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02 February 2009

The internet has concluded its broadcast day. Thank you for tuning in. Please join us again tomorrow when the internet resumes it's regularly scheduled programming.

A thing I made... All CSS and HTML. Scalable and works in every browser I know.
this is good. Post it to projects!
posted by By the Grace of God 02 February | 18:24
Does it just make stripes on the screen? No sound or anything else?
posted by Ardiril 02 February | 18:42

The black areas should all be #000 though. You seem to be emulating the 7.5% black level of analog video, which should still be shown as black.
posted by cillit bang 02 February | 18:44
Ardiril, the sound control is at the lower left. Click it for the full multimedia experience.

Very cool! But do any tv stations use a test pattern any more? Is there even an end to the broadcast day, or just a sea of infomercials until the morning news shows start?
posted by maudlin 02 February | 18:48
It's from a bygone era. Nobody uses them anymore. TV stations now serve infomercials.

cillit bang: I had it from a reputable source that these are the authentic colours! I don't know what the TV does to the signal... wouldn't it be the same as looking at it on a crt?
posted by joelf 02 February | 19:24
Also fun! Put it on the screen and hit F11 for the full screen effect!
posted by joelf 02 February | 19:26
Voyagers do not have F11. So, it's broken for mobile web users, and in the near future, we will rule.
posted by Ardiril 02 February | 19:42
joelf, you and the thing you have created are excellent.

Please, make a version without the text on the bottom left? To be pure and perfect it needs less information and less linkiness.
posted by Meatbomb 02 February | 20:14
posted by Meatbomb 02 February | 20:21
It's not really going over very well there; probably should have linked to the "no sound" version first.
posted by octothorpe 02 February | 20:34
OMG the sound. I don't know why I wasn't expecting that sound when I clicked "Sound On," as it would be the logical sound to accompany the image, but OMG the sound.
posted by occhiblu 02 February | 20:49
Yay, that's great. But I missed the waving flag and national anthem.
posted by Miko 02 February | 21:43
Actually, bars and tone like that ARE still used, all the time, but they're just never seen on air (if everything goes well).
posted by BoringPostcards 02 February | 21:55
That is awesome. I can hardly believe we didn't have something like it before!
Nicely done!

If anyone at MeFi is pissing themselves over the sound, they can go cry boofuckinghoo through a chainlink fence. These are the same people that will accuse you of "spam" if you send an email to them and CC another person.
posted by scarabic 02 February | 22:42
Well done!
posted by arse_hat 02 February | 23:04
I adore this - AND the torrent of sign-off broadcast links it has spawned in the MeFi comments.
posted by mykescipark 03 February | 01:11
love. As some others have said, it's nostalgic for me. At least one of the national Greek TV stations, it seems, still "signs off" for the night, and plays the Greek national anthem... maybe it's the parliament channel. Not sure, but I do see this (not the test pattern, though) sometimes and it tickles me.
posted by taz 03 February | 01:33
I had it from a reputable source that these are the authentic colours! I don't know what the TV does to the signal

Black is stored on the video tape as 7.5% but a properly set up TV should map it to true black (0%). So if you're trying to simulate how the test card should look, the black bits should be black.
posted by cillit bang 03 February | 03:52
One guy complained about it in the MF thread, and it also happened once to me... opening it in a new tab on Firefox locked up my browser, required a hard restart of the machine.

Not sure there is anything to be done about it, but just wanted to let you know joelf.
posted by Meatbomb 03 February | 04:28
The three narrow black bars at the bottom of the test pattern (below the big red bar) are the PLUGE pattern, and should be (left-to-right) blacker-than-black, black, and lighter-than-black. It should be up to your monitor settings to make the black look the same as the blacker-than-black. This setup doesn't apply to computer monitors, so I think it's technically correct that you should see a slight difference on the test pattern.
posted by rocket88 03 February | 10:21
posted by joelf 03 February | 14:23
It should be up to your monitor settings to make the black look the same as the blacker-than-black
Not quite - the numbers Joel has started with come from an oddball video colorspace where 7.5% represents black. In the real world, black is 0%, so the brightness/contrast circuit in a video monitor monitor needs to do some conversion to display the image correctly. Similarly, in CSS, black is 0, so Joel should be doing the same conversion in choosing CSS values.

(Taking this a bit further, a proper composite video signal has the black level at 0.3 of a possible 1.0 volts, and for broadcast over the air the whole waveform is flipped upside down, making black 100% and white 30%. It wouldn't make sense to map these directly to CSS values)

(Yes, I'm aware I'm taking this far too seriously)
posted by cillit bang 03 February | 21:03
The black on the bottom right is #000. i think maybe that's supposed to be the black one?
posted by joelf 04 February | 03:27
All of the dark bits are meant to be black apart from the third part of the pluge signal, which should be very dark gray (4% ish).
posted by cillit bang 04 February | 11:15
Sick day music! || THIS IS A SHOUTING THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!