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05 May 2007

Saturday perfection. It's cool & overcast so we went to pick strawberries.[More:]

8 lbs of 'em. Beautiful red sweet ones. MMMMmm. Then we took Mrs Chewie's new bird spotting scope down to the lake and saw bald eagles - exciting since it was both of our first sightings of 'em. The we stopped off at the burger joint for lunch and a couple of beers. We traded a big bag of berries for some fresh oatmeal cookies from the neighbors. Now I'm in my chair, in sweats, watching 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and waiting for mrs chewie to return from the hardware store. Meanwhile, Betty the hungry hungry hippo lab paces and demands dinner.

A good day.
Same here, cool and overcast. Yesterday was gorgeous.
Today is lazy day, catching up with friends, relaxing, fiddling with this or that. Laundry is done, things are clean and put away, food is in the fridge and everything pressing has been pressed.
Why, i believe i am somewhat complacent.
posted by ethylene 05 May | 16:53
Watchng the Derby and drinking mint julep.

I'm calling Scat Daddy or Dominican.

(Those are my horses, although on preview they sound like my drug dealers.)
posted by mudpuppie 05 May | 17:09
Mint juleps and horses! Whee!

ikkyu was also rooting for Scat Daddy. I was rooting for Hard Spun, because I love bays and he (she?) looked frisky, but the incomprehensibility of the Cajun accent on the so-totally-excited jockey who won made me glad to come in second.

Also, I have developed my father's habit of tearing up at sports events. I'm still getting misty eyed thinking of how excited the jockey was, and how happy the horse looked. Sigh.

The earlier part of my day was consumed with writing papers for school. The remainder of my day will be consumed with writing freelance articles for money. Horse racing and juleps is a good break.
posted by occhiblu 05 May | 17:51
This morning, lazy morning, home-cooked eggs with salsa and cheese, farmer's market, kale, stroll through my job to check in, strawberry and coconut ice cream, then a bunch of chores.

The first part was better!
posted by Miko 05 May | 19:41
Mmmmm. Sounds idyllic, chewie! I woke up obscenely early so finally put my strawberry plants (gifts from my aunt's garden) into a couple of boxes on my deck. They look so happy and green and healthy--can't wait for the berries to come.
posted by elizard 05 May | 22:50
Is this what they were talking about, when they said "the gene pool needs bleach?" || REMINDER: Northern New England Meetup at Jessamyn's Place on Sunday, May 6!