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05 May 2007

Homework update for PaxDigita. And also because I got a shitload done this week and demand whuffles from the rest of you![More:] Outline on ethical implications of scope of practice, due Tuesday? DONE! Paper on conversion disorder and the brief therapeutic interventions who love it, due Thursday? DONE! Culturally sensitive case formulation of person with some sort of diagnosable mental health problem, due Thursday? DONE (mostly. Er, ok, not done, but only 2 pages of "personal reflection" left, so it's more or less done).

The entire semester? FIVE DAYS TILL DONE! WOO!
I'd whuffle you, but I smell real bad. So I'll just stand over here and applaud politely, yet with enthusiasm.
posted by mudpuppie 05 May | 18:16
Yay, smelly whuffles from a distance!

I'll settle.
posted by occhiblu 05 May | 18:20
Here is a bunny on his way to dispense whuffles on demand.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by essexjan 05 May | 18:34
Ha! Yay, bunny!
posted by occhiblu 05 May | 18:35
All riiiight! Congratulations on passing yet another milestone on the way to the work you will be so great at. Yee-ha!
posted by Miko 05 May | 19:38
Sweet! ::whuffles::

i'm done for this semester. i am going to be so bored next week.
posted by casarkos 05 May | 20:59
I'll add my update for PaxDigita too. I got my grades:

3 As and 2 B+s

Yay me!
posted by bilabial 05 May | 21:13
posted by occhiblu 05 May | 21:22
whuffles to all you hard working smarty-trouserses!
posted by elizard 05 May | 21:28
Also! Two freelance projects that are due on Monday? DONE!

Woo, I'll actually get a day off tomorrow!
posted by occhiblu 05 May | 22:00
(Belated whuffles to all!)
posted by Elsa 06 May | 13:21
Belay my much later FPP above. Bravo Zulu (aw, hell, Google it) on work evolutions carried out smartly!


In other news, I had my first manager-type interview -- as opposed to Yet Another Meet 'N' Greet With Yet Another Recruiter (grrr) -- hey, recruiters are pipples too, but they're not who'll say "When can you start?" I'd hoped to find another business-analyst position and this is a technical-writing one, but it'd have benefits. Do you guys know how long it's been since I had benefits?? My son, now in middle school, was a first grader then.

I think I did OK in the interview despite not having written end-user documentation in over five years, but hopefully I conveyed OK that I've Been There and Done That & remember the moves. I've been a technical technical writer -- I like to autopsy developers' code and database tables -- and I think that's a plus for this job.

Mgr wanted to ponder interviews over the weekend, may have add'l interviews for all I know; the key question is what sort of "water walkers" I'm up against. Meanwhile I'm waiting to see whether I get called in for BA interviews -- my rez is on like seven different desks around town, so it's a function of how urgent people's needs are. Std by.


In other other news, AFAIK I am officially divorced a/o 1500Z20070509 and on war patrol. Er, available. Weirdly, I've already been invited to a "singles again" divorce-support dinner, so I need to bake spanakopita for like 20 people. I am not Greek but appreciate the cuisine; have purchased ingredients and scheduled accelerated mess-crank (Google that too) activity -- have looked at several recipes and averaged them. I hope it comes out OK; I haven't cooked much for anyone else in the last few years. And at my age, dating is a lot more like interviewing for a job than anything else, but a group setting like this helps to keep expectations appropriately low. Like, non-existent. So, if I remember not to get my hopes up, I can only be pleasantly surprised.

1n another 15, time to rack out and get in a dawn-patrol speedmarch! Woo hoo!
posted by PaxDigita 06 May | 19:52
Good luck, Pax. It sounds like there's forward movement, which is always a good thing.
posted by occhiblu 07 May | 11:49
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