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09 September 2008

this is a Youtube thread [More:]

link something you enjoy, that makes you laugh, or simply o_O

Gravenhurst - Black Holes In The Sand

The La Blogotheque live, a capella version shot in Paris. Give it a chance, there's a bit of a leadin. Pretty guitar work.
And Santino the Musical!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 September | 16:48
Pickle Surprise!
posted by hellojed 09 September | 17:09
and here for the o_O category:

tow-in surfer on a ginormous wave. at about :30 in, it gets really crazy...
posted by lonefrontranger 09 September | 17:16
A few that make me feel good

Japanese toilet prank, one, two. A Canadian one.

The crowd running prank

Dave Matthews Band - #41

Chipmunk eating. Those two cats talking and the translation.

Doc Watson - 1991 - Black Mountain Rag

Pure Imagination on the Array Mbira

Max and Thomas
two guys swing dancing

Chantelle "No one"

No One by Nick Pitera

FretKillr What a day for a daydream

A waltz for a night - Julie Delpy from Before Sunset *sigh

And when she dances to Nina Simone in the same movie.
posted by nickyskye 09 September | 18:10
This Hyundai commercial always makes me chuckle. And the treadmill cats get a LOL.

posted by BoringPostcards 09 September | 18:12
This is one of the strangest concepts for a video I've ever seen, although it starts sedately enough.
posted by Wolfdog 09 September | 18:18
I like this.
posted by krix 09 September | 18:59
nicky that swing dancing vid is fantastic, thank you so much!

even more o_O - my fave clip from my fave snowboarding movie First Descent - Terje kills it on 7601.
posted by lonefrontranger 09 September | 19:08
lfr, Laird Hamilton is such a fucking stud, (and I don't say that lightly.)
posted by small_ruminant 09 September | 19:10
Although, on second viewing that may not be Laird. I stand by my comment, however.

Apparently the guy in that vid is Mike Parsons.
posted by small_ruminant 09 September | 19:14
Techno Chicken
posted by MonkeyButter 09 September | 19:32
I know that wild animals, by and large, make bad pets... but OMGSOCUTE.

In the realm of o_O : some costume designer is going to hell for creating post-apocalyptic chainmail Aaron Carter. Found while clicking through Related Videos from this thread.
posted by CKmtl 09 September | 20:52
Wolfdog, that is such a bizarrely interesting video. It made me see how eating and a sense of loss are so connected for females.

lonefrontranger, so pleased you liked those guys dancing, that Terje clip is *incredible*. omg omg omg, holy shit, omg. That was one of the most incredible things I ever saw, evar. It's right there with Laird Hamilton and the big wave guys, but maybe even more unthinkable. Who *is* this Terje guy? Had to Wikipedia him. What a rush.

posted by nickyskye 09 September | 22:14
Here are some short pieces of music that Philip Glass did for Sesame Street.

Or, since there seems to be a bit of an athletic theme, here's bicycle trials rider Ryan Leech.
posted by box 09 September | 22:51
(If you like watching Leech ride trials, you might also enjoy Aaron Ross' street bmx riding.)
posted by box 09 September | 23:05
The Green Monkey Story. (Stick with it.) Followed by A Love Song For Bobby Long. My friend Grayson.
posted by rainbaby 09 September | 23:15
I think I saw this here on metachat. I love it - Eddie Izzard Darth Vader Death Star Canteen Leggos.
posted by rainbaby 09 September | 23:28
To tell the truth, nicky, my simple little doggy-brain mostly just thinks "god damn, she makes that table look delicious."
posted by Wolfdog 10 September | 06:50
posted by loiseau 10 September | 06:57
oooh box, loved the Aaron Ross' street bmx riding and the music too. Thanks.

And octothorpe I love that Busby Berkeley style motorcycle thing. wow.
posted by nickyskye 10 September | 10:37
rainbaby I love E. Izzard. octothorpe, that is the coolest thing ever!

krix that 'an eye for Annai' is one of the most interesting animations I've seen in some time.

thanks box! Ryan Leech and some of his Norco teammates put on a stage show for us at the Boulder Theatre last fall before the premiere of Seasons (full-length feature on freeriding / slopestyle MTB).

Here's a clip from the 2nd Seasons movie. In fact about midway thru (4.00 or so) I recognise the trails as ones I've raced on myself at the Keystone ski resort. I guarantee I was going about a tenth the speed and I don't know that my wheels much left the ground (plus I was on a hardtail, so... yeah). The thing that impresses me the most is that these guys are hucking on monster 40+ lb. freeride bikes, and making it look easy. It isn't, I can tell you. I've ridden big hit bikes myself and they're about as easy to maneuver as a charging rhino, what with all the weight, long travel and steering dampening going on.
posted by lonefrontranger 10 September | 11:12
Wow, that motorcylce thing is way cool, octothorpe.
posted by rainbaby 10 September | 13:12
I'm late to the thread, but these Deven Green videos have been cracking me up. She takes old videos of 80s soap star Brenda Dickson and records new voiceovers.
posted by peep 10 September | 17:48
whoa lfr, that Downhill Freeride is awesome, what an energy buzz watching it. Whoo hoo!!!

Ok, adding to the joy. The the charleston to daft punk.
posted by nickyskye 10 September | 19:31
Ooh! look at that Charleston! I don't get how they can balance so well - it's such a partnered dance. I fall over when I try without a partner. I am also far less graceful. And my shoes occasionally fall off.
posted by jonathanstrange 10 September | 19:37
Blondie! OMG! || I'm scared.