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11 September 2008

T-shirt tags: Keep 'em, or cut 'em? [More:]And for those who keep them attached: Do they not bother you at all, or is there some compelling reason to leave them on, even if it means you have to suffer a little bit of discomfort?

I always remove them. If I didn't, it would feel like a tiny spike digging into the back of my neck all day long.
I leave them unless they're bothering me, which is rare, or they stick out weird.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 September | 12:38
put me in the "cut 'em" camp, they drive me bonkers. I wholeheartedly endorse the move towards screenprinted "tags" tho.
posted by lonefrontranger 11 September | 12:59
They never bother me and I was sort of mystified when "no-tag" shirts started to appear.

My niece with ADHD, however, is hypersensitive to just about anything and Must Have Them Removed.
posted by stilicho 11 September | 13:43
Same as TPS.

OK, so the problem with "tagless shirts" is that they usually DO have a tag - usually on the side-seam at the waistline - and this tag is 100x more annoying to me than the neck-line tag. I rip that sucker out with a seam ripper.
posted by muddgirl 11 September | 14:38
oooh, I hate the side tags with a passion. The others? Meh.
posted by lysdexic 11 September | 15:02
Some of you people have tough necks.
posted by Atom Eyes 11 September | 15:18
I'm with muddgirl. Except I find the side tags are more likely than neck tags to be sewn directly into the seam, leaving a hole. Annoying.
posted by peep 11 September | 15:48
Most of the t shirts that I've bought these past few years haven't had tags. Threadless cuts them out. Other small indie printers use tagless shirts and print the tag directly onto the shirt. I think it's a smashing idea.

But yes, at other times I will just cut those tags out.
posted by special-k 11 September | 15:55
huh. I just checked. of the 2 shirts in my locker at work (royal robbins, gap), and the one in my bag (massimo/target), all of which have "tagless" tags, none have side tags, nor did I remove side tags.

why would a mfgr. put in side tags when they've already printed one on?

just curious, really.

posted by lonefrontranger 11 September | 16:30
oh and I forgot my (underarmour) sports bra: also tagless, no side tag.
posted by lonefrontranger 11 September | 16:31
I'm not too crazy about the screenprinted 'tags,' because, at least with lighter-weight shirts, they're often visible from the outside.

The only compelling reason I can think of to keep the tag is in order to be able to tell at a glance (or in a dark room, or without glasses, etc.) which side of the shirt is the front.
posted by box 11 September | 16:31
Yeah, I have to remove ALL tags in my clothes (well, shirts and underwear) or they feel like they're scraping my skin.
posted by BoringPostcards 11 September | 16:38
lfr - these are mostly on tank tops I buy from Old Navy, Target, and JC Penney (so, cheap ones). The top tag with the washing instructions is screen-printed on. Then, on the left-hand seam, there is a tag that usually just contains the stupid "inspected by" sticker.

I buy like, 20 tagless tank tops all at once in the winter, so Mossimo may have removed the side tag recently.
posted by muddgirl 11 September | 16:45
I almost always leave them. It's a very rare tag that ever bothers me. But, the jagged edges of incompletely removed tags do bother me. And, long ago I ruined a couple of t-shirts by overzealous cutting. My SO cuts out all tags on her and the kids clothes. I'm sure they'll end up being tag cutters.
posted by DarkForest 11 September | 18:15
I've never cut a shirt tag off as far as I remember. I do have some of those tagless undershirts but I never really understood what the point was. I guess that I'm not very sensitive or more probably just oblivious.
posted by octothorpe 11 September | 19:13
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