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01 February 2009

I'm ashamed of it. I know I'll be a pariah when people realize, but .... [More:]... I hate team sports. I hate all the tribal, jingoistic sentiment that they arouse. I'm a swimmer and a cyclist. I quite enjoy watching tennis (provided I am not required to participate). But events like the Superbowl drive me crazy. Some of my neighbors are chanting outside as I speak. You can't get away from it.
Don't be ashamed. Go Steelers!
posted by msali 01 February | 15:30
Is the Superbowl tonight? I guess that would make it a good time to go grocery shopping.

I enjoy soccer, or you know, real football, but hate the commentary when watching on tv.
posted by moonshine 01 February | 15:31
Superbowl . . . is that some kind of bowling tournament? Why would people get so hyped up over bowling? Oh, wait, it's basketball season, isn't it? Must be a basketball thing.
posted by treepour 01 February | 15:59
(in other words, Susurration, you're not alone! :)
posted by treepour 01 February | 16:00
No problem, lots of people are into different things but I really enjoy (American) Football and can't help but be pumped when the home team is in the big game. We don't get a whole lot to get excited about here in Pittsburgh and it just seemed so appropriate that the Steelers won the last playoff game in the same week that Obama was inaugurated. The Rooney family (who owns the team) were very outspoken and enthusiastic supporter of Obama and I think that really did a lot to legitimize him for rural Pennsylvanians.
posted by octothorpe 01 February | 16:01
If you hated team sports as much as you claimed, you wouldn't be wasting your time complaining about it on the internet.
posted by stynxno 01 February | 16:03
Also - does this post mean you don't ever play sports? Never wanted to participate in league softball at your job or run around playing tag or Marco Polo in the pool?

That's too bad, Susurration. Playing games is a hell of a lot of fun.

BUT...I totally agree about the hype of Super Yawn and it's attendant weirdness during the season. Football is easily the most-overdramatized professional sport on the planet.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 01 February | 17:15
But at least I'm having fun reading Consumerist's blog of Superbowl ads. Shopping is the new sport of America ... :-)
posted by Susurration 01 February | 18:22
WTF stynx? It's a free planet, people are allowed to be different!

I used to like the superbowl more before it got so off-the-charts marketing hypified. But I loathe omnipresent ads no matter where or what time of year it is, so that's not saying much.

That said, I really just hope it's a close [*cough* Arizona] game, not all lopsided, or 3-0 final score.

posted by chewatadistance 01 February | 18:35
I'm with Susurration.

Hate all sports, watching and playing. I had a particularly nasty sports teacher when I was at school, and he'd ridicule the less sporty kids.

My slightly (very) shameful revelation though is that, for the SECOND day in a row, my breakfast has consisted solely of CHOCOLATE.

How I'm not the size of a barrel is beyond me.
posted by jonathanstrange 01 February | 19:24
I figure if I'm gonna spend the emotional energy it takes to hate something, I might as well love it instead.
posted by Hugh Janus 01 February | 23:19
If you can't love it, do you settle by being indifferent? Maybe that's the ticket.
posted by Firas 02 February | 08:22
seriously stynx, down with the snark.

i'm generally apathetic-to-sports camp. i didn't know it was superbowl weekend until friday.
posted by eatdonuts 02 February | 10:38
In my case, I don't hate team sports. I hate pro sports. With the merchandising, and the obnoxious fans.

FWIW, I am an intensely competitive person. My difference is that I tend to compete with myself, not with others. So with team sports, I'm more concerned with my own performance. I want everyone to do well, but the only person I'll ever reproach is myself in most cases (though striving to be your best means I may express frustration with a player on either team who is sandbagging).
posted by Eideteker 02 February | 12:37
Football is is is boring...OMG!!! The Steelers won their 6th Super Bowl with a miraculous touchdown by Santonio (great name) Holmes! Black and gold towel-waving chaos in the streets!!! We love our team and our team loves us!!!

Then it's back to Football is is is boring for another year.

posted by serena 02 February | 15:35
At our house, we make-believe that Santonio Holmes is descended from Sherlock and solves a mystery each game.
posted by klangklangston 03 February | 12:05
The Dukes of Hazzard Sound Board || Does this picture make anyone else slightlly dizzy?