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04 April 2006

This is my goodbye thread... [More:]No drama, but I'm afraid I really mean it this time. I've been wasting thoroughly enjoying waayyyy too much time online, lately, and all of my attempts to self-regulate have failed miserably. Ya'll are just too wonderful to ignore that easily. That's why, sometime tomorrow, I'm going to send emails to the (absolutely terrific) admins here, and on MetaFilter, asking them to lock my accounts.

To further motivate me to really walk away this time, I've decided to out myself (somewhat) by naming all of my sockpuppets. On MetaFilter, I am also known as:

Man O' Straw
the shitty Baldwin
Dr. Tarr and Professor Feather
jagged glass dildo


Pot and Kettle.

For those who were perhaps offended by some of P&K's shenanigans, I apologize. They were never meant as personal attacks, but as meta commentaries on the dynamics of certain threads, themselves. To the extent that I sometimes failed to make that clear, well, as I said, I'm sorry. I guess, ultimately, I'm just another attention whore on the internet.

Here, on MetaChat, I had no sockpuppets. But I was sometimes known as "Randall." Hi. Sorry I couldn't get around to all of you before pulling the plug (actually, I think there's one more giftie still in the queue for Taz, if they ever get around to delivering it - and yeah, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell was from me). I would have loved to have got you all something luscious and special, as I think the world of you all. But I really, really need to refocus myself into more personally productive habits. So much to do, so few gray cells left.

So - thank you all. You're very special bunnies!

wha? no.
posted by ethylene 04 April | 18:51
Ahh, we'll miss you- hope you make it back real soon!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 April | 18:51
Flo. Heartbreak. I understand and respect what you are doing, but it still sucks. Take care, man, get what you need to do done, and we will be waiting if you ever decide to pop in.

Sorry for quasi-impersonating your generous alter-ego that one time. :)

And if this is a late April Fools prank, you suck.
posted by mike9322 04 April | 18:52
i don't even know what this randall business is! i refuse your resignation!
posted by ethylene 04 April | 18:52
i say no
posted by ethylene 04 April | 18:53
i called you ! i get to keep you!
no lassie!
posted by ethylene 04 April | 18:54
posted by ethylene 04 April | 18:57
Aw, man! I understand, I really do, but it still sucks!

Thanks you for your generosity and good spirit.

You will be missed very much.
posted by Specklet 04 April | 18:59
no! i sang you a song, dammit
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:01
No Flo! No! You SLAY me. I always know a post is yours before scrolling down to see your name. (And I long suspected you were Pot and Kettle.)

What's it going to take to make you stay? Huh?
posted by jrossi4r 04 April | 19:04
i called you!
i know it as me!
what do you want?!
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:05
i forgot that!
but seriously!
I never exclaim!
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:05
Flo, I hope you can find a way to fit this place back into your life after finding some balance. Don't stay away for good, just until you get your ducks/shit in a row, hear?
posted by mudpuppie 04 April | 19:06
premature evacuation?
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:07
no, it is making me smoke more
it will sully the world
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:08
You're pot and kettle!
*bows down*
I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.

I'll miss your comments. You've totally made my day several times. Best of luck in whatever other endeavors you're pursuing.
posted by go dog go 04 April | 19:13
The thing about quitting something that is only bad for you because it is a time sink is that you are also cutting yourself out of the benefits. Why not just take some time off, get all your shit in a pile and come back? Have the accounts locked and that, but don't say goodbye forever because then you almost have to come back.

Or is that just the drunk in me talking?

Anyway, come back fucker.
posted by Divine_Wino 04 April | 19:14
what do you want?
i have little but it's yours
i never outted you!
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:15
i'll renounce seanyboy!
you'll be my only public love
i will write you better letters than any esteemed correspondence!
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:18
i never lie!
better than dimitri!
i promise
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:18

IRFH, I will miss you. And Pot and Kettle. You always make me laugh. But best of luck to you, and I hope you come back.
posted by amro 04 April | 19:19
what do you want
i will make it happen
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:20
say something
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:22
Damn! I've always enjoyed your posts and witty banter, Flo. As many others have said above, I understand the motivation, but please please please do come back. Please.

And in the meantime, every time you see a bunny, think of us.

*gives sad, tearstained whuffles to departing comrade*
posted by elizard 04 April | 19:24
Good luck, IRFH.
posted by interrobang 04 April | 19:26
posted by ethylene 04 April | 19:27
I hope you come back, IRFH. You're awesome. And I thought that before I even knew you were being Randall.
posted by Miko 04 April | 19:38
Please don't come back. Thanks.
posted by AlexReynolds 04 April | 19:38

(Will you stay if we promise to let you sneak cilantro occasionally?)

(put a sock in it, Alex.)
posted by bunnyfire 04 April | 19:40
*thinks AlexReynolds still doesn't understand the spirit of Metachat, retracts all previous defenses of him*
posted by mudpuppie 04 April | 19:40
You should explain why you feel that way Alex, othewise you're kind of just stirring the soup, dig?
posted by Divine_Wino 04 April | 19:41
All the best IRFH! I have always liked your posts.
posted by halonine 04 April | 19:55
D_W, I've been on the wrong, unfunny and unfair end of many of this person's barbs, that's why. I think it is wrong to use sockpuppets to go after people on a personal level.
posted by AlexReynolds 04 April | 19:56
Is it "right" to use someone's going away thread for whatever your motives are?


(It's probably not right to use it the way I'm using it now either, so I'll just say again -- Florence, I hope you can come back to us soon.)
posted by mudpuppie 04 April | 19:58
Thanks for your answer Alex. I doubt I have a rational opinion about if this is the right or wrong place to air those grievances, so I won't offer one.

Come back soon, Flo.
posted by Divine_Wino 04 April | 20:02
Say it ain't so, Flo!

I'll miss ya too, ya big galoot. And yeah, here's hoping you come back down the road. All the best.
posted by scody 04 April | 20:02
couldn't you just hand over your IDs and PWs to a trusted source, have them change the password, and they'll get it back when you're ready? I'd do it for you, but you don't know me too well. But if there is no one else, email me and I'd be happy to help.

that said, you'll be missed.
posted by Hellbient 04 April | 20:14
i get yanked away for over two months and people leave?
seriously, what do you want?
give a timeframe and a goal.

give in.
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:15
i'll be your safety bunny!
You can be mine!
i trust you.
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:16
I wrestled with a sock puppet post but this isn't the right place for it.

I like you, IRFH. I've enjoyed our interactions online. I'm sorry to see you go but thoroughly understand your reasoning.
posted by fenriq 04 April | 20:17
Damn. Damn, damn, damn damn damn. Which is to say, I also understand your reasoning, but damn. I hope you come back and bring Pot & Kettle with you. You'll be sorely missed - for gods' sakes man! I don't know if I can stand MeTa without you! So please don't stay away forever.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 April | 20:21
i just want this one thing.
come back to us
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:25
Ah, crap. I hope you can take a short break and come back ready to have fun with us bunnies.

posted by deborah 04 April | 20:32
is this just some new year's backlash trend?
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:36
PS: I always got a laugh from Pot & Kettle. You're a funny bastid, Mr. Flo.
posted by deborah 04 April | 20:36
i refuse to believe
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:37
IRFH: I'm hoping you manage to sort your shit out and get back here quick smart! MeCha will be a little bit less without you.
posted by gaspode 04 April | 20:42
Thanks for all the love, friends! If I ever get the time management monkey off my back, I may pass through again some day. Not for a long time, though. I've got much to accomplish, first.

[And for what it's worth, I think this is the perfect place for Alex to vent. After all, this is the first time he's had the chance to address me as Pot & Kettle. That's why I outed those sockpuppets here - to clear the air. I think he has every right to feel the way he does. For what it's worth, Alex, my intent was never as you took it. But it's clear to me that you're not constitutionally designed to see it my way, and I'm not constitutionally designed to convince you otherwise, so on balance, I consider that my failure, since it was my words that offended.]

Again, to the rest of you - you rock!
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 04 April | 20:42
i hate this
just say no
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:43
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:44
Come back soon. We miss you already.
posted by me3dia 04 April | 20:45
IRFH - I don't really care about Pot and Kettle - they were insightful at worst - but You're Randall? I can only wish you all the best, and say you're a better man than me for accepting sacrifices to better yourself.
posted by muddgirl 04 April | 20:50
if feel like dr. tran
i don't even know or care about this randall business
just say you're not really leaving
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:52
just don't go
i detect a familar pirate soul
i find so few
and so rare
don't go amongst the masses again
don't go
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:56
this drastic dramatic entreaty
will overshadow your humble presence
i hope
posted by ethylene 04 April | 20:57
But I was sometimes known as "Randall." Hi.

you rock, hon! : >

know that we're always here (i guess), and if you need a break from life there's somewhere to come.
posted by amberglow 04 April | 20:58

o >

(was that it?)
posted by amberglow 04 April | 20:59
Again, to the rest of you - you rock!

Mudpuppie, you are absolutely right: I thought I knew what Metachat was about, but at the moment it seems to be about cheering someone who goes after people on a personal level, under assumed names. Sad, really.
posted by AlexReynolds 04 April | 20:59
posted by Hellbient 04 April | 21:04
i was made to have another name on metafilter, too
that isn't the or an issue
maybe i missed some real personal something or other
but i think i only saw a flo of fun and fun poking.

well, frankly, this pisses me off.

i didn't know a flo that was made just to taunt alex
that's not a flo i barely got to know

i don't like this stoic farethewell crap

but now i don't know what to think

apparently while i was gone he materially gave back to the community
and i missed it
and i don't care

posted by ethylene 04 April | 21:09
Hellbient, I didn't hide my identity. If I ever had a comment about someone, I was never a weasel about it.
posted by AlexReynolds 04 April | 21:11
Perhaps you are correct. I thought I remembered some sort of forced revealing. I'll stay out of it now, as I don't understand your beef with Flo anyway, and I'm not about to go digging through comments to figure it out.

So I'll just say bye again, Flo.
posted by Hellbient 04 April | 21:36
I don't hang out here that much but am glad I came by to see this - I just want to say that you have a fantastic sense of humor - somehow really hits the spot for me - just the right mix of silly & witty somehow, sharp, smart, but not mean-spirited. I dunno, you've consistently made me smile (most recently yr matthewchen poetry) and I will miss that.

on the other hand, I fully understand the need to escape this time-sink to actually accomplish real-world stuff. I should do the same, really, and though I did take off a couple weeks, it is way too easy to get sucked back in - so. i sympathize. best of luck.
posted by mdn 04 April | 21:40
Alex, stop it. Stop it right now. Go start another thread if you want to act like a turd, but leave this one be. IRFH might not care but I do.

posted by bunnyfire 04 April | 21:41
We'll (obviously) miss you Flo...and thanks again, Randall.

posted by richat 04 April | 21:42
The door swings both ways. Don't be a stranger.

(I debated making a similar signoff recently, but I don't think I could manage with what passes for a support structure here. I'm working on rewarding myself with MetaChat breaks.)

Oh, and dammit, you just got your profile fixed, too (I know because my sock puppet's was, too).
posted by Eideteker 04 April | 21:43
So long for now. Maybe we'll meet in the big blue room with the great resolution. I'll miss your comments.
posted by warbaby 04 April | 21:44
manage WITHOUT, arrgh.

Just tell yourself it's me all weepy over your departure that's causing the typographical "uh-oh!"s.
posted by Eideteker 04 April | 21:46
I actually think you rock, too, Alex, I just didn't want to insult you further by including you in a sentiment I assumed you'd think was disengenuous. Again - I have no intention of using this thread to defend what you consider indefensible. I understand why you feel the way you do.

And I would sincerely prefer if nobody else used this thread to argue with Alex, either. He feels he was wronged, and I understand why he feels that way, and I take full responsibility for that.

None of this has anything to do with why I'm leaving, and shouldn't really get anything stirred up again. I just thought Alex deserved a chance to take the shot he feels entitled to.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 04 April | 21:47
You'll be missed. All the best.
posted by moonbird 04 April | 21:59
Well with all the hully-balooo, I've decided to say goodbye too.....

......Goodbye to high prices that is! From now on, I'm not paying retail for anything. Stay up players, they can't get us all.
posted by Divine_Wino 04 April | 22:05
Nothing to add IRFH so I'll just say bye.
posted by arse_hat 04 April | 22:08
Sorry to see you go, hope RL goes well for ya and you find the free time to come back later.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 04 April | 22:14
a poopyhead
posted by ethylene 04 April | 22:33
It's all too inauspicious now.
You'll have to wait and try again.
posted by ethylene 04 April | 22:37
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Wedge 04 April | 22:44
You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave.
posted by ColdChef 04 April | 23:09
Oh, and Pot and Kettle were often brilliant. Thanks for the laffs.
posted by ColdChef 04 April | 23:09
Well, fuck me sideways - you were pot and kettle! I always mostly enjoyed their comments and they represented the "good side" of sock puppetry - being able to say the things that almost everyone wants to say, but doesn't want attributed to them. I will miss them. I will also miss you and hope that you either come back to us when you are ready or that your continued absence means that you are happy, healthy and fulfilled.
posted by dg 04 April | 23:10
I totally understand your motivation Florence for leaving and I wish you the best luck. I also sort of agonize over the same problem: lack of interest in a lot of the other things that should take up my time. But then again I miss the folks around here if I don't hear from them for long plus I wonder whether I should give up what other it is that does not attract me as much...

Well, anyway, good luck and I hope we will cross paths again sometime in cyberspace.
posted by carmina 04 April | 23:17
I can completely relate to your reasons, IRFH. Though late to do so, let me thank you for your wit and humor. Now give me presents! That last sentence was made for comedic purposes only. No presents are actually requested.
posted by ooga_booga 04 April | 23:24
Aw, flo! :( This makes the baby bunny cry!

But I have a kind of "counter offer" that you may like... plz email me. (I said "plz"; you can't resist "plz" can u?)
posted by taz 05 April | 00:59
Holy shit, taz is going to offer you the Bunny of the Holy Cross!! This has only happened once before that I know of. Take it, Flo, take it!
posted by mudpuppie 05 April | 01:02
at easter it fills will delicious jams
you can't say no
posted by ethylene 05 April | 01:04
Dang. Pot & Kettle was pure genius (and I have a feeling I managed to miss most of the best moments, somehow)! So get your shit together and come back to us when you can manage balancing everything better. It always happens ... some lazy sunday perhaps ... you get that jones, double true.
posted by stilicho 05 April | 01:09
(maybe that symbol was settle?)
posted by amberglow 05 April | 01:36
we may have to crucify a bunny and put IRFH over its head
any given sunday
posted by ethylene 05 April | 01:40
and pot cannot have less than kettle
that's just wrong
posted by ethylene 05 April | 01:55
ok, how can we talk about you behind your back if you don't tell us about your insidious plan to possess small children in straw baskets with the power of pulp fiction?
posted by ethylene 05 April | 02:41
Flo, I wish you didn't feel that you had to leave. Take care of yourself and come back as soon as you can. You'll be missed!
posted by omiewise 05 April | 06:18
Basically what mdn said. I have laughed despite anything. For that I thank you and wish you well.
posted by peacay 05 April | 07:24
The gray will be even more gray without you, Flo.
posted by Fuzzy Monster 05 April | 07:58
A short essay on usernames.

I started noticing usernames on MeFi and MeCha. The first one to catch my eye was weretable and the undead chairs. A brilliant juxtaposition of inanimate objects and horror. Brilliant. Possibly the best username. EVAR.

And then came It's Raining Florence Henderson. To use such a funny, irreverent, strange way to pay tribute to one of those TV moms that many of us secretly had the hots for, well that username just blew me away. To think of that username becoming part of the flotsam and jetsam of the internet makes me profoundly sad.

Godspeed to you.

And the sockpuppets you rode in on.
posted by Doohickie 05 April | 09:20'll be missed!
posted by sisterhavana 05 April | 09:20
Flo, I know I'm not the only one who figured out or knew you as Randall as well as few other incarnations at Mefi, but you've been a bright spot in both groups. [The "I am Spartacus" comments surrounding the speculation of Randall had me hooting with laughter several times.] Your wit is inimitable and, even if only in a lighthearted, jocular manner, it has been both an honor and a pleasure to share space on the same page as you. Truly.

I remember that in a "10 Things" thread you wrote the following: 9. I'll never go to a meet up. Not because of point 10., though, or because I'm shy (I'm not) - it's because I already have too little time for socializing, and am notoriously stingy with the time I do have left. So if I meet you and love you, it'll just be all regrety. I hope you're not feeling "all regrety" now as a great many of us think the world of you and hold you close in our hearts.

Do what you need to do, Brother Bunny. I'm sure you know the door is always, always, always open here and that we'll be keep a seat warm for you.
posted by Frisbee Girl 05 April | 09:27
You are my Meta* hero. Stay safe, be well, take care, godspeed.
posted by Zozo 05 April | 10:08
posted by sciurus 05 April | 10:53
Why did I open this thread again?! Fuck.
posted by deborah 05 April | 11:24
Aw shucks, Flo. You'll be missed.
posted by matildaben 05 April | 11:36
I missed this thread first time around.

I'll miss It's Raining Florence Henderson. Good luck.

And I'm glad this thread remained about Flo and not that crazy restaurant where you can buy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzards®.

Seriously, I think you're great, IRFH, and hope for your success.
posted by Hugh Janus 05 April | 11:46
Oh, but Pot and Kettle are so great! Such a funny idea!

Stupid real world, always stealing our bunnies. Hmph.
posted by heatherann 05 April | 12:33
Damn. I've been dragged away by real life for two days and I come back to this. It's probably WAY too late for you to see this, but consider this a tribute via Weblegend Lore Sjoberg. Keep up the good life wherever you go, and always keep your pot and kettle with you...
posted by wendell 05 April | 21:04
Fuck. I love you, man.
posted by danostuporstar 05 April | 21:30
In honor of Frisbee's pic nad the MeChatters in General: || Amazon's "Statistically Improbable Phrases"