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05 February 2007

It's 2007, and I should be using an RSS aggregator. Shouldn't I? I mean, everyone I know I has a blog now, and while I enjoy Open In Tabs in Safari, all the MySpace and Facebook users can be a bit tiring. What's a good aggregator for OS X?
Previously: Which RSS reader do you use and why?

NetNewsWire. Because it's the best.
posted by hugsnkisses 05 February | 19:07
NetNewsWire, the lite/free version is great.

Admittedly, I fire it up less and less these days (it just enabled a worse habit than I had and I ended up taking steps to get the monkey off my back). The way I understand it it's supposed to help me be more organized and time efficient in my online reading but, for me, the effect was opposite of that.
posted by safetyfork 05 February | 19:08
I just use the rss feature in Safari. Put the rss feeds into a bookmarks folder and you're in business. If you have the feeds folder on your bookmark bar, just drag the blue or orange RSS icon into it and go. In the prefs you can have it automagically update every half hour to stay on top of the newz.

It may not be as spiffy as NetNewsWire and all that, but it is already in Safari. Especially if you don't have two million feeds you want to monitor.
posted by birdherder 05 February | 19:08
I also use NetNewsWire, mainly because it's the one I started with way back when, and I've stuck with it. It gets the job done.

MeFi's own cillit bang has written one called Shrook, which has some neat features. Might be worth trying to see if it's a better fit for you.
posted by chrismear 05 February | 19:14
Nthing NNW. The paid-for version has some nice touches such as a search facility. There's also numerous user-contributed scripts, some of which are paid-for versions only.
posted by TheDonF 05 February | 19:24
I've been happy with Google Reader.
posted by mullacc 05 February | 19:36
Bloglines if you prefer a web-based product you can access even when you aren't on your own computer, or have multiple computers (this is me). NetNewsWire if you connect/read via your own computer 99.9% of the time.
posted by terrapin 05 February | 20:16
posted by justgary 06 February | 13:04
I cannot BELIEVE none of you have posted this yet. || OMG they got Chewie!