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11 November 2010

My Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator expired yesterday. The routine protocol is to simply replace it sometime in the next 12 weeks (no real hurry and a fairly simple procedure), however my cardiologist wants a special meeting tomorrow. The FDA has approved several new and various technologies over the last half year, and my inner gadget geek is as giddy as my adrenaline junkie at the prospect.
You've really been through the mill, haven't you. I have so much admiration for how sanguine you are about your health issues.
posted by Senyar 11 November | 16:05
When do you officially become bionic? And does that get you any special discounts at the movies or anything?
posted by Elsa 11 November | 16:06
Okay, for serious: YEESH. Sending good thoughts. You certainly do keep a stiff upper lip, man.
posted by Elsa 11 November | 16:07
I think the ICD was fairly bionic in nature. What it gets me is the opportunity to see those new movies. I also lived long enough to experience shingles! What more can one ask? heheh Actually, I do have one dread: cancer; if I can avoid that for twenty more years, I could not consider myself luckier.

The cardiac field of research is amazing. Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons have so many approved options now and more are always in development. From Wikipedia regarding heart transplants, "Post-operation survival periods now average 15 years.[1]"

The organ that surgeons considered untouchable well into the 1960s could well become the easiest to treat overall if the public can be educated and lifestyles moderated even slightly.
posted by Ardiril 11 November | 16:35
My dad died in 1968 of heart disease. He was waiting for surgery, and died before the date.

I keep thinking that, today, it would have been likely that he'd survived and been alive to this day.

I wish you well on this.
posted by danf 11 November | 21:37
Good Luck !!
posted by rollick 11 November | 21:43
I totally thought your subject line called it a CADILLAC defibrillator. Given what it probably cost, I thought it was an apt description. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 11 November | 22:05
Last weekend I heard about a heart valve replacement surgery that was being done through the saphenous vein. That's crazy cool. Definitely Cadillac surgery! Keep us posted Ardiril. Can't wait to hear what's on the horizon.
posted by toastedbeagle 12 November | 11:51
Ah, it's just gonna be a basic replacement. I could do it myself if I had the test equipment.
posted by Ardiril 12 November | 14:11
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