril 12 December | 12:56
OK, then I'm very fond of my older model Ipod nano, because I love also getting radio on it, not to mention the other stuff it does.

But new nano looks pretty wonderful too. The bluetooth connectivity is rather nice for doing anything outside as it is great to go wireless with earbuds. Apple has some bluetooth headphone options too.
posted by bearwife 12 December | 13:23
Option 1...Upgrade Lion. Always a good idea. Also, you could buy additional software packages if needed/wanted.

Option 2... Buy peripherals. How bout a wireless optical mouse? Memory upgrade? External hard drive for backups?

Option 3...shmod beat me to it. Sell the card, buy what you want.

Maybe amazon is an outlet to try also. With Craig's List, you can get cold hard cash. Question is, is it better to sell before or after xmas, when there will be a glut of cards, lots 'o xmas money floating around, and a market that will be jumping/flooded.

Option 4... I second the Bluetooth headset but would urge you to do extensive on-line research. Read every user review you can find before you choose which to buy.

I've been using the Motorola s9 (think it's 10 now) for a while and I can tell you it is AMAZING not to have to deal with cords when I treadmill, work in the yard, cook, or lay in bed and listen to a podcast.

Option 5...Do nothing for a while. Wait and see what the year brings you. If you need a HDtv for AppleTV, maybe that is in the cards for you this year.

Important: Does the card have an expiry date? Sometimes these things auto-destruct after one year.

option 6... Buy gifts for everyone else on your list or donate it to a gift-giving organization. Can you use your card to buy a handful of cards at lesser value? The words stocking-stuffer comes to mind.
posted by MonkeyButter 12 December | 14:06
Do you have a backup solution? If not, perhaps scope out a time capsule, or just some USB storage (or whatever connection the hip kids, and your current machine, are using these days...).
posted by pompomtom 12 December | 23:42
pompomtom...yes, I have a 2TB external fw800 drive I use for backup.

1. I would actually be upgrading from Snow Leopard. I'm one of those die-hards who aren't very enamored of OSX post-SL. But, Mountain Lion may be the last version of OSX that runs on my iMac.

2. I've been looking at peripherals, but can't come up with anything I truly need. Already have a scanner, external drive, AirPort Extreme, MagicMouse. Don't have a use for the Magic Trackpad, either. You can see the conundrum I'm in.

3. I looked at that site schmod linked to. Looks like I need to have an actual, physical card. All I have is an email with the PIN. Anyway, I already went and registered the number to my Apple account. oops.

4. I think a headset or earbuds are definitely in the future. Hadn't known about the bluetooth things. Interesting...

5. LOL. That made my day. Unfortunately, the only major appliance in my future is a new refrigerator to replace the 30-year-old unit in our kitchen.

6. Stocking-stuffers are a great idea. I'm ashamed that never occurred to me. Blinded by the lump sum, I guess.
posted by Thorzdad 13 December | 08:03
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