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20 November 2009

On a scale of 1-10 (10 high), how's your day going? [More:]Me, 4.2.
30" and steady
posted by Hugh Janus 20 November | 13:26
posted by danf 20 November | 13:34

It's Joe's day today.
posted by Joe Beese 20 November | 13:37
Compared to my average day, it's about a 5 - grandmother's in the hospital, cat is sick, I'm getting nothihng done at work. But compared to the average citizen of the world, it's probably more like a 9. I've got more than decent food, shelter, friends, family, etc.
posted by amro 20 November | 13:43
Oh, and I have a headache. So maybe 4.5.
posted by amro 20 November | 13:43
posted by special-k 20 November | 13:48
eh, fine. 7.
posted by gaspode 20 November | 13:49
About a 7.
posted by essexjan 20 November | 13:52

Every day is slightly above average with the Prince of Darkness!
posted by mygothlaundry 20 November | 13:56
posted by BoringPostcards 20 November | 14:01
So far, a 6. My breakfast potatoes and black coffee were great, but I can make those half awake.

If the TV repairman shows up during his slot and fixes the bug in my flat screen, I will give the day an 8.

If I get my bedroom picked up and semi-rearranged, a 10!
posted by Ardiril 20 November | 14:08
Probably running around a 7.5 at the moment. Maybe to go up later depending on decorative strategizing/to-do listing or down depending on how crappy the budget meeting is.
posted by sperose 20 November | 14:16
Three feet high and rising.
posted by Specklet 20 November | 14:31
I'd say a 8-9. Have been uber productive, getting a tax amendment form filled out (big bucks eventually coming my way!), getting new tires, trying to figure out my scanner, taking a 3ish mile walk, buying a turkey, finding old photos I thought I'd lost, and basically just being awesome. However, I have an eensy headache, the tires were spendy, the scanner is acting up because we upgraded my OS, and I may have given a kid the pox despite my precautions.
posted by Stewriffic 20 November | 14:49
2.2 (as a day) 5.3 (compared to the rest of the week).
posted by crush-onastick 20 November | 15:10
(Did you know that 8675309 is a prime? Also 86753092 = 24602602+83191412. That song has a heavy number-theory undercurrent going on. I wonder if the current generation of schoolchildren is able to see that number without the tune popping to mind. Hm.)
posted by Wolfdog 20 November | 15:17
The new board for the TV was even more defective than the one I had, so he still does not know if it is the board or the screen itself. So, my day is still running at 6.
posted by Ardiril 20 November | 15:17
7. Beautiful weather, Friday, work came through with grocery store gift cards for the holiday, unexpectedly. Once I win the raffle, it will go up to nintey million though!
posted by rainbaby 20 November | 15:20
9.5 -- a dear friend of mine who normally lives in Brazil is today only about an hour away, and I'm going to visit her!
posted by JanetLand 20 November | 15:26
posted by Miko 20 November | 16:53
Do we get to drop the lowest score? If so, my day's a 6 or 7. But if I have to factor in the heavy-duty money anxiety that I keep trying to shove back into the deepest recesses of my brain (and my stomach), then it's about a 2.5.
posted by mudpuppie 20 November | 16:57
Well, it's only 8:48 am, so hard to tell just yet. Got back from Saturday morning boot camp a short time ago, about to start mowing the lawns, then we'll see. At the moment, maybe a 6.
posted by dg 20 November | 17:49
It started around a 4.5: woke up stuffy-headed and with an antihistamine hangover; coffee only made me cranky, not clever.

Went up to a 6.5 in the afternoon: spent the day helping out at my sister's bakery; the work is taxing, but helping out is rewarding, as is seeing my sister, so it balances out.

Shot up to an 8 when she sent me home with goodies: eggs from her hens, a bag of frozen blackberries picked in her garden this summer, and a lotta lotta lotta frozen savory pastries I made for our wedding, which she took home from the grange hall and kept in her freezer for us.

I see a solid 9 on the horizon: I have my boots off and an ice pack on my sore back. I did a good deed, got some good exercise, and have nothing more to tackle today. A few savory pastries (sherried mushrooms in puff pastry, spinach and parmesan in phyllo) and a bowl of leftover soup, a beer, and a good movie are all that await me tonight.
posted by Elsa 20 November | 18:51
I'd give my day a solid 8. I took the day off, and that almost always puts it on the plus side of five. I was so exhausted I slept until 2pm. I feel much more human now. I think I'll pop a frozen pizza in the oven and watch a movie (I have three from Netflix to choose from: Sin City, Sunshine Cleaning, and Happiness.)
posted by Pips 20 November | 18:56
It's gone down to about 4.5 due to the suckassedness of the meeting which was horrible and full of yelling, even if we did get a fair amount accomplished. What a clusterfuck. I'm hoping some pizza and Buffy will help bring it back up.
posted by sperose 20 November | 22:13
1. That's it, a 1. Lousy manager harassing me constantly; talk to management and they basically blow me off. My Soon-To-Be-X-Mr-V has gone happily into his new life, blocked me from any social sites we happened to both be on (and I was NOT checking up on him - I just noticed that he'd disappeared), and I have to pay for the divorce because he has no money, and he keeps eating up my limited life-time health insurance which I can't get him off of until we are divorced. Meanwhile, he won't pay his dog's medical bills (though I have to do the day-to-day stuff as he left her here), because going out on dates and trying to get laid are much more important than, say, paying bills or responsibilities. My first ex hasn't paid child support in over a year, and I cannot keep my head above water.

So, yeah, I'm lonely, feeling frustrated, worried about paying basic necessities, and dealing with completely unneccesary stress at work. Can I change my setting to a -10? Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh.
posted by redvixen 20 November | 22:14

*sends whuffles*
posted by jonathanstrange 20 November | 22:45
Whuffles from me, too, redvixen. Fuck.
posted by taz 20 November | 23:21
About a 2. My job is being cheerfully stretched and whittled away at the same time. I'm convinced they're either trying to get us to quit or getting rid of my position company wide. I've never wanted to quit more than this last week.
posted by gc 20 November | 23:25
*hugs redvixen*

8-ish. I come back to NY Monday from Wilmington, NC. Had proper scrambled eggs at a diner for breakfast, but the local art museum is only open for 3 hours a day during the week.
posted by brujita 21 November | 02:13
*hugs redvixen*
posted by dg 21 November | 05:08
*sniffles and wipes tears. Literally*

Thank you everyone. I didn't mean to unload's just been a really, really tough couple of years, and I've been in a bit of a blue funk.
posted by redvixen 21 November | 19:06
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