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20 September 2008

What are you watching or listening to tonight? [More:]Unless you are going out to dance all night or something like that, which I know nothing about.

Just "A Prairie Home Companion" for me, while the family makes and eats chocolate chip cookies... If I get ambitious, I might try to watch a movie.
LSU vs. Auburn. GEAUX TIGERS! (LSU Tigers, that is)
posted by ColdChef 20 September | 18:58
Watching a DVD from last season's Heroes. We never watched the show until a month ago and watched the whole first season since then. We're trying to get through the second season, which was short due to the strike, before the third season starts.
posted by octothorpe 20 September | 19:03
I'll watch America's Most Wanted and then probably DVD's of Barney Miller, season 1.
posted by jonmc 20 September | 19:04
Right now, crickets and the strange hiss of darkness, flipping televisions.
Not sure what's up for tonight yet except waiting.
posted by ethylene 20 September | 19:17
Already watched: Colbert & TDS from night
To listen to: countdown/hardball/slate gabfest podcasts
intermittent playack: Gnr - Oh My God (i know i know), blondie - "rip her to shreds", lenny kravitz - always on the run, joan jett - star star (rolling stones cover), etc etc
posted by Firas 20 September | 19:20
Season 1 of Roswell on Hulu while reading articles for school. (Although I'm going to be skimming this 45 page crap.)
posted by sperose 20 September | 19:26
Modest Mouse and Pylon, on repeat.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 September | 19:26
I don't knowwwwwwwwww yet. I kinda want to go see Mudhoney tonight but don't really feel like going out/paying $20 and I don't know if it's sold out or what. After Mudhoney my friend's female-fronted Black Flag cover band, the Sandwiches, are playing, and I'd kind of like to see them too, but again, I don't really feel like going out...
posted by loiseau 20 September | 19:33
It must be said that it's been weeks since I went to any shows because of the aforementioned "don't really feel like going out" excuse. I don't want to be that person, it's just so hard to motivate myself sometimes even when I know I'll be glad I did.
posted by loiseau 20 September | 19:34
Going to see some of my pals play at the local brewpub. Not really in the mood to go out myself, but, hey, gotta represent. Plus I like beer.
posted by box 20 September | 19:40
I kinda want to go see Mudhoney tonight but don't really feel like going out/paying $20

Go. I saw them at the 40 Watt Club in the 90's, and they were brilliant. Sloppy garage psychedelia is a dying artform.

(When we saw them, my partner, who is about a decade older than me, said, "They remind me of bands we used to have to watch perform in their garage so we could buy weed from them.")
posted by BoringPostcards 20 September | 19:43
posted by ethylene 20 September | 19:46
Touch them, they're sick.
posted by jonmc 20 September | 19:56
Are We Done Yet is playing in one room. My husband is flipping between American Gangster and Casino Royale in another. It's chaos. I'm waiting for the the kids' movie to be over (10 more minutes) so I can go to bed. I ate many homemade tacos, an ice cream sandwich (called a Fat Boy) and drank a beer. This meal made me very sleepy. Plus, I woke up at the crack and did some serious exercising today. I am such an old woman. I can't keep my eyes open.

Before dinner I was listening to The Jackson 5 and The Four Tops. That was much better listening.

"They remind me of bands we used to have to watch perform in their garage so we could buy weed from them."

Haha! I laughed out loud!
posted by LoriFLA 20 September | 19:57
I've been enjoying videos of Pilobolus a dace troupe out of Connecticut. Here's a YT link of their performance on The Connan O'Brian Show..
posted by MonkeyButter 20 September | 20:11
We watched "The Muppet Movie". Did you know the soundtrack for "The Muppet Movie" is out of print??? Did you???? It's a crime.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 September | 20:17
I think Mudhoney are a no-go -- it looks like it sold out sometime this afternoon. But it's okay. I'm kind of indifferent to most reunions (although I'm not entirely sure this is a reunion per se). I might still go see the Sandwiches, though. My friend (who also sings in Aids Wolf) is a great performer and I'm pretty sure she's doing pushups and shit right now trying to channel Rollins.
posted by loiseau 20 September | 20:19
I've been listening to Bavarian farmers doing Country Road in a Munich Bierkeller. And been drinking one liter Mäße Löwenbräu; ugh!
Lots of old&young guys in leather shorts (Lederhosen).
posted by jouke 20 September | 20:29
Pinky, I have this CD which has many of the Muppet Movie songs including Gonzo's heartbreaking "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday." Actually, "Rainbow Connection" and "It's Not Easy Being Green" choke me up pretty hard, too. I think that may be why we haven't played that album in a while. Oh Jim Henson, you were so deceptively maudlin.

But it doesn't have "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along" by Rolf the Dog. That's a serious oversight.

I am so, so jealous of you jouke!
posted by jrossi4r 20 September | 21:50
*burning a copy of the actual "Muppet Movie" soundtrack for ThePinkSuperhero*

Anyone else?
posted by ColdChef 20 September | 21:58
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 September | 22:00
Got any other Muppet movie soundtracks?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 September | 22:01
Who loves ya?
posted by ColdChef 20 September | 22:01
I have the 25th Anniversary cd collection linked above. Oh. And "Songs from the Street: 35 years of music from Sesame Street." No other movies, though.
posted by ColdChef 20 September | 22:03
Oooooooooo. Any other Muppet or Sesame Street originals you're able to throw on there is fine by me (I don't really need celeb covers, unless they're really outstanding).

I wish I had something really good to send you. Alas, all I've gotten recently is some stuff from The Two Man Gentleman Band (which you will enjoy, but it's nothing compared to the Muppets!!!)
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 September | 22:12
Dog help me, I was at the Caturday thread at Fark. I built up my muscles last week on the epic Metafilter threads. I was ready. I killed.

I need a life.

I also got out in the sun and went to a tailgate party. Yay, beer!

My sound card is shot, so I'm not able to listen to Wait Wait Don't tell me. Sadness.
posted by lysdexic 20 September | 22:15
Bah. You've sent me plenty. It's a pleasure.
posted by ColdChef 20 September | 22:15

I had no idea it was out of print. That's a crime.
posted by rainbaby 20 September | 22:16
I think I have an old Sesame St. album, I'll go look tonight. Also Electric Company.
I have The Muppet Movie but it looks like you already got that one. All vinyl!!!
posted by chococat 20 September | 22:21
Electric Company?! Ooh...
posted by ethylene 20 September | 22:26
I decided not to go out! I'll get blasted during Pop Montreal fest in two weeks anyway.

So I ended up watching a re-re-re-re-re-re-rerun of "There's Something About Mary", which is not my most thrilling evening, but wevs. Also watched the Bob Saget roast.
posted by loiseau 21 September | 01:05
Chess variants. || Blah blah blah.