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23 June 2010

Song lyrics that rhyme words of 6-or-more syllables? [More:]This might be tough enough to require a full-blown Ask MeFi post. But I shot my wad for this week, so I'll give it a try here.

The only one I can think of is Young MC's "Bust A Move":

Some girls are sadistic, materialistic
Looking for a man makes them opportunistic
I so wanted to mention a great Elvis Costello couplet, but...having counted, it's not long enough. Still, here it is, because, dammit, it's great.

"Well you try to love her but she's so contrary
Like a chainsaw running through a dictionary"
posted by richat 23 June | 08:50
Great Big Words rhymes the word sesquipedalian with like I'm an alien.
posted by iconomy 23 June | 08:50
- Made up word, but supercalifragilisticexpialidocious rhymes with atrocious.

- Five syllables but I love it:
Don't mean to come on sanctimonious
but life's got me nervous and a little pugnacious

~ Original Wrapper by Lou Reed

- Halcium and morphine,
5-methoxy-n, n-dimethyltryptamine

~ Pharmaecopia by Mudvayne
posted by iconomy 23 June | 09:10
I only hope the verse is good
I hate verisimilitude

~ Verisimilitude by Teenage Fan Club

Found here.
posted by iconomy 23 June | 09:14
There might be a six-syllable word in Tom Lehrer's "The Elements."
posted by ROU Xenophobe 23 June | 10:23
Have asked my ethnomusicologist pal.
posted by jessamyn 23 June | 10:25
Yeah, the elements includes "praseodymium," rhymed with a bunch of other -iums.
posted by ROU Xenophobe 23 June | 10:31
Yahoo Answers has a few answers. My friend suggests Lord Finesse

I'll take care of ya, quickly, cause I cannot take it
Your weak head needs to be decapitated
Cause you fake it
If your heart was caffeine, well you're now decaffeinated

He also suggests Masta Ace and Eminem but says "One sticking point is that MCs that do that too much quickly become annoying, so I don't listen to them."

Seems like four syllables is normal and works with standard music meter and 5-6 is really pushing it and unusual.
posted by jessamyn 23 June | 10:37
I keep thinking of They Might Be Giants but I haven't found any lyrics to back up my thoughts.
posted by iconomy 23 June | 10:38
50 cent with 5 syllables: "To be specific I go ballistic it's hieroglyphic"

words that may get used are common long syllable words like 'undeniable', 'credibility', 'instrumentally' rather than uncommon long words because those come off sounding corny.
posted by Firas 23 June | 11:31
i guess hieroglyphic is 4 syllables, hm.
posted by Firas 23 June | 11:32
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