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11 November 2010

She wants to go to the Festival? The King's Festival? So I am going to an actual Gala, the kind the Riddler might crash. What on earth do I wear?[More:]

Normally this would be easy, gray 3-piece suit. But my recent weight up-and-down means some of my best things don't fit right anymore ..and I don't have time to have them altered.

It's a big Art Industry to-do, so expect turtlenecks, wall street suits, clutches of Cayce Pollards and UNI QLO all-back, sprinkled throughout by ladies in couture' and art-nerd uniforms of blazers and bright sneakers.

I am tempted to wear all pink flannel pattern and see how that goes.
For an Art Event, I don't think you can go wrong. Maybe skip the chino dockers and blue oxford.

For some reason I picture you wearing something like this, but that my be due to my own issues.
posted by JoanArkham 11 November | 10:32
that jacket demands to be worn with a purple stripped dress shirt.
posted by The Whelk 11 November | 10:38
God, that's a great jacket.
posted by Miko 11 November | 10:41
I want to see this all pink flannel pattern. Sounds festive to me!

More than anything
More than life
More than the mooooooon
posted by Elsa 11 November | 11:09
Scour your local thrift store for another suit that won't break the bank. You'll fit right in.

What size do you think you need? We've got all sorts :D I'll totally lend you my Dolores Umbridge/Mary Kay Lady suit.
posted by Madamina 11 November | 11:29
Per request
posted by The Whelk 11 November | 11:30
Oooooh, that's pretty. Sounds like it would mingle well with the crowd's melange you describe above.

And whichever you pick
Do it quick
'Cause you're starting to stick
To the steps of the palace!
posted by Elsa 11 November | 11:35
I have been barred from acquiring any new clothes. Life-long ties with the fashion industry mean I literally never need to worry about having clothes if I'm not too picky. People just give them to me - I usually gift them right back to thrift stores. Just now I found a box, A BOX of unopened men's dress shirts with a brown wool M&S blazer. the blazer is a bit long..and the wool just makes me go to a "I teach at a boarding school for wizards!"

Which is normally fine for me but, you know GALA.
posted by The Whelk 11 November | 11:42
If only it was summer then I could wear this with boat shoes and a woozy elan.
posted by The Whelk 11 November | 11:47
Oh, I'm slightly over a 44 R, big shoulders. I usually have them winnowed down.
posted by The Whelk 11 November | 11:48
Huh ...does this need a tie? If so ..what?

Still at loss for pants.
posted by The Whelk 11 November | 13:58
You want to go to the festival, the festival, the KING'S festival?

Just wanted to let you know the post title did not go unnoticed.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 November | 14:45
an actual Gala, the kind the Riddler might crash

Then Be The Riddler. I think it'd be a good look on you. (Note the pic is from a Class Reunion Wiki)
posted by oneswellfoop 11 November | 18:09
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