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08 June 2011

And I must say interviewing Celine Deon twenty-seven times sounds like an exercise in masochism.
posted by Orange Swan 08 June | 09:41
You know that's a spoof, right? I doubt she really interviewed her 27 times.
posted by amro 08 June | 09:57
Sure she did.
posted by JanetLand 08 June | 10:02
I stand corrected.
posted by amro 08 June | 10:04
Hehehhe, love it.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 June | 11:17
I didn't check, but I thought the 27 interviews with Celine Deon thing was very likely accurate. It makes for a stronger piece when things like that are factually correct.
posted by Orange Swan 08 June | 11:34
Well, there were 4,561 shows that ran 25 years. They were bound to recycle things. Just look at The Simpsons!!
posted by moonshine 08 June | 11:54
Now that Oprah is on repeat, it's really weird to see teaser spots for tomorrow's episode. I want a date-stamp on those, so I know how old the interviews will be, and how out-of-date the products placements are. Because I always feel like a goon getting excited about Great New Thing, only to realize that it came out in 2007, and everyone is tired of it now.

Not that I'm actually home during the hours of Oprah, or even watch it when I am at home in the weekday afternoons.
posted by filthy light thief 08 June | 17:28
One of the Onion's charms is that they're probably gonna fact check that shit.

That, an "Oprah actually hated her show" bit is a gimme so it's no surprise they ran it, but the execution felt kind of phoned in. Yes, ha ha, those are some people who were on the show. Yes, say fucking a few more times, that's totally at odds with Oprah's established persona. Etc. Just, I dunno. No sparkle. No zazzle.
posted by cortex 09 June | 13:54
It's definitely far from the best work that The Onion can do, cortex, but it just felt soooo cathartic.
posted by Orange Swan 09 June | 14:39
Marina Faib - Worn Out Places vol 1 & 2 || Hipster abuse.