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10 July 2008

aaaugh why won't my ipod touch let me buy software version 2.0? Is it because I am in Scotland? THERE IS AN APPLICATION THAT CAN MAKE MY IPOD MOO AND I WANT TO INSTALL IT.
Or is it that it won't be released until tomorrow or something.
posted by By the Grace of God 10 July | 16:11
Why the crap do they have the store and apps available and i can't download it yet. BOO
posted by By the Grace of God 10 July | 16:13
seriously i am googling around and they said they would have it sorted by end of JUNE±
posted by By the Grace of God 10 July | 16:27
BetaNews says it's open.

Now, tell me more of this mooing iPod wizardry of which you speak.
posted by MonkeyButter 10 July | 16:47
Monkeybutter, would you please help me find it?

I am doing the check for updates on itunes 7.7 and it isn't showing any update after 1.1.4, says I am all up to date.

I really hate this passive directionmissing. I just want to find out when it's released. I'm very tired and just wanted to do this before I go to bed. It's embarrassing how frustrated this is making me.

The moo software is in the itunes store and is a free app. try under M, I suppose.
posted by By the Grace of God 10 July | 16:51
Hmmm, let me look for iTunes versions . . . stand by . . .
posted by MonkeyButter 10 July | 16:55
Though you still cannot get [the iPhone 2.0 software] through doing a regular “Check for Update” in iTunes, manually downloading the .ipsw file... will get your the 2.0 software a little bit early.

This manual method will not work with the iPod Touch yet, according to Mac Rumors.

posted by rhapsodie 10 July | 16:56
I'm up and running.
posted by seanyboy 10 July | 17:03
thank you. Evidently from the comments in that thread I will get it tomorrow.. unless it is delayed for the UK again.. cheers!
posted by By the Grace of God 10 July | 17:04
Are you up on a 'Phone or a Touch, seanyboy?
posted by By the Grace of God 10 July | 17:04
I'm on a phone. But I had to download the update from Apple via the Wired link MonkeyButter pointed to.
posted by seanyboy 10 July | 17:52
I desperately need to know how it's possible to make your iPod moo.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 July | 13:24
Have I mentioned I'm getting a free iPhone yet?
posted by dg 12 July | 05:10
I can haz public transportation to work?? || Bunny help?