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Archives for: September 2012

30 September 2012

How do you keep from stagnating? Or do you learn to love it?
Smooshie has passed away. Many of you know of my cat Smooshie. I am sad to report that we had to put him to sleep yesterday. He had inflammatory bowel disease and lymphoma and started going downhill very quickly. He was the best-natured, sweetest cat I've ever met and I miss him.
Has the iPod age diminished music for you? I feel like the proliferation of personal music devices and the focus on individual music files like MP3's has led to a devaluing of the recorded music experience. Like, people never sit around in a living room and savor tunes being played on a good stereo through good speakers anymore. Read more...

29 September 2012

Bunny and Pit Bull! OMG! The horror! The horror!!!
"Looper" question [possible spoilers]

28 September 2012

Nylah the kitten gets sared by Darth Mal She also has peanut butter for the first time.Read more...
guys guys guys guys GUYS check out this insane quiz:

it's an HBO thing but stick it out and do the whole thing to the end.. I swear the end is the craziest thing and definitely worth it.
Corolla, a photo series meant to focus on the shapes and textures of flowers rather than their colors. By Daniel Seung Lee.
Photo Friday: Staples

27 September 2012

irrational pet peeves, anyone? (aka I just have to vent) Read more...
The voice in your head says to use Tampax.
This stingray just wants to hug people so why are the nice ladies looking so scared? Read more...

26 September 2012

Wednesday 3-point update
Photo Friday Advance: Staples, suggested by ethylene
I've been seeing lots of references on the net to ... Read more...
Aw, damn. One of my very favorite singers has died. I was just playing an album of his last night. I'm pretty upset.
Star & Micey, "I Can't Wait." Love this music video. Slap!
Fuck! All the loons are out! Two 911 calls in 20 mins.

25 September 2012

Bic Pens...For Her. Some Amazon reviews. Go here if you don't want to sign in for a selection.
What did I just make? I panic-created a side dish and I have no idea what it's supposed to be.

I WANT THIS! OMG, I want this sooo much.
Honesty is cruel I just told someone their art was really bad. It was. Really bad. I couldn't keep lying. Am I horrible?
Death by a thousand SQEEEEES Inter-species snorgling (well, patient tolerance on the part of the feline).
The Museum of Cigarette Packaging. More than 40,000 packs.
Golden Age sci-fi paperback covers Happy to see a couple of old J.G. Ballard ones in there.

24 September 2012

Squirrel in Kitchen Not my kitchen, thank the gods.
help me understand Stoicism I always thought I kinda knew what it meant but I've been reading Marcus Aurelius lately (some quotes as an example) and his super chill approach, although appealing to a vexed mind, also seems a recipe for disaster. Furthermore I don't believe even he as warring-ass roman emperor actually lived like that. What am I missing? Were one to try adopting this, how can you be effective but think nothing 'really' matters at the same time?Read more...
Recovering from surgery. Where should I go on the Internet? Hi bunnies, I had an ovarian cyst removed last Friday (lapraoscopy) and am stuck at home for a while. Am getting kind of bored. I think I read all of AskMe and Twitter already. Suggestions? Have been rediscovering kottke and that is nice.Read more...

23 September 2012

Pictogram Rock Posters, awesome. From the same designer, Honest Logos.
What is your dream job? That is a job you think you'd be perfect for but doesn't actually exist.

Happiness Is...
I thought of Slack-a-gogo today when I walked into the supermarket and they were playing Morning Train. Read more...

22 September 2012

tips for staving off cold symptoms? I'm running a half marathon in the morning and last night got the first (sore throat) signs of a cold. I will do or take anything to try and keep the symptoms at bay for another 24 hours. Ideas?

21 September 2012

LEGO ball contraption moves little spheres from point A to Point B and then back again, with LOTS of steps.
The space shuttle just flew past our balcony I work in this building, and I can see out the balcony from my desk, but I got up and went outside and waved. The view was spectacular. I didn't take a picture, but some co-workers did; I'll post when I can.
I'm in Seattle! What should I do?
Freud’s Immortal Question Sigmund Freud asked, in evident exasperation, “What do women want?” Based on your understanding of at least three of the works we read this semester, how would you answer Freud’s question? Be sure to give a title to your essay.
Photo Friday: Wistful

20 September 2012

Pizza Complaint Wait For
General question regarding IPv6?
Happy Birthday TrhishaLynn!
The Honor System: "Stealing magic has become a commonplace crime. Teller, a man of infinite delicacy and deceit, decided to do something about it." A very long but FASCINATING read.

19 September 2012

I've been reading a bit these days and I'm kinda taken aback by how many famous European/American writers from 1600-1900 are pretty 'liberal' when talking about the planet. I think the idea that avoiding projecting ethnocentric stances on non western peoples is some sort of 20th century "cultural relativism" aberration is inaccurate.. everyone from Montaigne to Mark Twain seems to try to break down such assumptions.
Photo Friday Advance: Wistful, suggested by jason's_planet
OMG, I love this website! Why didn't I know about this site before?

What's your new favourite website?
I just found out that the star poet from my year at the Writers' workshop has died Read more...
Audition mojo? So, I'm auditioning to get into this troupe as a frontstage singer, and I'd like all the mojo I can get, please? Read more...

18 September 2012

eye update
A Poem for Trilby

Love to eat them mousies...
Mousies what I love to eat!
Bite they little heads off,
Nibble on they tiny feet!
What kind of mousepad does an editor who's into swans buy? This one, of course. Show me your mousepad and/or the mousepad you'd have, given your druthers.

17 September 2012

These folks went to a bicycle awareness benefit less than two weeks ago,Read more...
What does this Chicago Bears ad mean? The text of the ad is "Here it's never too cold to get burned". I suspect it means that it's too cold in Chicago for our team to get burned (lose), but the way it's phrased seems to mean they get burned (lose) all the time since it's never too cold.

Please help me before this ad breaks my brain.
If these walls could talk.... My tenant tells me a friend of his, who used to do a lot of drugs, visited him here at Swan's End and said to him, "I've been here before, back when I was using. It didn't look like this, but I know I've been in this house before." Eeek.

If you're having a bad day... (it is Monday, after all) Read more...

16 September 2012

1164 Morning Glory Circle and the neighbors. Sam and Darrin shared their house with Dr. and Amanda Bellows. Larry and Louise Tate ate in Major Nelson's kitchen. Plus, other juxtapositions.
Actual Ad Seen In The Wild Those are some asterisks

15 September 2012

Dogs in Boots And because I'm an evil evil person, I now want a set of boots to put on my pups.

14 September 2012

Black Mesa is finally done! If you're even remotely a Half-Life fan, you should check it out.
Photo Friday: Recess

13 September 2012

Checking In. . . . In Hermosa Beach
Cost of owning a vagina Something I'd reflected on over the course of my life - Jezebel broke it down. Yeah, there's a premium for running around with these parts.Read more...

12 September 2012

Getting Things Written So I bought this notebook at Staples the other day. It looked like the kind I've wanted for years: a good-looking, long-lasting day-timer that I could refill each year, and even add extra pages to. But it looks to me like you can't get the refills in Canada. Am I wrong about that?
Question: If you are aware that being passive is being aggressive, is it still passive aggressive or just a different kind of aggressive? And if you have accepted you are not getting anything done, does it cease to be procrastination and transform into full blown fucking off, or does that entail a fuller embrace of doing fuck all?
Sonic City PDX :: Natural audio of locations in Portland. Each recording includes a photo and explanation by the contributor. Read more...
Unusual things to make with buttermilk? I have a lot left over, I know pancakes and fried chicken, what else is there?
Happy Birthday bluesapphire!
Photo Friday Advance: Recess, suggested by julen

And thanks to BP for picking a theme last week while I was MIA.
Postcard Photos of Mexico in the 1950s-1960s Part 1 and Part 2. Click the images for higher-res views. So extremely cool.
Wednesday 3-point update

11 September 2012

Something I never knew until today. Tony Perkins (THAT Tony Perkins) had a pop music career in the 1950s. His biggest hit.

10 September 2012

The Genteel ← This site is interesting. A while ago I made a (surprisingly vacillating) thread about how I want to make a fashion site that is not just a promotion aggregator (and I should add I'm especially uninterested in tumblr style "street fashion pic of the day" blogs). I'm surprised/pleased to find that The Genteel kinda represents the sensibility I'd infuse in a publication..
Be honest. Am I a total dweeb for liking Steam Powered Giraffe, a harmonic, mostly-acoustic folk/Western/doo-wop/barbershop/Lounge band fronted by three ex-mimes/buskers made up as Steampunk robots*?Read more...
Prince Poppycock - when broadcast television gets it right.
Eye update
After viewing this trailer for A Christmas Story 2 you might want to shoot both your eyes out.

09 September 2012

my favorite part of this hard sell... is how often I get my exclusive, sudden, 2-day-only final invitation: image
No idea what they are saying but the bear is Ernest and the mouse is Celestine, it's loosely based on children's books and yet another strange economy using teeth.
Now I want to find these books and think about just how odd teeth are.Read more...
I didn't know there were wild rabbits in Kensington Gardens But we were there yesterday and it seems so.
Happy Birthday Goshling and LoriFla!

08 September 2012

A whole bunch of Obama pics from the White House staff photographer.
Down vest? So, I'm drooling over the winter catalogs looking at coats & wondering why anyone would want to wear a down vest in lieu of a down jacket. Don't your arms get cold?
Why, Amazon? Why? [weird online payment scenario]
Weekend plans! Post 'em if you got 'em.

07 September 2012

Star Trek! OMG! - Click all the things!
Weekend Tunes What's catching your ears this weekend, MeCha?
Baby bunneh song... For when you need a bunneh chaser.
Gone for Awhile We are leaving on a road trip Read more...
Photo Friday: Hats Wacky or normal or in-between, but preferably wacky, in honor of the US political conventions that just ended this week.
Fruitless contention I started my internet career hanging out in tech circles and eventually found the arguments to involve too much fruitless contention. I segued to another site we're all familiar with and eventually found the arguments to involve too much fruitless contention (not to mention extreme anger).Read more...

06 September 2012

Who's your role model? Do you have a role model? Jill Biden's intro made me think about this. Someone who you look at and think "I'd like to have a profile like hers/his." Someone who gives you ideas about ways to handle various situations, how to maintain grace under fire, or just inspiration for a fun way to live?
Spac! From Star Wars! A few of these misidentified pics cracked me up.

05 September 2012

Weight Loss Simulator Have fun making simulated people fat, then skinny, then fat again! Read more...
Happy Birthday Jessamyn!
OMG MONEY BUNNY! trigger warning: animated bunny poops pennies

04 September 2012

This is a post for Boring Postcards... I heard the song "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" on the college radio station tonight and immediately thought of you.

How're things, BP?

How're things, Metachatters?
Your Favorite DIsh I want your favorite dish. Interpret this as widely as you like. Assume money is not an object, but know if it costs more than $25 I won't actual eat it.

Please show your work.
Paging: Cold Chef... Pick Up on Aisle 32,794... and hopefully the least grim pick up of the year...
Prepare to overdose on teh kyoot.
New sidebar art! It's another single-photographer sidebar, this time with pics by mygothlaundry. Thanks, MGL!
I probably should have checked the "actual capsule size" graphic on my supplements before making a decision to buy them. Bleh, horse pills filled with unpleasant-smelling herbs.

03 September 2012

Hear the new St Vincent/David Byrne album in it's entirety at NPR. I'm liking this one a lot!

02 September 2012

So who's been watching Project Runway? Spoilers inside
"How's your weekend going?" Multi-point update

01 September 2012

Primary photography on the video is DONE. Here's a photo of the very last shot on set It might have been 12 hours door to door, I might have had to re-do the concept on the fly, but I got enough video to begin editing soon.
San Francisco: photos from 2010 merged with photos taken after the 1906 earthquake. I find this one especially moving and eerie.
Axolotls have the unique ability to regenerate most body parts. In a period of months, they can grow entire new limbs and even portions of the brain and spine.Read more...