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09 September 2011

Harry Winston update fail! no jewelery from them out here yet, just watches [previous thread][More:]

I even managed two dress rehearsals cause I was going on Saturday so I found and ironed my suit jacket then but got late so went to some other stores. Anyway Saturday night is a bad time for this kinda thing for someone with my non-crowed-loving disposition, the staff in stores were just busy trying to manage things. I didn't even like the restaurant at this supposedly upscale place and it was crowded

then I went to some party thingie on Wednesday, and took the jacket with me anyway and it was a good idea

so I hopped in the metro today, called Harry Winston cause I got them in my contacts like that, reiterated that I wanted to see pearl and colored diamond stuff, and is coming in an hour a good time, and asked who I'd be speaking to, THEN he tells me what did you want to look at--timepieces--I'm like no, jewelry (not I've already mentioned what kinda things I want to see a couple times before and they never mentioned that they don't have it). And he says no they don't have any but they can get something if I see it online and I ask none in this store and they say none in India actually for a couple months and I'm like.. how would I know when it launches and he said we haven't made any decisions but we can tell you when it launches and I say okay and bye and they don't ask for email etc so I guess they won't be telling me.

So I'm like forget that then I went to Hermes and got disrespected as the staff leaped to help out Middle Eastern and older customers. They also broke my heart by telling me they don't take any custom orders at this store, so I guess I'll have to do some travelling (not to mention, saving) before I can get custom ordered stuff from them. So basically this was around 5 on Friday and it's a bad time to be shopping too. Weekday afternoons is the right time I think (it was okay though in general I just took your advice in the previous HW thread to not be offended by staff curtness and just was patient and managed to get the little thing I wanted and looked at the big ticket items I wanted to look at)

In conclusion, I'm going to be wearing the suit jacket with my jeans more often.
I'm sorry you weren't able to see what you wanted, but it sounds like you're more comfortable with the process, which is good.
posted by occhiblu 09 September | 22:55
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