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05 May 2007

kitty! kitty! kitty! Help me think of names for a kitten.[More:] Lulu and Porkchop have already been voted out.
Right now i am voting for Mowgi.
You has kitty? Congrats! Boy or girl?

And if you're going for a Jungle Book reference, it's Mowgli.
posted by bmarkey 05 May | 02:22
For reasons I don't fully understand, I always want to name pets against type. Small furry things bring to mind names like Spike, Duke, Lucky, Buster, Mac (Mack), Arnold, King, Max, Prince, Bruiser, Ace, Gus, Dan, Attila, Barney, Custer, Rock, Wes, Beau (or Bo), Cash, Elmer, Fitz, Chief, Chip, Frank (for some reason, a kitten named Frank would especially crack me up!), Winston, Ned, Hulk, Jethro, Wallace, Bert (Burt), Gomer, Hank, Ozzie, Neptune, Chase, Fang, Rover, Rubin, Neal, Rufus, Rover, Rusty, Rex, Scooter, Scout, Sherlock (particular if the pet is kinda slow), Slugger, Jumbo, T-Bone, Jake, Tex, Ulysses (but it never gets spelled right in a vet's office), Woody, and Voltaire all come to mind.

And I had a goldfish named Oscar, and an oscar named Molly, when I was a kid.
posted by paulsc 05 May | 02:56
Shouldn't it be Meowgli?
posted by lilywing13 05 May | 03:00
For some reason I like human names (esp. old fashioned New England-y human names) for kitties -- e.g. Alice, Frank, Alden, Frances, Lizzie, Harriet, Violet, Priscilla, Martha, etc.
posted by Claudia_SF 05 May | 03:04
PS to paulsc -- I have a kitten named Frank. Actually, he was a kitten 1 year ago -- now he's a (sort of) grown up kitty cat.
posted by Claudia_SF 05 May | 03:06
posted by doctor_negative 05 May | 03:14
Bosco, Zerbina, Rocket, Lump (or Lumpy), Floyd, Otis, Malvina, Iris... there's lots of good choices.

Me, just because I'm tired enough, I'd probably go for Lal. I'm told that it's Sanskrit for "beloved", so it's got that going for it. Also, you could then legitimately have a lalcat with you at all times, which is not to be sneezed at.
posted by bmarkey 05 May | 03:18
A friend is getting a kitten and i get to coparent it. Out of the litter of five there is a black boy with extra toes and a girl with white tips on her feet that are possibilities.
i'll have to get to know it but i want to have some good ones in mind.
it's Mowgi. It's an interrogative cat sound and a private joke. i love Rufus but a friend of mine named her bobcat mix Rufus and we loved him and he disappeared, most probably to the other side. A lot of good ones are taken and the wackier ones and ones like Gertrude aren't being taken to kindly.
i wish it were here in its shaky baby state but it's still with mom. i like it when they look like barely haired little monsterheads on wobbly leglets.
i like Francis. i also want something i might not mind so much if bellowed. God(frey) and Penis and Nipple have already been rejected.
i like Winston ok.
posted by ethylene 05 May | 03:24
Extra toes = polydactyl = Dack

White tips on feet makes me think of ballet slippers, for some reason, so maybe something vaguely Russian like Irina or Olga or Tatyana.

Fuck, I'm useless. I'm going to bed.
posted by bmarkey 05 May | 03:35
her bobcat mix Rufus

I used to work at a museum with a small zoo that has two bobcats, who came there as kittens. They have grown into smaller, desert sized bobcats. The female is far smarter and wilier than the ferocious looking male.

I miss my bobcat colleagues (more than a few of the human ones ;))
posted by By the Grace of God 05 May | 06:26
My previous (and current) cats names might inspire: Catapult. Americat. Lussekatt. Kattastrof (Catastrophy), 8-dollar-cat, Snuggles 1, Snuggles 2, Tiger, Tigger, Henryett & Henrytwo, Natascha Kinsky, Balou, 'the cat' and 'the other cat'.
posted by dabitch 05 May | 06:43
Things I'd name a new cat: Chairman Meow, Catcall, Cattack!, coocat, meowelous, Lord launch lunch (actually call my current that at times).
posted by dabitch 05 May | 06:52
If you like Winston, former prime ministers might be a good vein to mine. In England alone: Thatcher, Winston, Neville, Atlee, etc.
posted by box 05 May | 06:57
Depending on how many extra toes, Seven.
posted by chewatadistance 05 May | 07:05
Otto, Milo, Lazlo, Thing I, Thing II, Frank Black (of the tv show Millennium - not the Pixies), Astrid, Ingrid, Santa, Stalks-by-Night, Batty, Betty, Buttercup, Piggy, Rabbit, Djork, Remington, Reginald, Ramses, O'Henry
posted by fluffy battle kitten 05 May | 10:33
puddles, sprinkles, butternuts, dildo, dildorf, lammo, roffle
posted by Wedge 05 May | 12:48
"Winston is a dog's name."
Also, while Thatcher is a good name, the idea of naming a cat after Margaret Thatcher is out of the question, much like Reagan. i thought of Milo but there are a lot of cart Milos. Dexter is under consideration, and i do like Henry. Lily got a good response. Bumfluff not so much. i'm not one for potentially pejorative names like Poopile and Barfsalot.
Shaloub has also been shot down and i still like Sully.
posted by ethylene 05 May | 13:46
i mean Tully. Sully was in Monsters Inc. and got called kitty. Robot baby and Audio Science are no gos.
posted by ethylene 05 May | 13:49
posted by box 05 May | 13:54
Prairie Dawn. Rosita.
posted by box 05 May | 13:55
posted by casarkos 05 May | 16:56
Sparky the Wonder Cat
posted by elizard 06 May | 02:17
posted by essexjan 06 May | 02:17
Herbie Hancock.
posted by box 06 May | 11:01
Klaus von Kittenstein, Steve, Viktor, Owen, Donut, Mau, Adeline, Number One (and Two, I suppose), Eleanor, Scarlett, Freya, Sekhmet, Meh.

Our cats always have people names: Alexander and Violette, Beauregard and Annabelle, Bud, and Oliver (Ollie). I've always wanted to name a cat Robot.
posted by wimpdork 06 May | 11:33
Yay! || Nico and Brian Jones at the Monterrey Pop festival.