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03 June 2010

I can't decide if this is a good Mefi post Mercedes Stafford is the former president of the Cincinnati Roller Girls. She skated under the name 'Sadistic Sadie,' and won the 2009 Most Valuable Skater award. She was the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's Featured Skater in May 2010 (Google cache, as the link has been removed). On June 1, she pleaded guilty to $400,000 worth of airline-ticket wire fraud. Between 2007 and 2009, she sold fake tickets to her friends and family, a group that included some roller-derby folks (she worked for United at the time, though this article from February 2010 says she works at a bank). So the WFTDA removed her from their site.
I think it would be a good post. I say that based on the paragraph alone, without having read any of the links yet.
posted by amro 03 June | 09:25
One of my FB friends, who's on a roller derby team, posted a link about it, and then one of her friends responded with something like 'Just so you know, the WFTDA is trying to discourage people from posting this to their FB and MySpace pages,' and then my friend deleted her post.
posted by box 03 June | 09:30
I don't know if it's great post material- interesting story, but pretty common, right? And I can understand why the WFTDA would want to forget she ever existed.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 June | 09:38
Pretty common story apart from the airline-ticket fraud part, I figure. Crime reports say that she stole $400,000 worth of tickets and sold them for $50,000, which is a big enough discrepancy that I wonder if people weren't suspicious that they were able to buy tickets so cheaply.
posted by box 03 June | 09:41
I don't think it's A+++ WOULD READ AGAIN post material, but it's sort of an interesting glimpse into the community and a character within it. If it has any problems, it's the narrow focus about the one person and her wire-fraud story. is there a bigger frame for it, something that places it in a larger context about women's roller derby or the WFTDA trying to develop the sport? It's interesting that they're discouraging posts about it.
posted by Miko 03 June | 09:43
I'm also kinda wondering about the role of these discount airline tickets in roller derby's recent rise in popularity--I mean, $400,000 buys a lot of plane tickets.
posted by box 03 June | 09:54
I don't see anything wrong with this FPP and I think that it will generate some interesting conversation and quippery.
posted by danf 03 June | 09:59
Okeydoke, for better or worse, posted.
posted by box 03 June | 10:08
At first I groaned because it seemed to be a roller derby FPP. Then I kept reading and I was like "Awesome! Suck it, roller derby!"
posted by mullacc 03 June | 10:10
Faved, if for no other reason than bunny solidarity.
posted by danf 03 June | 10:18
Sexy Sadie/Ticket to Ride

posted by iconomy 03 June | 10:47
OMG kitteh! || What's so funny?