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07 July 2008

Would this make a cute evening-ish dress, or am I being delusional? I'd widen the shoulder straps, lengthen the pattern to a few inches above the knees, and make it in some non-pastel colour (i.e., orange) so it didn't look so nightgown-y. I think it would look okay — but I am afraid of the stretch factor;-)
This is knit, yes? I would think the weight of it would make it hang weird, because it's so straight- might want to put in a waist somewhere, maybe add a little belt?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 July | 09:27
My gut reaction is thumbs down.
posted by danf 07 July | 09:33
I think Teeps is right: it's too stretchy and would hang in a very nightgown-sort-of-way. And the ribbon at the bottom really makes it look like sleepwear.

If you're really wanting to do it, though, maybe it would work in black?
posted by Specklet 07 July | 09:40
It could be cute but not for evening. It's hard to make knits say evening. I guess it depends what you mean by evening. It will show all the curves, that's for sure.
posted by rainbaby 07 July | 10:00
Not for evening, but maybe for day. Also, I'd lose the ribbon.
posted by amro 07 July | 10:19
It's actually not a straight cut. If you scroll down you can see it it does flare out from the waist. I do think I can make it look like evening wear, but the stretch factor does worry me considerably.
posted by Orange Swan 07 July | 10:20
Nope. Yep.
posted by eamondaly 07 July | 10:27
Is it possible to knit this with that slinky, silky ribbon-yarn* instead of stretchy or cottony yarn?

*Do you know what I mean? I know next to nothing about knitting or yarn.

If so, it would make a pretty, slightly dressy thing to wear out to dinner or to a party. If by "evening" you mean "black tie" or even "cocktail dress," boy howdy, it doesn't look like either of those to me.
posted by Elsa 07 July | 10:41
It makes a great knit dress as is, but not for evening.
posted by dabitch 07 July | 10:44
I think you can pick a color and a texture of yarn which will make it look summery instead of nightgown-y. I have a Betsey Johnson knitted top that I used to wear to nightclubs (It's black and has bugle beads knitted in it); so I think you can probably even make it look like a not-casual dress, but like everyone says, it's not going to look like an evening or cocktail dress no matter what color it is. Cute, though.
posted by crush-onastick 07 July | 11:11
I think this is the kind of thing that always looks better on a mannekin, unless you have a very smooth, firm body. Knits cling unforgivingly, and stretch oddly. Undergarments are often visible through them, too. I vote no.
posted by Miko 07 July | 11:54
I think it could possibly work if you lost the ribbon and made it in black or some other dramatic color, like peacock green, wore it with black hose and heels and accessorized it for evening.

Personally, I would want something with more structure. If your are very toned it might look great. I lean towards no as well.
posted by LoriFLA 07 July | 11:57
I think it could work. My mom used to have these knit dresses stored up in the attic that I always wished I could wear (didn't work with my figure, alas). Knit dresses are nice and retro, I think.

As far as being dressy, it's all in the yarn you use. My mom has a lot of sweaters she's knitted (really nice stuff), and some are very dressy. Maybe a black and silver thread yarn? Silk yarn, though on the expensive side, would also dress it up considerably. My mom's worn hers (the sweaters) with a dressy skirt or slacks to weddings (black tie, even), and it works fine.

Go for it, I say.
posted by Pips 07 July | 12:02
I think it's gorgeous, but knits are terribly unforgiving and also require a fair bit of special care, and will lose shape eventually no matter how well you care for it. You could definitely make it work if you have the figure and the confidence.
posted by goo 07 July | 12:37
I agree with most people here- a little longer and lose the ribbon and it would be nice for day if you have no bulges, but evening wear means much smoother and more structured fabrics. Unless you are Missoni.
But even that looks too casual for evening for my tastes.
posted by rmless2 07 July | 12:55
Maybe put a non-stretchy liner in it to encourage the butt and other sticky-outy parts not to turn into a big old saggy mess.
posted by Stewriffic 07 July | 13:32
Any concern about "bulges" are easily solved. (Not so easily for me, but no problem for you, O.S.)
posted by Pips 07 July | 13:59
(And while it's true care can be tricky, depending on the yarn, my mom handwashes the most delicate of hand-knit sweaters, blocks them out on a table on a towel to dry, and they come out beautifully, last for years.)
posted by Pips 07 July | 14:03
I think it can be done. Those ribbony yarns like Elsa mentioned might look really pretty and more "eveningish". Though you have to be careful and not get a yarn that's too stiff. I think it'll look very nice.

More power to you. I can only knit scarves and hats, and a baby blanket, once. I just lose interest too quickly. I swear I have adult ADD.
posted by redvixen 07 July | 14:21
There's a bamboo yarn that might work for the slinky look and feel. Very espensive
posted by lysdexic 07 July | 14:56
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