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11 July 2008

Confused filter re outrage filter Why the outrage re Obama family and Access Hollywood? It seems harmless.
I think giving the media the impression that his daughters are fair game is a pretty bad precedent to set -- even if this interview was respectful, the next one may not be.

And there's a general sense that pimping out one's children on the campaign trail is unseemly.

(This, however, is the first I've heard of the Access Hollywood thing, so while I can agree that the interview was probably a bad idea, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the outrage about it is over the top.)
posted by occhiblu 11 July | 21:34
giving the media the impression that his daughters are fair game is a pretty bad precedent to set

Judging by all the jokes about Chelsea Clinton and the Bush daughters, I'd say that ship has sailed.
posted by jonmc 11 July | 22:12
Not sure what "Access Hollywood" is like but I am guessing as it is a TV show and has Hollywood in the title it is pandering. After Reagan, Clinton and Bush why would you cooperate?
posted by arse_hat 11 July | 22:21
Shows like "Access Hollywood" wouldn't exist without manufactured controversy. They could squeeze blood out of a stone, those shows.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 July | 22:39
Well, the interview itself was cute and harmless. But the precedent of letting the media access the children is probably not a good one and Obama is wise to pull back on that-not to mention there are a lot of voters who are parents who think it's bad to put your kids out there on TV while you are politicking.

But I think folks should just let it drop-if for no other reason than it really is in the best interest of those kids to just let it drop.
posted by bunnyfire 11 July | 23:04
I didn't read the link, or see the Access Hollywood piece, but Obama has stated that he regrets it. Which is kind of refreshing, even if I can't stand that word. It's nice that he's able to come out and say it wasn't a good idea.
posted by LoriFLA 12 July | 02:28
I remember when Amy Carter was slathered all over the news when her father took office. In contrast, Chelsea Clinton was pretty much left alone when she was still a minor. Presumably, her presence during this campaign was her own choice.I'm glad Obama didn't do what Edwards did and drag the kids around the country...for once, I agree with bunnyfire and hope that the girls will be left alone if their father is elected (I have the stong feeling that Michelle will get it much worse than Hillary)
posted by brujita 12 July | 18:11
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