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09 February 2012

Mindful Eating I really liked this article. Much food for thought, and I really don't mean that as a pun. I usually do rush through meals - I think I'm enjoying the food, but am I really?
you have to admit there's a cloying vibe to this whole article, lol. But I've come along in my gustatory and social appreciation of food in the last few years though. I think cooking oneself [to feed others] adds a whole new dimension to it.
posted by Firas 10 February | 06:25
This was part pf my new year's resolution. My eating habits had devolved into sitting on the couch with food in one hand and something else to do in the other.

That's why I resolved to reclaim the table. So far, I've succeeded. I have the enjoyment of a new table decoration each week. I light candles and try to pause and delight in the luxury of having a roof over my head, more than enough to eat and a few people who care about me.

The mindful eating ties in to the concept that your taste buds don't sense flavors as keenly after the initial several bites. Taking time to appreciate the elements and effort combined in a meal is a way of honoring those who were involved in growing, transporting, preparing and even creating the infrastructure intwined in our meals. Sorry - Very woowoo.

I'm hoping that by taking the time to sit and eat and contemplate I will be able to find peace and acceptance about my life. Plus I find portion control and the quality of calories consumed are better when the meal is a mini event.
posted by mightshould 10 February | 07:24
I liked it too. FYI it dovetails with a really helpful book (which includes some self hypnosis that actually works) called I Can Make You Thin. It is incredibly powerful to eat slowly and DO NOTHING ELSE. It is also tough so I liked this article's suggestion of starting slowly in terms of how often up front you try to do it.

posted by bearwife 10 February | 11:57
dutch cartoon
A woman visits the psychiatrist.
Woman: "I practice mindful pooping. When the moment arrives I will sit down mindfully on the toilet and concentrate on the process."
Psychiatrist: "Mindfulness has been bled dry by now. Time for a new hype."
posted by jouke 10 February | 13:04
That's a cool resolution, mightshould.
posted by Miko 10 February | 18:01
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