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Archives for: January 2012

31 January 2012

Mr. Beer dropped by today
New sidebar art! Thanks to our photographers pjern, bluesapphires, gomichild, Senyar, and chococat! Read more...
Talk to me about pasta salad As in, give me your recipes. I'm looking for something classic (though one where I could cut the mayo with greek yogurt would be good), simple, tasty.
Paintings of fruit, by Dennis Wojtkiewicz These aren't still-lifes of fruit in bowls, but huge images of slices of fruit, lit like stained-glass windows.

30 January 2012

A letter written in 1865 from a former slave to his old master, who had contacted him and asked if he'd be interested in coming back to work for him.
Go Rally Squirrel, Go! I don't know what I'd do with it, but I want this baseball card.
This really was kinda life-changing although it got a little silly at the end. Still, I'll never again want for a pants cuff cinch when I bike. Cool.

29 January 2012

The Song of Loving Kindness. Listening to music today, and this song by Gary Bartz came up on shuffle. It's a song that made it to the playlist for my wedding reception last year. Thank you to my brother for giving this to me.
Rare Color Photographs From Depression-Era America. Since I don't share my crappy modern era photographs so much anymore, I thought I'd share some good ones from a bygone time.
skeptical accomodation of religion so I'm reading my Burke (ok, just looking up a quote) and come across this paragraphRead more...
"our taxi driver told us he had paid 30 pigs for his second wife. This made me realise what a bargain Danielle had been."

28 January 2012

The Flower. A common-sense message, and also a cool animation.
Semi-related to the previous post, I've never been happy with the results of avatar creating widgets (I just do not 'Simpsonize' well), but the Pocoyo creator suits me to a (cute)T. So I dare you, bunnies, POCOYIZE YO'SELVES!
Profile photos. Who are you?
In which The Whelk has another very detailed, melancholy dream This time about a job that doesn't exist, but may in the future....

27 January 2012

Help me get through this. My cousin's wife just had a baby.Read more...
Before the Snuggie and the Slanket was the Bunny Sleeper!
Show us your Desks! MeTalk is off on a desk showing binge, why not here too?

Last Book discussion on Dr. Hungerford's list for the Year Is March 16 a good day for everyyone to discuss Everythhiing Is Illuminated? I love this book and have already led 2 discussions on it.
The Night Watch It's been approximately 4 years or so since I've pulled an all-nighter...Read more...
Photo Friday: The Letter "E" Thanks to gomichild!

26 January 2012

OhMyFreakinStarsNGarters Hope Me. Anyone 'puter savvy want a challenge? Like, a Chinese boxes-in-boxes puzzle? I don't know where to start. Computer is buggy in freaky ways.Read more...
A 64 megapixel (8000 x 8000) image of the earth from space. You can see a smaller version of it here, which has a link to the full HD image. Wow.
Name (These) Tunes! No theme. Plenty for everyone!

25 January 2012

OMG, BANANA BUNNY! (well, that's another one of my New Year's Resolutions broken)
Photo Friday Advance: This week's Photo Friday will be brought to you by the letter E - elephants, eagles, envelopes, and everything else starting with the letter E. Suggested by gomichild.
Menos Luiza, que está no Canadá And with that one little throwaway line, an Internet meme is born (in Portuguese).

The original
What did you think of the President's SOTU speech? Total Obamaphile here so interested in what others thought.

24 January 2012

First Watch: Kate Bush's Shadow Play. Thank you All Songs Considered.
Regretsy comments on an Etsy "artiste" This Regretsy post, which mocks an Etsy interview with one of Etsy’s “featured artists”, had me laughing especially hard. I desperately hope no one finds me as pretentious and fatuous as “Sartoria” about the things I make, though in my defense I will I never yet made a pair of cashmere briefs.
Tuesday Three Point Status Update
"Book Club: A Web Series For Bibliophiles" - Is this the future of sitcom production? If so, I approve. (average episode length: 6 minutes)

23 January 2012 A fun, quick writing exercise. Post your results here?Read more...
The Ugly Dance Oh the things I do to my poor kitty cat ... But I think aerobic + grease is my favorite
Year of the Black Water Dragon I so should have had the day off. It is so much more significant a holiday for so many more people than hegemonic avatar's co-opted birthday holiday. It's everybody's birthday!

22 January 2012

Fellow dropbox users:
Photo of the Day: Andy Warhol shopping for Campbells soup cans before he was famous.
Corgi Puppies in Pajamas Cute is easy to find on the internet but this deserves a new category.
Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story I just saw this documentary. What always strikes me is how long these people have been around.Read more...
*siiigh* Sixteen tons and whaddaya get?

21 January 2012

Car radio weirdness. Anyone have any theory as to why I can hear the local NPR station perfectly fine in my car when I'm driving and parking and turning off the ignition, but it becomes static when I turn the car back on? I have to move off the station and then go back to it, at which point it comes in loud and clear. Digital radio, 2005 car. No problem with any other station, as far as I know.
I am no computer whiz, but I am frequently hailed a conquerer of All Things Internet The flipside is, that whenever anything goes wrong, I am the first helpdesk called.

20 January 2012

This music video keeps making me cry. 'Hood,' by Perfume Genius. It's a gorgeous song, and singer Mike Hadreas has such an amazingly expressive face. The song is less than 2 minutes long, but it's astounding.
2012 Puppy-Bowl lineup announced! Included are handy links to each puppy's rescue/adoption organization. I want to snorgle Augusta and Lucie like whoa.
MeTa Book Club Discusses The Known World What did you think of it and the Professor Hungerford lectures?
Apparently teaching respect for other cultures amounts to "racial hatred" and is in violation of Arizona's statewide ban against ethnic studies.
Who's the gorgeous guy at 1:10 of the Today show video entitled "Gingrich slams media at GOP debate"?
I almost pity you but not quite but kind of. There must be a word for this, it's such a common experience.Read more...
Photo Friday: Mystic

19 January 2012

Goddamned Initiative. How does it initiate shit?

Is it like, through sheer force of will, you do what needs done? But that's called willpower. I dunno, man.

Maybe it's more like the ability to TELL what needs done? In enough detail that you can actually do it with your own two hands, or tongue if applicable.
AutoSave question (not worth an Ask MeFi post)
Musical Distractions: 42 tracks by Orbital - streaming online, on Soundcloud. Browse by sets to hear complete EPs or samples of albums, or listen to all the tracks in the order they were uploaded.
WAT: A lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt from CodeMash 2012 for my mecha coders and codephiles, a 4minute presentation that is laugh-out-loud funny. I have.. no idea how he managed to make syntax issues hilarious
Beverage Inspiration we have once-monthly birthday party lunches at work and I always end up bringing beverages.Read more...
Fallingwater: a really cool animated tour of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home.
Shit New Yorkers Say Featuring Mefi's own hermitosis as an extra.
“Next time in America I think we will beat all the teams.” Uganda's dream of becoming the first African team to play in the Little League World Series was shattered last year over visa problems. But now a little bit of the World Series has come to them.

18 January 2012

Ginger-Molasses Skillet Cake. Damn, this looks good, and easy too:

This was a fast and easy undertaking. I think searching for my molasses in the pantry took me the longest. This batter was finished just as my oven came to temperature.

(Scroll down for the recipe, past all the great bird photos.)
Photo Friday Advance: Mystic, suggested by rainbaby
We have BBC America now!
Humpday 3-point update
Since the world drifts into delirium, we must adopt a delirious point of view. Some wonderful, wonderful drawings by French artist Moebius. I've always liked his work ever since seeing it in Heavy Metal in the 70s. Of this bunch, this one's probably my favorite.
Follow up to yesterday: What are you reading right now? Do you recommend it/them?Read more...

17 January 2012

Today's worst comment section on the Internet is in the emergency alert section of U Washington's website. ASCII pot leaf? Check. Ad from ambulance-chasing law firm? Check. Hundreds and hundreds of complains and veiled threats for the picking.
Has anyone upgraded phones through Amazon? The deals look fantastic, but the next steps made me worry I'd sign up for features I didn't want (and which would cost me buckets more). [Rambling and ranting inside]Read more...
Winter wear Fuzzy hats with ear flaps, arm warmers, leg warmers-- I feel the need to prepare. Shopping tips? I'm somewhat astounded on what one can find. Isn't long underwear just way too warm once you are inside?
Heroes & Villains: a deconstruction of one of the Beach Boys' most unusual songs.Read more...
Have you ever felt hysterically relieved?
Books we read in 2011 Who else keeps a reading list? 2011 was a very low reading year for me in terms of book numbers (thanks a lot, Infinite Jest) and I only read 33 books all year. Read more...
cultural critique is hard I've been trying to articulate an argument lately, and maybe will even write this up, about a class of reviewers having a particular 'stance' towards a genre.Read more...

16 January 2012

Any Downton Abbey fans in the house (upstairs or downstairs)? The Downton Abbey page on Facebook challenged fans to come up with resolutions for the Downton Abbey characters. I had such fun with it I decided to post mine here and solicit yours. Warning: This may get spoiler-y if you aren't up to the minute as to what's gone down at the abbey....

Winter is Finally Here!
A Monday "What's Cooking" thread
Everything Ages Fast - "Vintage" ads for today's social media.

15 January 2012

GRRRRRRRRRR My Wallet Got Stolen This Morning and no nice Samaritan has turned it in. Luckily cancelling bank cards didn't leave me on hold for hours, but still, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


14 January 2012

Bat-Kitty, OMG
(Possibly the cutest kitty you will ever see.)
BROOONNNCCOOOSSSSSS! Are you ready for some football? Post your predictions here!

13 January 2012

OMG! ARCTIC HARE! (or Polar Hare?)
eagle eyed editing skillz so I was glancing at this random paper lying around in the morning, alright, the Hindustan Times from earlier in the week, and I saw they syndicated an NYT piece on the new windows phoneRead more...
Random Acts of Google What on earth does it mean when Google suggests to me at the top of my Gmail page that:

"You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil" Read more...
OMG Bunny! Don't do it!
It's a long-overdue WELCOME NEW USERS thread! Step inside folks, and say hello to the new people who have signed up in the last... quite a long while. Read more...
To counteract the bad luck of Friday the 13th, here are some rabbits' feet, with the rabbits still attached, OF COURSE. (from The Mary Sue, the 'Girl Geek' blog that's better than most 'Boy Geek' blogs, IMO.
In honor of it being Friday and of David Bowie's recent birthday, here are some live clips of Bowie on German television in 1978, with Adrian Belew on guitar:

Beauty & the Beast
Rebel Rebel
Jean Genie
Photo Friday: Day in your life and your immediate surroundings

12 January 2012

Bitch-of-a-day 3-point update
What's it like near your house? What's the closest webcam to you?
A land without waffles? Can this be true? UK bunnies, do you not have waffles in your fine nation? I had no idea and I'm kind of sad now.

11 January 2012

Oh, delicious procrastination Horrible, horrible thing, to have the room to slack until the last possible minute, and incapacitate yourself for it to be so. If I have to read about the scientific method one more time, I may rake someone across the gums for maximum pain. Maybe kneecaps for lasting damage.Read more...
"Falling in Love with the Moon" Russia-based artist Leonid Tishkov and photographer Boris Bendikov have created a fantastical realm illuminated by moonlight. Their creative endeavor entitled Private Moon chronicles the relationship between a man and his discovered moon. Tishkov calls the romanticized installation a "visual poem, telling the story about a man who found the Moon and stayed with her for the rest of his life."

I really like this series.
Photo Friday Advance: Day in your life and your immediate surroundings The mundane and details that pique your interest - thanks to mygothlaundry and jouke
Anyone up for a lyrics challenge? It's been awhile since I posted one. And...look inside for my 4000th comment!Read more...
The world's largest gummy worm. Watching people bite into it made me sort of queasy.

10 January 2012

Carrot Crazy The cutest arms-race ever. Contains bunny, cartoon violence and nature red in tooth and claw.
Nostalgia I started watching Portlandia this weekend, noticed Kyle MacLachlan playing the mayor of Portland... and got to thinking. Twin Peaks! I can't believe anyone ever let David Lynch have a TV show... Read more...
Tuesday 3-Point Status Update!
Viennese diners. Gorgeous photos of these tiny diners (more like hot dog stands) at night.
Oui, Clew-zoe. Inspector Clew-zoe. Minkeys? OMG I just found these Clouseaus and they rock, lol. Read more...
RuPaul works the crowd in a New Hampshire diner: "...a C-SPAN crew rolled up next to the diner in a deluxe campaign bus with the hope of talking to some Regular Americans. Instead, they came across a hoard of freaky and fabulous ones."

09 January 2012

Back to the grind and hopeful distractions Bitch, moan and help fascinate. Back to work? Back to school? Watching Downton Abbey or Project Runway All Stars?Read more...

08 January 2012

this is how I know when something happens in a game I don't even understand, but I share the moment! lol
I'm twitterpated and I need to cut it out and keep my mind on my work. Tell me sternly that I need to do this, please.
Happy 65th birthday to David Bowie. 65 crazy Bowie facts and myths.

07 January 2012

Bunny Caption Competition : What are they saying?

06 January 2012

8 Bit Scatman music video - both the audio and video are 8-bit versions of the original song and musicvideo
4 year old Stella is disappointed by the inaccuracy of this dinosaur toy
"The most aggressively inarticulate generation to come along since, you know, a long time ago."
A poem, read aloud, by Taylor Mali.
Photo Friday: Best of 2011

05 January 2012

The cars of Cuba. Cool as hell photos, found via this article.
Stealth Mountain reminds tweeters that there is a difference between "sneak peek" and "sneak peak"
I prefer the term "Gimpified American" Well, as of last week it finally happened. I am now on medical leave due to my MS, waiting for my disability insurance to kick in. Read more...

04 January 2012

Does this sound like a phishing scam to you? Read more...
Left-wing cat craze takes Israeli cyberspace by storm not to get all Trotskyite but lolcats like these should be the international symbol of the 'left' everywhere. lol
Pet names? What's the best/worst pet name you've ever been called by a sweetheart? Read more...
Photo Friday Advance: Best of 2011 - show us your favorites from last year!
Ask The Whelk Anything On A Train DC to NYC, free wireless, three hour ride, hit me with your best shot.
John Stamos' Guide To Cuddling This Gave Me A Chuckle
Harry Otter (pretty amazing work in an uncommon medium!)
Where's Wall-E? Bonus nerdery - how many robots can you recognise?? And a thousand wuffles to anyone who can ID the small yellow robot with the human face and red bow on the bottom left. It's driving me insane!

03 January 2012

whiiiine Today's staff meeting was even more suck-up-to-the-boss than ever. People say inane things just to please the boss. Little gets accomplished, except the boss thinking that things are getting done, and feeling all happy about the suckuppage and everybody agreeing with him.

The good news is that I have a job, with benefits, and adequate pay. The bad news?Read more...
Carving verbs. If you got a tench, you best scull it.
Kimbra, "Settle Down" A cool pop song with a very... off-kilter music video.

02 January 2012

More AbFab! I haven't even watched it yet, but I have really expensive champagne I'm burping.
The other one died on the 29th. Catch while it lasts, sweetie darling!
Ponderables Every year I am expected to renew my dog's license. She's going to be nine next year. So why is it, every year, I am required to provide proof of spaying?? Is she going to "unspay" herself?Read more...
New sidebar art for a new year! Thanks to our photographers arse_hat, DarkForest and his kids, -t, and shane.
Pony Personality Test. Please do share!
Guinness the cat update! For those keeping up w/ our newly 3-footed feline. Read more...
If you're so smart then YOU find a cat / wombat pair via Google images! In the mean time, happy wombat is happy.

01 January 2012

Best Football Play Of the year? The decade? The entirety of the human race? You decide.
So does anyone make NY resolutions? And if so, wanna share?
I am getting insecure about my lack of well-read-ness. Plus I'm too old to be insecure about silly things but still. I have to address this in a constructive wayRead more...
A 3D model of a Minecraft village, exported directly out of the game world using a modified minecraft.print() script, colored using CAD software, and printed on a Zprinter 650. Read more...
Happy Birthday arse_hat!