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29 July 2008

AskMeCha: What to do with my old records (vinyl)? You know, record albums, that you play with a record player. [More:]Is there a market for them? I may have sold my house (fingers crossed) and am emptying it of 20 years worth of stuff, more, because we moved in with lots of stuff. I'll keep too many, but have a big pile to get rid of. They have a lot of emotional resonance.
I think you should give them to me.
posted by box 29 July | 17:36
Box, seriously?
posted by theora55 29 July | 18:00
I wouldn't be surprised if there is a market for them now. I ended up donating a good number of mine when we moved from Madison, WI to Portland, OR to make some room, and I kinda regret it now. They ranged from the 70s - late 90s.

There are some department stores here that have started carrying vinyl again - I almost bought one the other day. There was a point when we used our record player a lot.

If I had had more time when we moved, I would have either had a rummage sale or tried some other way to sell them.

(Congrats on potentially selling your house!)
posted by Sil 29 July | 18:03
ohmygawdohmygawd I'm a total vinyl Junkie.

Sort the boxes in approx age (decades if you will) and alphabetical as much as you can muster and drag it to a decent used record shop. They'll give you some cash for it and you'll know that someone somewhere will continue to love them. Probably not much and they do turn down run-of-the-mill millions of albums sold stuff all the time so the rarer the better).

Alternativly photograph them and try selling them online but that's a lot more timeconsuming.
posted by dabitch 29 July | 18:11
depends. you got anything good?
posted by jonmc 29 July | 18:35
You can record them to your iTunes.
posted by LoriFLA 29 July | 18:40
They're expensive to ship, but I too would want them.
posted by terrapin 29 July | 18:45
Start a contest on Craigslist, "Why I would be happy to cart away your old record albums". I'll guarantee you get some very interesting responses.
posted by Ardiril 29 July | 19:52
Well, if it turns out that you have a bunch of Barbra Streisand and Mitch Miller, I might feel like a chump, but, yeah, seriously.
posted by box 29 July | 20:13
I still collect and play vinyl, too. We're out there! Someone wants them!
posted by Miko 29 July | 20:40
You can buy album frames at craft stores, and mount, frame and hang your favorites as album art to enjoy in your home. These also make good gifts.
posted by rainbaby 29 July | 21:02
Here in Vancouver, there's a cool music store called Red Cat that'll take records in exchange for credit towards CD's. Friend of mine did that and would give part of the credit out to various people for birthday presents. Maybe you have an equivalent?
posted by Zack_Replica 29 July | 21:19
Where are ya and whadaya got? I collect vinyl, and know some dealers around both LA and Michigan who could give you a fair appraisal.
posted by klangklangston 29 July | 22:48
Vinyl is love. Share it.
posted by Eideteker 29 July | 23:16
Another vinyl fan here. A word to the wise - If you decide to sell them on Craigslist or similar venue, there will be people who want to come and cherry-pick your collection. Resist this. They'll take the 5% that have any cash value, and leave you with 95% that still need to be hauled off to Salvation Army. Make it an all-or-nothing deal, and make that policy very clear to buyers before they drive across town.
posted by Triode 29 July | 23:37
As it happens - I just got home from an evening trip to Amoeba Records, and tonights' haul is:

Sir Doug & The Texas Tornados : Texas Rock for Country Rollers - $1 (score!!)
Randy Newman : Sail Away - $6 (an mp3 blog post on July 4 talked up how terrifying that song was, and renewed my curiosity)
BROOOCE : The Wild, The Innocent & the E-Street Shuffle - $1 (may already own, but hey, $1)
Bob Wills / Tommy Duncan : Together Again - $8 (because Bob Wills is still the King)
posted by Triode 29 July | 23:50
It's a shame that vinyl is so costly to ship, bacause the odds are you're sitting on lots of stuff people would love. There's still quite a bit of love for vinyl, not only for the collectibles, but also just good music at a low price.

I've done two major vinyl downsizings in my life, about 2,000 pieces between them, and ended giving stacks to lots of friends and coworkers and then donated rest of them to charity. I know over the years I've found many gems in Salvation Army type resale shops, so I figured I'd pass on the good fortune to other crate diggers. I didn't/don't have the patience for the resale market, I just hoped that most of the vinyl would find good homes and someone would get some bargains.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 30 July | 07:53
Miko, if you are in Portland, come look. Actually, you can also "shop" the rest of the going-to-Goodwill stuff if you want. I've been freecycling like mad, but I'm runnin' outta time. I would consider bringing them to the York meetup; which I'm pretty sure I'm attending, but I'd really, really like to have 1 less task. I sorted out the stuff that I want to keep, even though I rarely use the turntable. At least I still have one. Record albums were an integral part of my adolescence; it's hard to part with them.

Thanks, all of y'all, for the input.
posted by theora55 30 July | 13:01
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