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09 September 2010

I haven't been here in a long time... I'm going to make a request that may fail utterly, but here we go.[More:]

I'd like to know two awesome things that have happened to each of you this year.

(Two is a suggested number. Feel free to add on.)
I got a job. I got married.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 21:01
My handbell choir did its very first concert.

I ate lots of potato salad this summer.
posted by Melismata 09 September | 21:12
I got my old job back (which is driving me crazy but I still love it)

I finished a 1/2 marathon
posted by octothorpe 09 September | 21:23
I met Max Brooks and David Cross while working at a comic book store (not at the same time).

I got a brand new car that can play my ipod!
posted by leesh 09 September | 21:26
I started reading novels again.

I made really yummy, healthy meals for my kid and housemate and housemate's kid and various guests almost every night. And I learned to make sourdough.

(I like this meme)
posted by serazin 09 September | 22:07
I went to Prague and Vienna, two places that I'd never been.

I discovered that I both love and am very good at my new job.
posted by gaspode 09 September | 22:12
I went "part-time with benefits". I work the same hours I always did but get health insurance through my employer instead of private paying.

I read some great books.

My boss and I have become quite fond of one another. We were always fond but now that we work together on a regular basis we are quite friendly and have a ton of fun.

I stayed in a nice hotel and had a fun vacation with my family.

A celebrity was sitting behind us at a baseball game and he gave my kid a figurine. I did not recognize the celebrity but a lot of VIP stadium employees were fawning over him and he looked familiar. The celebrity wasn't the awesome part, the figurine was. We wanted that figurine and here was a celebrity asking us if we would like his.

I got a free spa day and had the works.
posted by LoriFLA 09 September | 22:14
My first spa day (at 44!) this year, and it was all I'd hoped.

Therapy that taught me to value myself more, and be more in touch with my feelings, leading to a relationship re-examination and couples therapy. It's been good, though.
posted by TochterAusElysium 09 September | 22:17
Got to go to Iceland

Got a real publishing deal.
posted by The Whelk 09 September | 22:54
I got a new job. I got to go back to Vietnam.
posted by dg 09 September | 23:02
I got my first paying programming job (just web design, but gotta start somewhere!)

I started playing video games.

It's been a great year :D
posted by fuzzylumpkins 09 September | 23:05
My wife and I moved into our first place of our own first house with a fireplace (it's a rental, but it'll do :)

We visited Albuquerque and I applied for (but never heard back about) a job there, so leaving California seems like a possibility in the near-ish future.
posted by filthy light thief 09 September | 23:31
I bought a house, which is something I thought I'd never do.

I left a position that I needed to leave, and was offered a position that I had wanted for a long while and which I'm finding very rewarding.
posted by occhiblu 09 September | 23:43
Future awesomeness in November: I am having a significant birthday this year and have people I love who are scheming to make it a night and day and night and day to remember - involving exploring Oregon wine country and several nights on the coast. I know exactly how lucky I am.

I have a partner who is currently encouraging me to go back to school and find something I want to do rather than go back to the burn-out that was my last job.

While I need to find people to connect with here (where I'm from), my friends from where I went to school visit me so much that we are going to replace the windows in the guest room before we replace them in our own room. I'm super touched that people miss me and that's something I need to remember when I get blue.

Hrm, for someone who has had somewhat sketchy events this year (car nearly totaled by uninsured driver, credit card stolen, health insurance jerk-around due to their error), I'm pretty damn lucky in the end of things.
posted by Sil 10 September | 00:54
Also, hello, mykescipark! Welcome back! Good to see you!
posted by Sil 10 September | 00:55
And, mykescipark, what's your awesomeness?
posted by Sil 10 September | 00:56
I got to go to TPS and Stynxno's wedding, where I met ColdChef - so that's two lots of awesomeness in one, I suppose.

I also got to see my wonderful almost-father-in-law, Bernard, (aged 95) a few weeks before he died.
posted by Senyar 10 September | 02:37
I started a new job in early June that makes me stretch my brain and body. This is good, as I'm 42 and need both kinds of exercise. I'm getting paid to do both, so that's a bonus. I was worried that I'd be answering phones and sitting at my desk too much. Rather than getting the desk-spread in my hips , I've actually gotten more fit and trim by hauling computers around and going on other service calls. I get to learn something new every work day.

My kids are 13 and 12, and they both understand that extra freedoms come with extra responsibilities. They voluntarily do their house chores, and because they understand the value of payment in money, they understand that school supplies and extra fees mean a temporary hiatus with the allowance for a short bit. BUT, they have bicycles back (long story short, we figured out an apartment storage option with ceiling hooks, so the bikes don't get vandalized or stolen) and great bike/walking trails to explore within reason. They also don't think I'm totally clueless... yet. So far, my little proto-adult experiments are going well. Yay!
posted by lilywing13 10 September | 04:48
I decided to get my MBA, and I was asked to bake my brother's wedding cake.

Close runner-up: getting to go to four Frames/Swell Season concerts this year.
posted by punchtothehead 10 September | 07:17
I was diagnosed with melanoma almost a year ago (9/17/09). However, since that day, when it was cut off me, they have not found any trace of it anywhere else on or in my body.

Spent a week on San Juan Island, and saw lots of orcas swimming by.

(not quite "this year," but got to go to NYC and meet and hang out with senyar, gaspode, jason's planet, eideteker, tps, brujita, jonmc, rmless, and others!)

posted by danf 10 September | 07:55
I finally upended my family and relocated to a new landscape, to the benefit of all.

I quit smoking.
posted by tortillathehun 10 September | 08:22
I finally got around to REALLY trying to learn how to play guitar. And I'm getting someplace.

Moved into this new phase of my life with aplomb, I think. I'm content, often rather happy, alive. It's nice.
posted by richat 10 September | 08:35
I got down to within a few pounds of my pre-children weight. I won't get that pre-children body back - and I'm okay with that. But it's a nice feeling, where I'm at.

An extended stay with my parents turned out to be a sort of therapy boot camp, allowing me to process a lot of childhood baggage, accept and move on, and get along with my family better - on my terms. Breakthroughs are good.
posted by flex 10 September | 08:45
I completed a very difficult and draining court case after at least two years of litigation.

A course of acupuncture treatment finally ended my agonizing back pain.

Also wonderful:
I feel at peace in my job.
Our rescue dog started smiling constantly this year.
Our oldest kitty, who had lost so much weight she was skin and bones, made a come back and is her old self again.
I ran a half marathon.
posted by bearwife 10 September | 10:51
I got to go to South Africa and Australia.

I mustered up the nerve to get on a bicycle for the first time in 2010 years. I'm still just on short hops around the neighborhood, but it's a start.
posted by EvaDestruction 10 September | 11:09
I got to eat lots of yummy sweet corn this year - and discovered it's better with lime juice than butter.

I got to be a featured poet at a poetry reading and it went really really well.
posted by sio42 10 September | 11:29
I got picked up under domestic partner coverage on mrs chewie's health insurance.

We started swimming several times a week & have kept it up since late July.
posted by chewatadistance 10 September | 12:03
I am in a good relationship with a great guy.

I finally feel like I'm on top of my job's responsibilities.

I started the website/blog I told myself I'd start after Kielle died five years ago.

I quit smoking six months ago and this time it seems to be sticking.
posted by TrishaLynn 10 September | 12:30
I went on my first vacation in many, many years (cruise to Bermuda).

I started trying to knock myself up.
posted by amro 10 September | 12:34
I started writing a novel.

I've reduced my daily pain, mostly by doing a little physical therapy every single day. I can stand and bend and lift and jump and climb and and and!
posted by Elsa 10 September | 12:38
I went on a driving vacation with my kids and it was great.

A new job is opening up at work and maybe I'll finally get it.

Got a new kitten.
posted by lysdexic 10 September | 12:43
I went to San Francisco for four days in March.

I had - am having - a photography / painting exhibition and so far six things have sold and two other galleries - well, a restaurant and a hair salon - have contacted me about showing my stuff.

Otherwise, this year has SUCKED to a level of SUCKAGE I can barely, even for me, believe.
posted by mygothlaundry 10 September | 13:23
I went on a two week road trip with my mum. I got to see several of the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesites which is something I've wanted to do for 30+ years.

That's really it for this year but it was pretty spectacular.
posted by deborah 10 September | 14:27
I went back to work after 18 months of extended maternity leave. Yay!!

Then i promptly got pregnant 1 week after i started working again!!!
posted by ramix 10 September | 18:05
Went to Hawaii and did 2 awesome things:
4x4'ed out to the eastern-most point of Oahu with my husband
Visited the Byodo-In temple.

posted by jeoc 10 September | 18:25
A little bit of pre-emptive grar: Patriot Day (USA) || Photo Friday: Yo' Ride!