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19 May 2007

I'm sort of double-posting my own post, but... UWS has given this some thought, and come up with a wonderful story. I also have really enjoyed the other takes on this picture too. I'd just like to invite everyone, once again, to tell me what you see...
Oh, and maybe I'll remember to ask Soph was she was drawing, so we may understand a little about the artist's inspiration.
posted by richat 19 May | 20:10
I'm reminded of the book about Paul Klee my mother bought me when I was four, called "Going for a Walk with a Line".
posted by crush-onastick 19 May | 21:34
I repeat, it is an archer. Gosh! So obvious!

posted by SassHat 19 May | 22:29
No, no. He's clearly choking.
posted by youngergirl44 19 May | 22:57
Yes, choking, and holding onto a doorframe for support.

As if he had been eating alone, and upon choking, attempted to stumble into the next room searching for help.
posted by kellydamnit 19 May | 23:34
As a young child, would you prefer a story about fierce monsters or a story about a man choking to death and dying?

Richat, I took great pleasure in writing that and, tho its a little dark, i hope i was able to share something.

The bergermeister from chitty chitty bang bang scared the crap out of me when i was a kid, but then he was real, visually; stories you hear 2nd hand, verbally, are much more interesting; you get to make up everything yourself, which i enjoyed , as an adult, writing this story.
posted by urbanwhaleshark 20 May | 01:01
Here's an update...I finally remembered to check with Sophie. She says that it's, "either someone who didn't know there was an 'F' behind them, or someone who's also an 'F'".
posted by richat 20 May | 07:52
I have also been an F. But then I went into my Latent Phase, where i spun a large cocoon from my thorax and emerged, wet with dew, later that spring as an L and a T.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 20 May | 08:54
I'm sort of double-commenting my own comment...
Hangman choking himself because somebody hung him sideways. (gravity works the same on paper too you know)
posted by iamkimiam 20 May | 10:23
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