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11 November 2009

Therapy time! What do you do on a sick day off work?[More:]

I'm kicking Windows 7 into shape on my new laptop (it is so. bizarre. and I don't know where anything is.) and drinking double-strength ginseng and honey tea.
Drink a lot of Sunny D. Eat chips. Watch a marathon of comfort DVDs, like West Wing
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 November | 12:25
posted by netbros 11 November | 12:53
posted by msali 11 November | 13:25
Dude. I've been off since partway through last Thursday. The good news is that I feel essentially fine.

I've been cooking a LOT. Made a (failed) butternut squash soup yesterday. Made no-knead bread yesterday and today--whole wheat with toasted steel-cut oatmeal. Red beans and rice. Tomorrow will be some kind of mexican casserole. Freezing it all for future lunches and dinners.

Ordered groceries online through a local store. Will go pick it up this evening for more cooking tomorrow. Stew (!! cannibal!), shredded beef, maybe some deviled eggs (not for freezing, natch), and perhaps when it stops raining I'll make some seafoam candy.
posted by Stewriffic 11 November | 13:29
I'm off work until next Tuesday (and that's not even definite at this point) so I have been doing nothing but lying in bed (or on the floor, as allowed) and watching all the television in the world. I'm about halfway through season one of the The Wire. I sleep a lot, only waking up to take more drugs as needed.
posted by sperose 11 November | 13:44
I took a day off sick once. I think it was in about 1998. Don't remember what I did.
posted by dg 11 November | 15:44
I have these combined vacation/sick day PTO days so I'll be damned if I'm going to waste them on staying home sick. I just work from home if I'm too sick to head into the office. Right now I have a whole four days of PTO saved up and I'd like to take a week off around Christmas.
posted by octothorpe 11 November | 15:52
I watch old Disney cartoons, drink 7up from a bendy straw (bendy straw required), and sleep on the couch with a blanket and my dog.
posted by rhapsodie 11 November | 18:10
Oh and: cinnamon toast. Campbell's chicken noodle soup. Saltine crackers.
posted by rhapsodie 11 November | 18:10
I set myself up in bed, dog required as foot warmer, TV & DVD remote in hand, pile of trashy books to be read. And I make sure there's a clear path to the toilet.
posted by heyallie 11 November | 18:23
Actual sick day, or mental health day?

Sick day: Rest, rest, rest. Putter around the house and rest.

Mental Health day: Shop, explore, clean, do nothing. Whatever strikes my fancy.
posted by redvixen 11 November | 18:57
Yeah, what redvixen said; it depends on if I'm really sick or not.

Sick: sleep, eat comfort food, sleep, read, sleep.

Mental health day: sleep, eat junk food, read, watch chick flicks, play on the computer.
posted by deborah 11 November | 22:15
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