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02 February 2010

MetaChat dream! [More:]

BoringPostcards and I had just climbed a very snowy and tall and pointy mountain, and we were feeling pretty bad-ass. There was a storm brewing and some danger of wolves, so we decided to descend and take shelter.

At the very foot of the mountain was a dilapidated but charming house painted robin's egg blue. On the steps to the porch sat a sassy middle-aged African woman. She good naturedly berated us for a while, waving around a handful of cosmos, then said "Well aren't you going to go in and see elizard and BitterOldPunk?!" and I realized the house was theirs!

We went inside and I made breakfast for everyone: eggs and bacon and lots of coffee. Then, when everyone was done eating, I made pancakes. BOP was completely psyched about this surprise and said things like "Hell YEAH! Pancakes too! Awesome!" elizard was wearing a plaid flannel robe and tube socks.

And get this, there were even bunnies! There was a mommy bunny and four or five baby bunnies, all white with russet patches.
What you don't know is this is exactly how it's going to be when you and TheDonF get over here to the States. EXACTLY.
posted by BoringPostcards 02 February | 09:14
Danger of wolves, eh?
posted by Wolfdog 02 February | 09:18
Dude, I am so down with climbing the snowiest, pointiest mountain in Alabama right now!
posted by danostuporstar 02 February | 09:21
BP, I figured!

And Wolfdog, I thought of you but I can't remember if it was during the dream or when I woke up and recalled the wolfish aspect...
posted by Specklet 02 February | 09:39
I'm pretty sure I am the sassy middle-aged African woman. Pretty sure anyway.
posted by richat 02 February | 10:37
Not only does she arrange things on her plate artistically, but she also dreams with coherent narrative structure.

*waves to elizard*
posted by warbaby 02 February | 10:42
I would like some bunny pancakes this morning.
posted by rhapsodie 02 February | 11:16
This is deeply weird. I also had a dream last week that I went to visit elizarde and bitteroldpunk and we had a big meal - I can't remember now if it was breakfast.
posted by mygothlaundry 02 February | 11:31

But everyone is welcome to cook us pancakes.
posted by BitterOldPunk 02 February | 11:47
Fun fact: I never appear in anyone's dream, but I am always there in your room while you're sleeping.
posted by Eideteker 02 February | 11:57
I'm pretty sure I am the sassy middle-aged African woman. Pretty sure anyway.

I had that suspicion all along because I was one of the bunnies. For quite a while I wondered why sassy lady had The Avett Brothers on constant rotation. First I was like, nuh uh. No wai. Then I was like omg it's Richat!
posted by special-k 02 February | 12:25
Fun fact: I never appear in anyone's dream

Wanna bet?
posted by essexjan 02 February | 12:25
warbaby, I can't believe you remember that! Heh.

And richat, now that you mention it, I'm surprised I didn't recognise you immediately.
posted by Specklet 02 February | 13:23
I dreamed of breakfast last night, but I thought everybody dreamed of breakfast...
posted by warbaby 02 February | 13:42
Wanna bet?

Get outta my dreams! Get into my car!
posted by Eideteker 02 February | 15:24
What's really going to bake your noodle later, is would you have still broken the vase if I hadn't mentioned it?
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 03 February | 11:05
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