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Archives for: February 2012

29 February 2012

A sampling of personality Tonight I was buying paint samples at Home Depot.Read more...
There goes any chance of a reunion: Monkees lead singer Davy Jones has died.
Photo Friday Advance: Work, suggested by fancyoats
What did I miss? Sorry guys, had to step out for a minute...Read more...

28 February 2012

"The Flawed Symmetry of Prediction" is a gorgeous stop-motion video made with DSLR cameras. The sound editing is part of what makes it so excellent.
What songs do you like to sing? Without any recording playing in the background that is. Like f.i. under the shower.
The Lutheran Insulter Let Martin help you give the burn.
Um, hi. This is a nervous post. I'm having wrist surgery on Thursday to remove a ganglion cyst that will. not. go. away. Read more...

27 February 2012

I have been waiting since 2008 to give you all an update on this post So I had three Very Big Bad Things Going on in December 2008, all of which could have destroyed me financially. The good news is none of them destroyed me.Read more...
Neature Walk. Yootoob of a nature walk that's pretty neat.
OMG! Bunny emoticon!

Courtesy of my Bear.
Downton Tabby I wish the person would watch TV shows that have more depth and substance, like this one.
No means no Маркиз (Marquis) the cat really means it, too.
We are living in the future You can see profiles of the people on your flight and choose who to sit next to.Read more...
Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why exploring space still matters on NPR, or why I think NdGT should be President, or at least the President's science adviser. Read more...
so I've been researching the Israel-Palestine issue a bit and I have stumbled into the strangest wormhole. Just in case you wanted to know, here's an interactive layout to finding out if your apocalypse-inducing Red Heifer is appropriate.

26 February 2012

Cooking with Poo. The Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year shortlist.
Ooooh my Gawd. Did she really say "He was an alcoholic and had only one foot" ? Was she kidding? I don't watch the Academy Awards, but I had just turned off streaming Downton Abbey and there it was. I was mortified for her. Horrified.Read more...
Is it just me or are the Oscars especially painful this year? Billy Crystal is flat and shticky and the whole thing seems sort of tired.
I'm only doing this because almost nobody else is posting anything today
Anyone know of any fun/harmless pranks (for a shared computer) that I could load onto other users' Start Menus, toolbars, or desktops? Read more...
"Other People's Heartache" is a free mixtape by someone named Bastille. I don't know if that's a solo artist or a band, but the music is smoky, mellow, and very late-night. It includes a Lana Del Rey cover, some classical vibes from Samuel Barber, and a sample from Requiem For A Dream. David Lynch and Kronos Quartet also appear in the credits. Nice.

25 February 2012

What's your favorite one hit wonder?
What is it like to be part of a "fandom"? I was intrigued by this question on AskMetafilter.Read more...

24 February 2012

What are your 5 favorite movies ever? I love so many movies it's hard for me to pick favorites, but when I get right down to it, I think these are my absolute faves:
Theory of mind It's a complicated subject. How much do you assume you know how people think or that people think like you? And why?Read more...
Real or fake? I am undecided. Still, hilariously terrible facebook drama, either way.
Whatcha doin' this weekend?
Crazy time-lapse photos of fireflies (or as we call them in Georgia, lightning bugs).
Photo Friday: Time Machine. To honor the sixth anniversary of Photo Friday, post the photo you took closest to six years ago to the time of your post. Alternatively, post a photo embodying the idea of a time machine.

23 February 2012

So I want to have a web site. I know the basics: register a domain, find some hosting. I'd like some help going through the myriad of choices. Some Read more...
Updates for the curious: the ongoing drama that is only going to intensifyRead more...
Amalia Pica's Venn Diagram - In the 1970s in Argentina, Venn diagrams were banned from primary school curricula as they were considered to encourage subversive thought. Read more...
The Post in Which I Get to ...

22 February 2012

Miss Piggy Does the BAFTAs Miss Piggy interviews the (other) big stars at the BAFTAs. My favourite bit is an exchange with Jon Hamm at 1:18.
Do you think it's weird for a stranger to kiss your dog? I was at the dog park with my girlfriend and our dog and I kissed some strangers' dogs. My girlfriend thought that was weird and embarrassing.Read more...
Do you like the cartoons in The New Yorker magazine? Of course you do. Everyone does. Email me your real name, screen name and mailing address and I will mail you a random cartoon. And maybe a recipe. Or a story by David Sedaris. Bottom line: I will send you something torn out of a magazine. And who doesn't like random mail? Email in the profile.
SMASH on NBC. Who's watching? Who's into it? Who's not?Read more...
Legoflex, model B1 camera. "My project was to make a fully functional Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR) using 120-film out of LEGO bricks."
People can be good. I've seen two things in the past week that have made me think about how nice people can be. What about you?Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Time Machine! In honor of the 6th anniversary of Photo Friday we're going back in time...Read more...
The Rolling Stones' photo shoot in 1968, intended for the cover of Beggar's Banquet, is the subject of a 7-minute documentary by Mick's brother, Chris Jagger.
"I'm not shallow. I love horses ...and flowers." Madonna and her daughter Lola talk as part of the Material Girl reality show/talent search thing.

21 February 2012

44 songs about 44 presidents. Some fun and weird songs a day late for president's day.
Paulo Coelho - Love him, hate him, or indifferent?
How does a regular person afford to fly anywhere???? Read more...
Maddie On Things. Photographer travels around the US with his dog Maddie, and lets her stand on things.

20 February 2012

Happy Birfday, TheDonF! Yaaaaay birthday whuffles galore!
Monday holiday (for some of us). Our HR department decided that we weren't responsible enough to pick our own floating holidays so they've picked them for us. Seriously, the company calendar says "Feb 20 - Floating Holiday". Any other bunnies off today?
A stack of books over three stories tall, all about Abraham Lincoln. Actually it's a new sculpture in Washington, DC, and it looks really cool.

19 February 2012

Sherlockology Perfect for people who want the wallpaper at 221B Baker Street or his Spencer Hart suits.
Sunday night three-"oy" update. What are your oys?
Someone make this cake and then invite me over. Thanks in advance.
I have been watching some Hitchens and anti-Hitchens responses on youtube and my rehabilitating my opinion of him (earlier seriously damaged by his pro-war stance)Read more...
RUSH meets Joan Fucking Jett and the Runaways. I'm posting this just to see how Ardiril's heart's doing these days.
"Sacrificial Dance" A beautiful dance interpretation of part of Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring."

18 February 2012

Pet Anteater! (How does that even work? I see much potential for destruction.) But wow, cute.
Is there a neighborhood, anywhere, that you consider an ideal place to live? What neighborhood (or city) stands out for you as a place where you could have a really nice life? What in particular makes it special?Read more...
OMG! loiseau's birthday was yesterday the 17th?!!!? Happy after birthday glow!

17 February 2012

The Images On/Off Thingie You know the images on/off thing in the top navbar? Do we really still need it? Read more...
Weekend plans?
Photo Friday: The Sky

16 February 2012

If you were sitting on a jury in a criminal case, would it bother you ... if the defense attorney was wearing a tie with a super hero on it?Read more...
Happy birthday terrapin!
Consensus needed: Does this pin imply being gay?

15 February 2012

Photo Friday Advance: The sky, suggested by iconomy
Tape Cassette Inserts on Flickr. No Super Avalons though.
Biblomancy - take the book nearest to you and ask a question. The first sentence on page 84 will tell you the answer. Read more...
Happy Birthday Scody!

14 February 2012

Almost road kill.... I got hit by a car tonight. There's no real damage done, but of course there is a story. And here it is.Read more...
Bachelor No. 837,653.3 I've received yet another dazzling overture from a Lava Lad. In honour of VD, I'm going to tell you about it.Read more...
Let's make a Valentine's playlist!
Love Train - The O'Jays
Love Gun - Cee Lo Green
Love Doctor - Millie Jackson
Love Hangover - The Associates
Love, Love Alone - The Jody Grind

Add some of your own! (They can be YouTube, Soundcloud, MP3, whatever)
Secret valentines! I hope, I hope. Two tests, snow, I'm already late, but I have been celebrating the return of the comedy.
Biting, dark, evil comedy, but I have missed the funny for a while now.
Happy Birthday pjern!

13 February 2012

It's Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month! With obligatory references to Binkies (little hop-spins and kicks they do when they're happy), bunny flops (flopping over and playing dead) and bunny 500s (think the Indy 500, but with bunnies).
Photo Hosting These Days? I am pretty much married to Flickr, for good or bad, butRead more...

12 February 2012

Really fun. Slo-mo waterballoon to the face -- 'nuff said. Of course nothing can top Clouseau vs. Cato.

11 February 2012

True tales of email misadventure: So here's an odd storyRead more...
Whitney Houston passed away... I am stunned. We have all had our trials and tribulations, but this is such a shame and a tragic waste of an amazing voice. RIP Ms. Houston.
IT mechazens anyone use amazon ec2? I just started using it today it's kinda crazy, seems there's almost no reason to have a shared hosting account for things like wordpress etc. when you can just spin servers up on this.
This Is My Jam! is a site where you can share your favorite song of the moment. And it's a lot of fun. Read more...

10 February 2012

Yana Payusova makes wonderful pictures in mixed media. Recurring themes are childhood and memory. I love the use of Russian icon design in her series about teen boys in prison.
What should I watch? I am sooo tired after two long days I can't even pick a netflix! Will you recommend something for me? I like subtitles, "indy", old, etc.
Valentine's Day Dinner at The Waffle House! People on my FB stream are passing this around to mock it. But I'm on record now as saying: if anyone wants to take me to Waffle House for Valentine's, I'm in!
Photo Friday addendum Some work from our own pjern, featured on Mental Floss
How To Make Love According To Gordon Ramsey (Possibly NSFW)
Ask MeCha : Computer techies, is this all I need? Read more...
Photo Friday: Autumn Colors

09 February 2012

Wanted: sane mom network Is there a site or something of sensible mothers?Read more...
Mindful Eating I really liked this article. Much food for thought, and I really don't mean that as a pun. I usually do rush through meals - I think I'm enjoying the food, but am I really?
Horse_eBookmarklet If the internet is just not doing it for you, try
Furzday free-point update
Dear Metachat. I have come to deliver this bunny. That is all.
Thomas Quasthoff sings "Der Leiermann" from Franz Schubert's song cycle "Die Winterreise".Read more...
We all die someday. We all want to love someone. I love a good love story and I love stories that tell of deaths as good as death can be.

"and they're all crying" Not me. No way.

Telling his story at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen.
Rachel Flowers was born on December 21, 1993. She was born 15 weeks premature and weighed only 1 pound 5 ounces. Rachel is blind.

Click the link (SLYT) to learn what makes her special, though. Read more...

08 February 2012

Photo Friday Advance: Autumn colors, suggested by pjern
Happy Birthday BoringPostcards!
easy prepared seafood is my [scarface voice] new friend in my resurgent health kick. A fair amount of tuna so far but now I've added shrimp to the rotation. Basically trying to stay off the rice & other carbs, and actually marinating / quickly cooking other meat is for non-lazy people

07 February 2012

I've been getting so mad when people don't hear a word I've said Read more...
A new euphamism! First there was grilled cheese sandwiches, now there's ice cream cones.

(I'm all for strip clubs, but this couple sounds like they have other problems...)
Hey, you clever crafty people, how would you go about making something like this?
Good little Robin Hood. That's the spirit. “I ran over to check and he was [inside the arcade claw game] passing toys out [to other kids] and eating some of the lollies.”

06 February 2012

It's done! Well, sort of. Some of you have heard me whining about the drama we have had building our house over the past few years.Read more...
post by: dg at: 16:43 | 28 comments
Favorite SuperBowl ad? This was definitely mine. Followed closely by the VW ad with the dog getting in shape.
You are listening to: Atlanta. Houston. Los Angeles. Or about a dozen other cities. This site plays live police radio chatter and an overlay of soundtrack-like ambient music, creating a sort of eerie but fascinating effect.

05 February 2012

A mind-blowing 2D image you'd swear is a sculpt, action figure, or person: 'the Flash Noir' created in the 3D modeling program ZBrush by artist Christopher Brändström ( From the forum at ZBrush Central, home of more amazements than you'd care to shake a stick at.
What was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread?
Sunday 3-point update
My husband's new band needs a better name. Can you help, bunnies?Read more...

04 February 2012

Happy Birthday Stewriffic!!

03 February 2012

So let's talk about culture gaps. This has been percolating in my brain off and on for a couple of months (and the MI will extrapolate), but the main question for you MeCha folks is: who/what are the culture gaps you feel like you need to fill in?Read more...
Gun Distributor, Komen Foundation Team Up To Sell Pink Handgun. Planned Parenthood is out, but the NRA is on it's way in?
Update on this poster post… So, I have still not managed to get my invincible Summer poster.Read more...
Signal to Noise: A beautiful time-lapse video/animation shot at the Very Large Array in Socorro, New Mexico; one of the largest Radio Astronomy Observatories in the world.
Photo Friday: Eyes are the windows to the soul

02 February 2012

ROTFL! Decided to import my Sir Arthur Sullivan CD to iTunes. Guess what "genre" it is.Read more...
First world problems, vol 6459327: finding a cleaner
What do you always find under the bed?

01 February 2012

I'm not comfortable with the way abortion rights gets framed as a women vs men issue when it gets into intense situations. Maybe it's just the historical frame in US politics rather the only theoretical conceptualization of this issue?Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Eyes are windows to the soul, suggested by BoringPostcards
Hump Day 3-point update.
Best Street Art of 2011 Not sure if this was posted already. There's some pretty amazing creativity on display here.
So yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of my arrival in the USA. I had a super busy day yesterday, but today it looks like I might just have a half day of work. I feel like doing something to mark the occasion. (Something low-key and quick.) Maybe go get some apple pie? Heh. I dunno. Ideas?Read more...