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Archives for: June 2012

30 June 2012

Song is stuck in my head. And therefore I will share.
Hey Metachat, whatcha eatin? Weekend dinner plans?

This wolf picture is from a recent zoo visit. I titled it, "Do Sleeping Wolves Dream of Electric Elk?" I liked this one too.
Happy Birthday, Twiggy37 (now)
Finally got to see Moonrise Kingdom last night. Loved it and I'm not really a big Wes Anderson fan. Seen any good movies lately? Or going to see any (in air-conditioned theaters) this weekend?Read more...
Home espresso machine conundrum

29 June 2012

Lacquer Love (an Etsy shop) - I had no idea you could get pre-painted nails. I guess they could come in handy if you're lazy or want a cool design.
Summertime Corn Question Inside:
The next time you place your order, don't forget to say, "No Anchovies, Please."
Photo Friday: Hot

28 June 2012

Seven Kittens - still clumsy
Trilby looks out on the world I'm not a good photographer at all, but occasionally I luck out and take a reasonably nice shot.
I think the MetaChat Mansion should be a man-made, floating island.
I Call a 3-Point Update 1. Got a spam email from the account of an old acquaintance whom I have not seen or talked to in 10 years.Read more...
influence as power I've long been really turned off by asymmetric beef on twitter (people with a lot of followers calling out or retweeting random low-influence people they're arguing with, causing the target to get accosted by the ire of a loyal crowd)Read more...

27 June 2012

The Stanley Cup at the Beach Apparently a few of the LA Kings live at the beach, so they gave the Cup a parade down the Strand in Hermosa Beach. Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Hot, suggested by fancyoats

26 June 2012

Any opinions about Huddler?
Collisions of colored droplets, shot on video 200x slower than real-time.
Whistler's Mother This Made Me Laugh
Q-Tip - "ManWomanBoogie" [youtube] so good.

25 June 2012

I miss you! i've been offline and so, so busy, living on the road, fighting courts and the Man. Tell me about you. How are you? Will jonmc give me Lone Justice? Will gaspode tell me about Goyte on Triple J? Will jokeefe give me cast recordings?
House Rules.
baking help! Argh, I have a recipe that calls for half a pound of sugar, but I don't have a kitchen scale. Anyone have any idea how much that is in cups? Regular sugar.
So Metachat, whatcha readin?
Monday 3 point update! Tell us your plans for the week. Read more...

24 June 2012

Tiny Pencil Carvings This is from a couple of years ago so maybe you've already seen it. But I just came across this and for some reason these little carvings please me immensely. Read more...

23 June 2012

Ever heard a story about abandoned convenience stores prior to 9-11? Someone told me the other day that numerous convenience stores in Arkansas owned by Middle Easterners or Muslims were abandoned in the days prior to 9-11.Read more...

22 June 2012

Looking for a quick favor. Anyone with decent photoshop skills and a few spare minutes willing to mock me up a quick and dirty piece? You may be able to help me get on the Doug Loves Movies podcast!Read more...
Bring your p(o)et to work day. Apparently, it's bring your pet to work day. For those who (like me) failed to heed the call, let's bring our poets to work instead. Or if you prefer, bring your pet!Read more...
Photo Friday: The letter 'H'

21 June 2012

OMG! MEFIBUNNY! Could this be the first step toward the Bunny replacing the Kitty as Mascot of Internet Kyootness? I hope so.
Cross-stitching, like tattoos, should never include names This morning at Value Village I saw a cross-stitch depicting pink roses and ribbons and blue birds and featuring the words, "James and Amy, United in Love August 16, 2003." Do you suppose James and Amy got tired of the cross-stitch or that they are no longer united in love?
I be married!
"Blinded Me With Science" - photos from the science world.
A Bevy of Swans Thought you all might like to see this cross-stitched swan cushion I finished last night. You might also like to have a look at my collection of swan stuff that I've been building for several years now and see I've never posted. Read more...
Pretty Eight Machine. Nine Inch Nails songs remixed and recorded as 8-bit chiptunes on 8 different consoles. Mmm. Read more...
Your previous life, according to Wikipedia. Enter your birth date into Google with the word "died" in front of it, for example, "died January 1, 1980." Post the first Wikipedia link that appears in the results to show us who you were in your previous incarnation.Read more...
Happy Birthday, D.C.!
Quick Gmail question

20 June 2012

Stand alone movie quotes Do you have any particular favourite bits of movie dialogue that for you, just never stop being funny, and that you quote to yourself every now and then and then laugh inordinately?
may I solicit a hug please?
Photo Friday Advance: The Letter 'H', suggested by gomichild
Free association (with purchase of assoc. of equal/lesser value) What's the first word that pops into your mind when you...Read more...

19 June 2012

TMTOTH. And yet, bookmarked by all...%)
Your Film Festival on youtube. You may want to run for groceries first.
Los Angeles in the 1940s- beautiful photos by Ansel Adams.

18 June 2012

Local Bunny Drama! I just hope the 'college-age man' wasn't a member of our Championship Concrete Canoe Team. Dont'cha love it when most of the local news is wacky?
The Fug Girls Recap Dallas Reloaded I started reading this, decided it was a popcorn read, made some popcorn, and then nearly choked to death because eating popcorn and laughing hysterically don't mix any better than drinking and driving. Anyway, read this, but sans popcorn.
Hunting ivory netsuke carvers: "nearly all Japanese people have figurines, anime or cartoon characters hanging from their mobile phones — for the most part without realizing they are in their mass-produced, contemporary way keeping alive the nation's netsuke tradition."

17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day MetaDads!!
Tell us about your special day.

16 June 2012

The bombing has begun!
Scenes from the Class Struggle in Asturias being a short youtube video of Spanish miners attacking cops with slingshots and rockets.

15 June 2012

Post your pics as MetaChat's sidebar art! As discussed earlier, I'd like to try letting a few of our resident photogs and artists "curate" the sidebar art, in addition to our usual "shuffle" style of posting new images. This is open to absolutely everyone here, so if you think you'd be interested check out the details and sign up in this thread.Read more...
What would you do with ~2 cups of over-ripe cherry tomatoes? I bought a bunch at CostCo a few weeks back, and they've gone soft on me. Read more...
It's my birthday today! And so far it has been fabulous.
Angiogram today. It should be fairly routine, a stent here and a plasty there. I expect to be back sometime after 6 pm local.
Photo Friday: Semicircles

14 June 2012

Who knew vagina is so offensive! God forbid if a penis enters in to the picture...
Cornbread: Should it be sweet, or not?
More cool animation (dare I do this twice in one day?) with a girl who may be the World's Worst Bookseller, but a Pretty Good Storyteller (in Dutch with English subtitles). And there is a bunny.
OMG! NOIR BUNNY! (also contains a Clown, a Stripper, an Astronaut, a Tea Party and That Famous AskMe)

13 June 2012

Patti : A Film by Haley Webb A recreation of Patti Smith's performance on Saturday Night live.
Photo Friday Advance: Semicircles, suggested by julen
And it was during that time that something caught my eye… I don’t know why, I think it was the way she looked; she had these teeth that were kind of different, kind of big and maybe a bit uneven, but did she care—hell no…Read more...
MetaFilter-colored business cards were tempting, but I didn't have a portrait photo handy. Maybe next time.
Happy Birthday, rmless2!

12 June 2012

What do the instructions say?

11 June 2012

UK Ice Cream Brawl (swearing, NSFW-ish) Mr. Yummy vs. Mr. Whippy -- IT'S ON!!!
Party at the Hilton Garden Inn at 8pm tonight. Fort Wayne, Indiana.
I made the local news but they can't run it until tomorrow. La cagada es hitting the fan.
in the song Glad You Came by The Wanted, The second verse goes:

You cast a spell on me, spell on me
You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me
And I decided you look well on me, well on me
So let's go somewhere no one else can see, you and me

10 June 2012

Bunny Show Jumping. Do I need to add a 'OMG"?
How, in the hell, do you get rid of Malware? Read more...
JudgeMe In which we post a personal case of something that can be perceived as either cool or a bit pathetic.Read more...

09 June 2012

NPR: Failing And Flying by Jack Gilbert. was going through my blog drafts and found this extraordinary poem lying around from summer '09 read by NPR a couple months ago
years of contract work has left my entrepreneurial skills in decay. I'm trying to do a couple self driven projects and my brain is balking at the effort of making dozens of decisions every day about crafting the nature of the sites in questionRead more...
I really want to play Magic with people Seriously, I really want to play. There's a store by me where people play all the time, but then I have to hope somebody is actually there.

I just want to get my nerd on.

08 June 2012

Mister Rogers Remixed: Garden Of Your Mind. This is just beautiful. It samples shows that aired long after I watched him in the 70s, but it's a wonderful capsule of his philosophy which he tried to pass on to the children watching his show. I know I for one would not be who I am today without Fred Rogers.Read more...
never go into a movie with high expectations (no spoilers) Read more...
"Black Cat" by Brian Augur & The Trinity A groovy song from 1968 with a SUPER cool video.
What's going on this weekend?
Photo Friday: Assignment: Photojournalism

07 June 2012

Send me musicals Soundtracks, please. All of them.
AskMeCha: What can I do with this dip?
U.S. bunnies or bunnies who have visited the States, share your visited states map in this thread. Read more...
Etsy and its symbiotic twin Last night I finally finished a critique I was writing about Etsy for my web site. And of course I couldn't talk about Etsy without discussing Regretsy.Read more...
I need a shouting thread

06 June 2012

It is time.
Photo Friday Advance: Assignment, photojournalism; suggested by rainbaby (I honestly have no idea what this means, exactly. Perhaps rainbaby will come inside and expound on the idea)
Yesterday's Transit of Venus lead to a meandering conversation that reminded me that this song exists. Read more...

05 June 2012

Another stellar specimen of manhood As soon as I saw this I clicked straight over to MetaChat to share it with you all.Read more...
where my Garbage fans at look at this black & white video of them rehearsing 'Blood for Poppies'. (looks like Shirley Manson has the genetics to continue being a viable a crush well into my later adulthood, lol)
Potential Mecha Mansion? It sure looks nice, and apparently, it's unused. (via fact and a photo - one of my favourite tumblr's)
Happy 65th birthday, Laurie Anderson
A live, lip-dub marriage proposal. The most awesome thing about this video, besides the obvious love that all these people have for the couple involved, is the reverse camera showing the woman's face as everything unfolds before her. Just awesome.

04 June 2012

Ugly and stupid They kicked me out for asking for water, because the bimbo dating the boss thinks she owns the place now.
Homophobic joke goes awry for Beat I don't know if everybody will find this piece as interesting as I did, but this is really something. It's not about the joke as much as the reaction.Read more...
Shanghai Stock Market Echo of Tiananmen Date Sets Off Censors "The broad index of the Shanghai exchange fell 64.89 points on Monday, a figure that recalls the Tiananmen Square events on June 4, 1989. In another unusual development, the index opened on Monday at 2346.98. a figure that, to some, looked like the date of the crackdown written backward, followed by the 23rd anniversary."
Shit! Fuck! OMG! Spider warning.

03 June 2012

Is this the most awesome possible fried egg sandwich? My tweaks: fat free Pepper Jack cheese, small amount of vegan style mayo on the bread, and letting the cheese melt on the eggs. And free range eggs.
how to alphabetize pseudonyms? is it meaningful to split out the second word from a pseudonym that's not a surname?Read more...
Msuic requests:
Happy Birthday Jason's_Planet!

02 June 2012

Your first crush: how painful was it for him/her?? Read more...
DEVO on the show "Fridays" playing "Jerkin' Back And Forth"(1981). I saw this the night it aired, when I was 16 and already a ginormous DEVO fan. It blew my tiny little mind. Read more...

01 June 2012

saw a siri joke on twitter which reminded me of a memorable NYT comment nyt commentRead more...
What aren't you doing this weekend? This is the post where you post your completely made-up weekend plans. Again.
Photo Friday: Tools, hardware, and machinery
Happy Birthday Lassie!
Abstinence for two months starting yesterday. I may make it three. Quitting smoking on July 1st.