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Archives for: November 2012

30 November 2012

OMG! BUNNY LUV! (even after the workweek is over, cute animals are good therapy)
Bo checks Xmas prep at the White House Remember, looking at cute animals is good for us.
Weekend Shuffle! You know the drill. Bonus round: Sorted alphabetically, what are the first and last songs in your collection?
What are you up to this weekend? 3-point update Read more...
MY HAT! i have no idea why this is so funny but i was in tears. (it's a gif, there is some text eventually, so watch for more than 5 seconds.)
I scream, you scream, not sure how this ad sells ice cream.
College sets up 'puppy room' for stressed students Where was this when I was in graduate school??
Shane Carruth finally has a follow-up to Primer! Can't wait to see what he can do with a budget of more than $7000
Photo Friday: What is it?

29 November 2012

Good people in the world. Bus driver. NYPD officer.
Photo Friday Advance: What is it? Take a picture of something such that it is not readily apparent what it is, and then bunnies have to guess. Suggested by Doohickie.
Getting tired of tv shows as commercials

28 November 2012

Movember is Over for me. (warning: vanity post with non-vanity pictures)Read more...
Bunnies! OMG! This is my dream

27 November 2012

Santa is my homie Warning: contains "Mahna Mahna" and flying fish

26 November 2012

Card Exchangers The list has been sent! Happy carding :D
What do you do when you've been feeling low-level sick for a while? Read more...
Women in bubbles over Paris, or actually, one woman (model Simone D’Aillencourt) in a 1963 fashion shoot for Harper's Bazaar, created and photographed by Melvin Sokolsky in 1963.
so I had a brainwave I was going to explain it all but I looked back and realized I already explained it here (basically dominant media and politics are disconnected from the reality of people's lives out there especially in developing countries). So I was like let me start reading some other stuffRead more...

25 November 2012

While we're talking holidays, who's up for a 2012 version of the December Musical Giftstravaganza? Read more...
Speeding cheetah in slow motion A collaboration of the Cincinatti Zoo and National Geographic
Last call to sign up for the Metachat Holiday Card Exchange!

24 November 2012

Have you seen Life of Pi?
How's your weekend going?

23 November 2012

Happy Birthday Sil! Happy Birthday JonathanStrange!
cranberry sauce triumph
Photo Friday: Thankful

22 November 2012

As ever... looking for a livestream link for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...this happens every year, because NBC is hopeless at this. Any ideas? Also, beware as there are hundreds of fake livestream links - if you've found one that really works, I'd be really happy!
The Contemporary Classical Composer’s Bullshit Generator : My goal, in essence, is to premiere musical vibrations. If one concept must be grasped, it is this - the rational installation always suggests the expressions, and it must do so entirely octatonically.

21 November 2012

So, whatcha listening to lately? I'm finalizing my year end list of favorite albums (my unordered list about 50 favorites with comments here) and want to make sure I didn't totally overlook a great album. Any 2012 albums kicking your butt?
Photo Friday Advance: In honor of (American) Thanksgiving tomorrow, let's do "Thankful" - pictures of whatever you're thankful for. Also, the wiki is up to date again, including themes through February. If you have suggestions, please add them!
It's time for a lyrics game. Haven't had one for a while. I made it pretty broad and easy, so I think y'all will get them by lunchtime or so EST. Read more...

20 November 2012

So, this is sad. Kevin Clash resigns.
Happy Birthday Ardiril!

19 November 2012

Being healthy can be hazardous to your health [link goes to a photo w/ some blood visible] Read more...
Molly Crabapple - Kim Boekbinder - I Have Your Heart Stop motion animation of Molly Crabapple's art work to Kim Boekbinder's rollicking song about love and open heart surgery.

18 November 2012

17 November 2012

ESPN Hosts Drop The Princess Bride Quotes All Night Long How the hell did I not hear about this? In case any of you didn't either, here you go.
I just won't wear a suit - but what do I wear instead for my college interview on Tuesday? It's at Starbucks. I am not the most sartorially savvy - or equipped, honestly - so I really don't know what to do. I'm inclined to just wear my (all-khaki slightly worn) school uniform, but surely I can invest more effort than that? I am a girl, and all I have is too bright or informal. Help please?

16 November 2012

I Believe I Can Fly - Skydiving Kittehs!
ergo i need help i posted on askme but i'm not getting any bites. looking for advice on how to find/hire an ergonomics consultant to come to my office, but i have no idea where to start. also, in Harrisburg, PA not someplace like NYC where there are probably ergonomics consultants all over the place. can anyone offer some advice?
Photo Friday: stillness

15 November 2012

I hate the part of packing where you just have random crap left. I'm moving saturday and mostly packed except for like a lamp and a printer and random crap that just doesn't really go in a box. like a bike pump. or a guitar. it makes me feel all unprepared. i'm drinking whisky and listening to christmas music. that makes me feel prepared.
You know it's going to be a bad cold when... [contribute your horror stories of the sick inside]
the 90s music thread got me in a HIgh School mood So I drew some characters from a story I obsessively worked on in High School, then dropped.
I'm going to get my eyeballs zapped
Outstanding photos of crashing ocean waves, by Alessandro Puccinelli. They look more like paintings than like photos. I'd love to see them printed at a huge scale.
BAGELS FROM THE INTERNET OMG From The Whelk! Thank you thank you thank you! (And the new glasses look good, whelker)Read more...

14 November 2012

Hump day 3 point update!
Ask MeCha: Is there a message folder on
My favorite thrift store painting with something added I saw this years ago on reddit. But it still makes me happy.
Our particular universe may have already produced 95% of all its stars, ever.
OK, Elsa I made your stuffed acorn squash for dinner tonight and you had my carnivore husband asking for more. Delicious! I remember you saying either here or on mefi that you modified the recipe a bit? Couldn't find the comment. It was great as is though.

13 November 2012

Eclipse! We had a total eclipse here in FNQ (Far North Queensland) this morning - we got to see a little of it but it was cloudy! Read more...
I am the sun, I am the air I always liked this line because I thought the idea was to play on homonyms, but then I also interpreted that one line in the chorus as "I go about things my own way" for decades. Well, actually, I still do.

Apropos of nothing, Buffy in limerick form.

12 November 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas.... in cross-stitch So here's my latest cross-stitch project. It took me ten months to make it. Read more...
OMG, I haven't laughed so hard it hurts in a long time!
It's time for the 5th Annual Mecha Holiday Card Exchange! Signups open now through November 25th, 11:59 p.m. ET.Read more...
New Glasses with extra phone in mirror recursion
i hate mandatory group lunches especially when i'm in the zone and getting shit done and don't feel like socializing. didn't they know it was this guy's first day last week and i could have had some warning?Read more...
What's Your Secret Service Code Name? a little late for the election, I know, but hey, the 2016 campaign starts NOW, right?Read more...

11 November 2012

The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done So I've launched a new blog. About knitting. And it has a big two posts up on it already. I know there are some knitters on here, so please check it out if you're interested. The rest of you don't have to pretend to be interested. I'll understand.;-)
My 14-year-old nephew, on the Twilight movies: "They are all the same. A hot girl gets into trouble. She doesn't try to get herself out of it by herself. Instead, she gets her hot boyfriend who doesn't wear a shirt to help. When he can't do it, she gets her other hot boyfriend who doesn't wear a shirt to help. The special effects are awesome, though"

10 November 2012

Weekend Chores! Up and at 'em! Here's my at-minimum list. What's on yours?Read more...

09 November 2012

Photo Friday: Vague

08 November 2012

07 November 2012

Bunny! OMG! This bunny is 8 and recently suffered a stroke, which has left his face a bit wonky.
Photo Friday Advance: Vague, suggested by filthy light thief
Keep this in mind the next time you Like, Google or Follow a political candidate online.
LGBT BC RCMP. Wow. I imagine coming out is hard for anyone but for cops? Considering all the much deserved shit the BC RCMP have taken over the past ten years this is amazing.

06 November 2012

Tuesday 3-point hopes

05 November 2012

Bunny! OMG! Happy Guy Fawkes Night, everyone!

04 November 2012

"Harper Valley PTA" with Barbara Eden - Jeannie C Riley established a number of firsts for women with a song as notable for its charting as it was for bans. Those who didn't live through this period don't realize the huge societal shift that occurred during those waning years of the '60s.

03 November 2012

What would make you happy?
Is this common in marathons and half marathons? I ran a half marathon today, only my second one. I noticed two guys who had already finished were going back down the last 1/4 mile of the course... Read more...
At times it was like an oldstyle text adventure game. "It's dark. You might be eaten by a grue"
"You are carrying too much. You have to drop something."Read more...

02 November 2012

For some reason... I really enjoy cutting up cardboard. And padded envelopes.
That is all.
TGIF! What's on for the weekend, people?
The Omni Magazine post in the blue reminded me of a name linking series game that was a contest in it, and which I thought could be a good MeCha challenge Read more...
Eugenia's Collages. These are very cool and fun collages made from old magazine photos and illustrations. (There's one sort of NSFW image on the first page.)
How to Download Romance eBooks from Samhain Publishing I agree with a yt comment for once: "All instruction manuals should come in this format."
Photo Friday: the artwork in your house.

01 November 2012

MetaChattier This site is a little more lively lately than it's been. I was a little worried in the last year that this little place was winding down as people wandered off to other social media but each of the last three months have had more posts than the previous month. Looking at the archives, we've gone from only 135 posts in August up to 166 in the just past month. Makes me happy.
would anyone look at my resume and cover letter please? my usual suspects for this help are unavailable right now and i found a job posting that i need to apply like right now. it's been a while since i've done this, so i could use an eyeball or two to look it over. i can email you the docs.
OMG Bunny!! (instead of NaNoWriMo, I think I'll do OMGBuPoMo)
Is it normal, or at least common... to view your mother's comments on other people's posts as being rather loud, pushy, and intrusive? Read more...
Radiohead meets metal The Darkness covers Fade Out.
New sidebar art! Thanks to our photographers gc, ufez, and pjern. There's also one of mine in there. We'll return to the "individually curated" sidebars in a few weeks.
Halloween Costume Filter: HOLY CRAP I HAVE A CHIN