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05 May 2007

things i miss about the spot i used to live at 1) loud racetrack, ohio, with japanese looking pro motorcycles raced by girls[More:]
2) authentic taqueria across from my flat
3) Prof. Riley's old scream of a tenor and wild ragtime piano and backup singers, lighting a fire of awesome gospel blues
1) Being near the water

2) Laundry in my building

3) THE POOL! I don't that yet but I will in a month or two.
posted by LunaticFringe 05 May | 08:11
1. That river.

2. Those monks.

3. Being able to tell people 'Yeah, I live above an antiques store. The owner's only there about once a week, though.'
posted by box 05 May | 08:54
1) That sour smell of puke, piss & beer at the front door every weekend and sunny day.
2) The elbow-fight through the crowds to get to seven eleven on the corner every weekend.
3) The louds 'thump-thump-thumpa-thuuuump' noise coming from the nightclub on the corner every night.

arite! I admit I don't miss it AT ALL!
posted by dabitch 05 May | 09:35
The outdoor markets!

The liveliness and vitality.

The musicians.
posted by taz 05 May | 10:03

being three blocks from the sea

being in a completely private place

my huge, huge balcony

(same place)
posted by taz 05 May | 10:05
Brooklyn, 1994-1997

The huge stacks of shipping containers at the Red Hook docks.

The view of downtown Manhattan from Columbia Street

Lots of good bars -- not asshole Manhattan-wannabe bars, just good, low-key bars with great beer selections.

The view of New York Harbor, especially the ships anchored off Staten Island waiting for the tide to rise so they could pass through the Kill Van Kull

A gigantic loft apartment

Cool roommates. (Damn, was I lucky!)

Ridiculously low rent

Beautiful brownstone neighborhood

Being able to satisfy champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Arab food

posted by jason's_planet 05 May | 10:50
Cleveland/Shaker Heights, Ohio, 2003-2006
1. Cheese fries from Yours Truly Restaurant.
2. Living near the beach/water (Lake Erie)
3. Lots of good thrift stores
4. Going to school in the middle of a ton of museums
5. Cheap rent

I do love where I live now much more, though.
posted by amro 05 May | 11:49
The Shewerma stand at the corner of the block, al though I never got the chance to have any of it (liked looking at it though).

The Fool-Tameez that we used to eat every Thursday and Friday mornings (Thu. and Fri. are the Sat. and Sun. of the Middle East).

The Mutabbaq on Friday nights.

Man, I'm such a foodie:)
posted by hadjiboy 05 May | 12:12
1. That reclusive neighbor.

2. That porch.

3. Rail-trail adjacency.
posted by box 05 May | 13:10
Big Southern windows and high Southern ceilings, covered porches and parlor rooms.

Walking to the corner store or downstairs for food.

Gardens and walking paths.

The opera singer who echoed around the hill, the neighborhood cats all hanging out on my porch. Foxes and groundhogs.

Having coffee outside in the grass every morning with my cat.

A lack of flying and biting insects.

Neighbors i liked.

Woods. Mushroom gardens.

Jazz musicians. Delivery of all kinds. Walking everywhere.

Space. Privacy. Animals.

So many different places, so many different things.
posted by ethylene 05 May | 14:15
The one and only thing I miss from several of my past addresses is close, usually walkable, proximity to a library. (I've already told you I love librarians).

One had a yard large enough for my medium-large dog to run loose in (though she never much minded being mostly an indoor dog - and I asked her).

Aside from that, I'm happier in my current location than anywhere I've ever lived. (Sorry, no room for long-term visitors... but then, that is one of the pluses for me)
posted by wendell 05 May | 14:38
50 ft. from the bowling alley

it looked like a haunted house and was just as cool, hidden rooms, broken stairways and junk to explore

roommate with fun equipment. music recording and technamulogical equipment of course, what'd you think I meant?
posted by bobobox 05 May | 15:17
1. Weekly old-time session at my favorite local tavern

2. The boats, the boats, the boats!

3. The relentless socializing with a tight-knit group of friends and co-workers.
posted by Miko 05 May | 19:43
I'm pretty happy with where I am now, and I've lived in a lot of much crappier places ... so I don't have much to contribute.

However, I'll add one:

NYC, 101st and Broadway, approximately 1985:
1. Living half a block from Szechuan West restaurant, home of the best cold sesame noodles I've ever had in my life.
posted by matildaben 06 May | 01:02
1) Living across the street from a $.99 store and a Hostess outlet.
2) Having my own parking spot.
3) Being 15 min. from downtown.
4) My neighbor's shimmering silver shirt that he would wear when he went out dancing.
5) Genovese's pizza.
6) The mountains were higher and closer.

posted by PY 08 May | 02:52
Nico and Brian Jones at the Monterrey Pop festival. || LOLBRARIANZ