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11 November 2009

Gloomy Cooking In your bathrobe On a Grey Day After You Just Woke Up: Apparently I have to eat something today. Any suggestions? Help me have an adventure in the diminished pantry.


I have:

A fist full of cooked meat thats - I wanna say - lamb?
Japanese buckwheat noddles
Much rice/noddles/and beans
celcery that I really should use
An odd collection of nuts: almonds, cashews, poppy-seeds, sesame seeds. I have no idea why.
A lemon.
A Onion.
Packets of "flavoring" like instant Korma or hot and spicy which I kinda want to avoid.
some fresh olives.
Sounds like you've got stone soup on hand!

or maybe:

rice + fried garlic/onion/celery/recooked meats/cashews + lemon + maybe some cumin if you have it. With sesame seeds on top!

(My favorite thing to do with almonds is still to turn 'em into an edible snack by soaking 'em overnight in water.)
posted by aniola 11 November | 16:02
Hmmm. you could try sauteing the celery, and some onion and garlic. Cook up some noodles at the same time. Toss some of those almonds into the saute pan, and then toss it all together. I'd go heavier on the onion myself. Now I'm no fan of olives. An olive-liking person might say that olive would go in there too?

That's an ODD collection of ingredients you've got there.
posted by richat 11 November | 16:02
Really? It sounds very much like a diminished pantry to me.

My trick for restoring diminished pantries is to go food shopping when I'm hungry. I know a lot of people do the opposite, but it's the only way there's ever anything in my cupboard.

'Cupboard' is a nifty word.
posted by aniola 11 November | 16:21
Stir-fry those mothers. Except for the olives. If they're green olives, pop a few in your mouth while you're cooking; if they're black, toss them out because black olives are an abomination unto the earth.
posted by Halloween Jack 11 November | 18:01
Instant korma's gonna get you.
posted by flapjax at midnite 11 November | 19:32

(Note, i chickened out and got cheap sushi, but to keep the rules in place and the ADVENTURE strong, I refuse to buy anything else until I use up This Crap. ONWARD HO!)
posted by The Whelk 11 November | 20:09
Which is to say I still need more ideas. FOR ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!
posted by The Whelk 12 November | 00:33
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