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09 September 2008

Two point Tuesday update [More:]
1. I spent way too much on the weekend, but have a new hair cut, handbag, and make-up which I'm loving
2. I'm going away for the weekend with my Ma and younger sis to a Spa for the anniversary.

1.I spent way too much also this weekend, but in a very good cause. I flew to Dublin to help move my daughter into her University digs! Oh, the excitment and pride (and sadness at leaving her,sigh)

2. Trying to fit a full day's work into a half day so I can get my mani-Pedi & hair done for the formal Ball I'm attending tomorrow evening. This is the first time the President has invited staff members to his inaugural ball so everyone is talking dresses and heels (well, the women that is, the men get away with boring Black Tie)
posted by Wilder 09 September | 04:18
1. Job hunting.
2. Going to make some tea.

I live a wild life, I tell yuh.
posted by Specklet 09 September | 05:14
1. On the road again (Canberra - freezing my arse off)
2. Attending a conference on regulatory reform.

I'm jealous of Specklet.
posted by dg 09 September | 06:24
1. I have spent way too much money on vet bills. But what-are-ya-gonna-do?

2. In tech rehearsals, so spending hours in the dark theatre. Opening next week!
posted by typewriter 09 September | 07:19
Now I'm gonna get totally crazy and put a Crest Whitestrip on my teeth and watch TV. Wish you were here, dg.
posted by Specklet 09 September | 07:48
1. The Powerpoint for Thursday's class has finally been posted.

2. It just started pouring outside. WTF?
posted by sperose 09 September | 08:57
1. Miserable weather.
2. Miserable rmless2.
posted by rmless2 09 September | 09:11
1. Had my first violin lesson in more than 5 years. Very squeaky.

2. Went to a singles event specifically designated for geeks last week. No one there was my age, and they did nothing but discuss Magic cards and obscure movies I'd never heard of. Realized that I'm not as much of a geek as I thought. Lesson learned.
posted by Melismata 09 September | 10:07
2. It's Primary Day in NYC (for what, I'm not really sure; I'll try to look into that). Should it ever stop raining, I will get out and vote.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 10:32
2a. Political friend just e-mailed that there aren't any primaries in my district today! That solves that problem!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 10:33
1. Sick. With something low-grade but nonetheless miserable; slightly scratchy throat and sinuses dumping as much as they can produce down it. And I ache all over and have a low-grade fever. Ugh.

2. Was supposed to go see The Dark Knight (for the first time) with a friend today but I think I'm going to have to cancel. And I had weird dreams about having to tell her all night.
posted by Fuzzbean 09 September | 10:51
1. Mother is visiting today-Thurs. Flight overbooked; awaiting further plans. Spending several days with my mother almost always involves a fight or at least some ugly conversations about my life choices... so I'm both looking forward to and dreading this.

2. Job interview that I may be in over my head for, on Friday. Waiting to hear back about possible other job interview for a job I'm more interested in.

2. I think I may be in the placebo group for my psoriasis clinical study. The first 3-month period I got the active drug and was cleared for the first time in many years. Was re-randomized last month; saw a curious spot yesterday. Trying to be optimistic.

2. Lying on the couch watching S03E06 of Project Catwalk and have Gossip Girl S02E02 on deck. The weather's chilly and rainy and I'm anxious about my mother visiting, my job interviews and my psoriasis but for the next two hours I'll be thoroughly entertained.
posted by loiseau 09 September | 10:54
1. I got a (part-time) job! Not the one about which I badgered y'all for interview-clothing choices (I still haven't heard back from them, though I keep hearing that they're contacting my references), but another one that sounds less time-consuming, less intense, and about the same amount of money. Woo! Though it'll also involve talking on the phone a lot, which makes me nervous, but I seem to be getting less phobic about that lately, so I'm hoping the forced exposure will be good for me.

2. This means I can finally finalize my schedule and start seeing more (unpaid) therapy clients at the hospice, which I've been wanting to do but had to put off because I didn't want to start scheduling people and then have to reschedule them a few weeks later. Yay!
posted by occhiblu 09 September | 11:49
1. I volunteered at the school this morning. I helped the kids make school bus books. The kids are so sweet and funny. You just want to squeeze them.

2. I'm sewing a purse. It is this pattern from this fabric. Inspired by this.
posted by LoriFLA 09 September | 11:59
congrats, occhi!
posted by LoriFLA 09 September | 12:04
1. Co-worker who (understandably) extended her own project into my domain is going on vacation tomorrow, and already I'm getting my territory back as it should be. I know we're all working as a team here, but this went beyond the path of least resistance and into "I don't want to let it go just yet" mode, so that will be very nice.

2. Meanwhile, another project with a big black cloud over it has gotten much less gloomy. We're not out of the woods yet, but it's looking better.
posted by SpiffyRob 09 September | 14:21
1. Parents have been visiting. We've had a really good time. My mom has been helping me clean stuff, which has been nice. My dad has done lots of work around the house. They brought their Wii (my parents have a Wii, LOL) and we've been bowling every night after dinner. I'm finally starting to almost beat them. So much stuff always gets done when they're here.

2. Which utterly exhausts me. They're in LA today visiting a high school friend, and the girlfriend (whom they like, thank god) is doing her mid-week stint at school in the Bay Area, so I have the house ALL TO MYSELF today for the first time in a week. The possibilities are endless. Shall I watch a movie? Sit in the backyard and read? Putz around online all day? Who knows???!? I can do whatever I damn well please! Yay!
posted by mudpuppie 09 September | 14:34
posted by mudpuppie 09 September | 14:35
Oooh, ooh psoriasis clinical study -- I'm in that club (the psoriasis club). I need to go get some more light therapy. It's so time-consuming, though, to have so many medical appointments. I may get the at-home light thing-y.
posted by Claudia_SF 09 September | 14:45
I got a (part-time) job! Congrats, occiblu!!
posted by Claudia_SF 09 September | 14:47
Thanks, all!
posted by occhiblu 09 September | 14:54
I'm another psoriasis victim too. I used to take a shedload of vitamins and other nutritional supplements for it, stopped a couple of months back but haven't noticed any real change. Maybe they worked, maybe they worked because I thought they worked, or maybe they didn't make any difference at all.
posted by essexjan 09 September | 15:05
1. I missed the bunnies, so I came back to hug you all. *HUGS*
2. I graduate from uni in May!!!!!! (Barring any unforseen circumstances, acts of dog, or my mind blowing up, of course.)
posted by Luminous Phenomena 09 September | 15:20
1 it will be Monuments Day next sat&sun. I'll be able to visit the 13th century Knights Chamber which was the centre around which all of The Hague was eventually built. And visit a German Luftstützpunktbunker. And visit some interesting churches. And a former aristocrats palace that's now the seat of the Supreme Court. And a former bank building from the 20s that still has a part that was a private synagogue. Etc, etc.
2 only 3 months to go and then I'll be a dad. Didn't think that would be the result of meeting up with another mefite from another continent...
posted by jouke 09 September | 15:38
1. Spent today at the natural history museum. It was a blast.

2. Just got home and found out about the baby gaspode! w00t!
posted by BoringPostcards 09 September | 16:44
1. Long first week back at work (teaching). Don't know that I can do this for another twenty years.

2. Experiencing serious, serious lower abdominal pain for the past week (see #1). But I will not go to the doctor. I will not. *sticks out tongue*

(So delighted about little 'pode!)
posted by Pips 09 September | 19:11
(Hooray, baby 'pode!! It's about time, we've been waiting anxiously!)

1. Spent the day with Mr. V. Very nice day.
2. Finally joined Facebook, via an invitation. That's been fun, setting it up! And reconnecting with old friends.
posted by redvixen 09 September | 20:16
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