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02 February 2010

Is this reverse psychology? Because now I really want to click. Is it a snake? It's a snake, right?
posted by mudpuppie 02 February | 13:25
Ew. (And no, not a snake. Rodent. Are you rodent-phobic?)
posted by occhiblu 02 February | 13:28
Now if they made that in a squirrel version, I might just have to gets me one of those.
posted by msali 02 February | 13:33
pups, it's a link to a silly Wired photoshop contest, where the winner came up with some form of robotic, undead rat as a proposed futuristic pet toy, complete with hyperbolic awesome tacky packaging, etc...

It's gross, but not a snake, and not technically real. But yea, ew, indeed occhiblu (omg! the little feets... *shudder*)

most selfrespecting cats I know would take one look at the thing and stalk off with their noses in the air.
posted by lonefrontranger 02 February | 13:49
Ah, cool, I can click!

I would maybe buy one of those for my cats. Maybe.
posted by mudpuppie 02 February | 13:51
msali, I'm convinced that squirrels are simply rats with better press agents.
posted by lonefrontranger 02 February | 14:00
I hear that, lonefrontranger, but squirrels don't freak me out like rats do. Added plus, the reason I would want a robotic squirrel is for my dog to tear it to bits. My pup is about as well behaved as they come, but turns into a berserker when she sees a squirrel. I would allow to let her eviscerate just one in her life, and it would be nice if it weren't a real squirrel at all.
posted by msali 02 February | 14:14
And hairpieces on their tails....
posted by warbaby 02 February | 14:14
So, if this existed, do they take dead rats, preserve them, and rewire them so they move, or are they totally synthetic rats?

I am confused.

My one outdoor cat is so lame that he picks fights with the neighbor's indoor cat, who can only sit in the window and watch my cat's taunts. My cat would get his feline ass kicked if the neighbor let his cat out.

So he would totally freak out at a reanimated dead rat.
posted by danf 02 February | 14:14
OMG, rodents! So cute! (Although I prefer mice to rats...)
posted by NucleophilicAttack 02 February | 15:14
This is living? || Bunny! OMG!