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09 September 2009

You would be really hard pressed to find or even invent a food-related portmanteau that I find more repulsive than "Clamato". It strikes a note with me about like "Smegmayo" or "Sputumaisse".
posted by Wolfdog 09 September | 12:48
I'm just glad he lived long enough to see this.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by box 09 September | 12:58
Excuse me, she.
posted by box 09 September | 13:00
According to wiki, the Caesar (like a Bloody Mary only with Clamato) is Canada's most popular cocktail and of Canadian households that drink Caesars, 82% use Mott's Clamato as the base.

Crazy-ass Canadians.
posted by Specklet 09 September | 13:01
We have THIS horrifying looking stuff in our grocery stores around here...

≡ Click to see image ≡

All memory of it needs to be buried with Clamato's inventor.
posted by BoringPostcards 09 September | 13:46
As a canadian, I can assure that SOME of us won't go NEAR clam juice based mixes.
posted by richat 09 September | 13:51
posted by richat 09 September | 13:53
People just want to hate on Clamato without empirical evidence.
Thank you, Clamato lady.
Not that i'd try that beer Clamato abberation with any enthusiasm.

Richat, do you avoid clam sauce?
posted by ethylene 09 September | 13:59
I went to a bar recently that was advertising "Bud Light & Clamato". I shit you not, like with pre-printed signage and stuff above the bar. After putting down a few I asked the prop if it was a joke, he said no, it was this thing the Clamato company was doing. He offered to make me one but I politely declined.
posted by Kadin2048 09 September | 14:58
A certain demographic has been mixing their Bud with Clamato in the garage for years.
posted by rainbaby 09 September | 15:18
Just to make it clear - I am anti-seafood of any sort except for the occasional tuna melt. BUT I took a sip of a friend's Caesar (Bloody Mary made with Clamato). I don't know how differs taste-wise from a Bloody Mary since I've never had one, but the Caesar was good. Even so, I'll never have one on my own just because of the Clamato element.
posted by deborah 09 September | 15:37
(I do also avoid clam sauce, yes)
posted by richat 09 September | 16:17
Damn you! Now I really want a Caesar.
posted by arse_hat 09 September | 23:26
Anyone else think Clamato sounds like some new-fangled venereal disease?!
posted by moonshine 10 September | 00:39
I miss Clamato Energia™. This is because I like to take my Energia in the form of Clamato.

Sadly, it seems to have predeceased Ms. Schur by a few years.

No, I am so not lying to you right here now.
posted by ikkyu2 10 September | 01:01
That was a really interesting obit.
posted by occhiblu 10 September | 01:29
I have bought clamato energia and drank of it. The 99 Cents Only stores have many treasures.
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur 10 September | 02:41
But, more importantly, the first boy I ever kissed has just pounded several shots of vodka mixed with clamato. We were both 14 and he was such the bad seed. I cried... and made him leave... but he stayed outside my house all night. Clamato make-a you a-crazy.
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur 10 September | 02:42
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